Saturday, April 25, 2020


From Archangel Raphael
Dear Beloved Humans in need of healing, We Energies of Healing greet you,
All your health issues, whether physical or mental or whatever your accepted medical community calls them, are created by imbalances within your emotional body. In order to balance and heal the physical or mental bodies, you must first recognize and release the feelings (emotions expressed) that cause the imbalance. When balance is restored in the emotional body, the rest of you will entrain to the emotional balance, and true healing can become everlasting.
Emotions are one of the most important aspects of humanity and the least understood. Emotions are the (energetic) dynamic expression of your divinity within this frequency. Many of you often cannot access your emotions due to your conditioning and belief systems. Many have been taught that good boys and girls simply do not express how they feel. Thus, many emotions become suppressed.
Through the misuse of your freedom of choice and will, unexpressed and uncontrolled negative emotions have created great stress within your physical and mental bodies and throughout your world. These unexpressed emotions not only collect within your atmosphere, creating your weather and affecting world events, they collect in your bodies, creating havoc and dis-ease.
It is time to become conscious of your emotions, their cause, and their effect on you and your world. Many of your emotions are your wounded little boy or girl screaming through his/her wounds and ego defenses to be heard. From higher realms, there are many teachings on wounds and defenses available to you. It is time to absorb these truths and stop seeking other solutions.
It is time to wake up and know how to heal by knowing the cause and effect.
All true healing requires an investment in and deep examination of the self. It is time to apply the wisdom and teachings presented to you here again. As you heal your inner pain and trauma, you will heal not only your physical and mental bodies but also all the difficult situations in your life.
External pain and difficulties mirror your inner pain and fears. These reflect what needs to be transmuted through your consciousness. When your emotional body is not in perfect balance, it affects all other aspects of your being.
By transforming your consciousness through the balancing of your emotional body, you are integrating higher vibrations that will transform all of you (and your world).
Dear ones, you actually have emotions embedded in your emotional body from past and present lives. These were the result of lessons you chose to learn during your ascension process. Now is the time for the final cleansing, clearing, and healing of all this.
You all have emotional trauma and pain from your many lifetimes stored within your DNA that has been passed along from lifetime to lifetime. Are you ready to finally release all this, which is no longer serving you? We are here to assist you at this time of opportunity by teachings such as this; to assist your complete and true healing by assisting in the removing of your many layers of emotions to reveal the true you: a divine being without any imbalance or limitation.
Call upon us as you sleep to further assist your specific healing. During your sleep you will absorb new truths about yourself and factor them into your waking consciousness. Dear ones, your awakened state to your divinity is your eternal medicine.
As a complete healing takes place, the emotional cause is released (the most important aspect of your healing). If you so choose, it is time to release all feelings of rage, anger, sadness, abandonment, betrayal—pain and suffering in your soul and the soul of humanity that you have carried far too long.
The time has come to thoroughly heal the past and the present, and embody and embrace a new you and world paradigm of equality, harmony, and balance. Dear ones, your heart is the direct link to your soul and Source; it holds all of you always. Through opening and trusting your heart and loving yourself, you can release and heal all old and present negative emotions.
For many, negative emotions have become comfort zones, habits, patterns, and old friends to hold near no matter what. But it is time to release all that no longer serves your highest good nor is a good use of your energy. Your emotions have consumed a large portion of you. Where you are headed, they will not exist nor be needed.

The healing process is a unique personal process for each of you, since you are all unique. Endeavors such as the Angel News Network offer much support in this process. Are you ready to submit to whatever process is necessary to free yourself from yourself? You are being offered one of the greatest ascension opportunities ever. Are you ready to join us and be free at last?

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