Monday, April 20, 2020


Only Oneness Omits Isolation
From: Cosmic Keepers of Creation.
Channel by Phillip Elton Collins
Dear Humanity Evolving From Duality To Oneness,
With a world filled with pandemics, separation, duality and often confrontation, perhaps it is time to revisit the reality of Oneness within your existence in order to create a new reality of equality, harmony and balance. How does that feel?
Prior to understanding Oneness, it is essential to understand what creates the opposite of Oneness. It is your life experiences and emotions, which create ‘wounds’ that then create ‘ego defenses,’ around the wounds, to defend the wounds. Most of your lives are currently spent defending which prevents Oneness. (A deeper study of ego defenses are gained through many higher realm teachings; one of which is Activate Your Soul Plan: Angel Answers & Actions, Chapter 16, by this channel). Understanding and mastering your defenses is a teaching unto itself and one of the most self-empowering tools available to you.
Through your freedom of choice and will you have chosen to learn through your wounds and defenses, thus duality and separation. In spite of how things appear in your world at present, it is your destiny to learn another way through Oneness. How and when you achieve this is up to you. When you get sick and tired enough of what you are experiencing, perhaps you will make another choice.
Let us further discuss and ‘prove’ to your mental body the reality and benefit of Oneness, with the intent to assist you in moving from your old way of learning to a new, easier paradigm of learning through Oneness. Humanity appears to be addicted to learning the hard way! Why not choose a new way?
One of the most empowering truths within the universe is that of Oneness and how this ancient concept shifts the way humanity perceives and experiences the world. Through the Ascension Process (evolving to a higher consciousness of existence, which the planet and humanity is experiencing at present), it is time to accept with compassion and know that the application of Oneness can and will change humanity, thus the world for the better and insure its survival.
The idea of Oneness is not foreign to humanity. Your religions have moved from duality (many gods) to Oneness reflecting the evolution of humanity. Many religions teach the Oneness of their God and the existence of one all-powerful force in the universe. Metaphysics teaches the Oneness of good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong, and male and female (all being aspects of the same Oneness). Universal Law teaches/reveals that Oneness also means that everything, All There Is, and all that ever will be, is One; one reality. In effect, there is nothing in reality that is not Oneness. Through ascension of the planet and humanity, you are in the personal and collective process of remembering and applying this truth of Oneness. Oneness is your eternal, divine life insurance policy and pathway to the world you say you want, one of equality harmony and balance.
Everything in existence is created of the same Oneness ‘Cosmic stuff,’ atoms, electrons, molecules. These are common qualities that you are exchanging, sharing and replacing all the time. This is the foundation of the Oneness of humanity, as well. Your scientists have proven that all life on the planet is engaged in a great Oneness energetic exchange constantly. Your senses are programmed to see boundaries that often prevent seeing the Oneness. You are in effect an individuated aspect of the Whole, the Oneness, whether you see it or are conscious of it or not. You are in the process of waking up and being able to see the truth of your existence.
One of the most hidden aspects of Oneness is the fact that your emotions and thoughts are creating your reality all the time. Emotions and thoughts are components of Oneness, whether they are negative or positive, influencing the Oneness becoming conscious or not. Once your Oneness becomes conscious you create a unified field of consciousness, which is Oneness.
Once you fully embrace this unified field of consciousness (Oneness), evolving/ascending further spiritually, you come to know your emotions and thoughts are creating everything (even your weather stored in the atmosphere} as well as assisting the clearing and cleansing of the planet herself. As you become more and more aware of this ‘unified Oneness’ in action you can begin to take more responsibility for your emotions and thoughts, mastering the cosmic equation responsibility=consequence. When you become responsible you can create consequences more to your liking than the ones you are currently creating (separation from self, others and your world). Becoming more constructive rather than destructive to the experiences/events in your lives allows the creation of an ‘Oneness environment’ that shifts everything into a We Consciousness rather than separation.
Dear ones, can you begin to see that the concept/reality of Oneness allows you to become multidimensional (which you are) and has the ability to recreate a unified new world paradigm to reshape your lives by seeing the interconnectivity of you all and your need to address some new responses (rather than reactions) in your lives and world? You are not just three dimensional aspects (emotions, thoughts and physicality) but are also connected to the unseen world of Oneness, which actually maintains and sustains everything through the Oneness of the Eternal Spirit.
Let us look at it this way: Oneness is all life -- your emotions and thoughts, the Creator, and your physical actions, the manifested result. You are all individuated expressions of Oneness employing the Laws of Cause and Effect and karma, which is the way you have chosen to learn what you need to learn (to learn to love). It is your destiny not to have to learn this way in the future (which is actually now).
Every one of the experiences you create is a personal mirror that invites you to learn more about Oneness, your relationships with self, others, All There Is, or reality. Ultimately, Oneness demands and commands that Oneness is All There Is. You may choose to call Oneness God, Source, All There Is, if any of that resonates for you. Your life experiences are expressions of your Divine Soul Plans (reason to be here) reflecting what you need to learn from lifetime to lifetime. Although you are at present individual you are One with All There Is; you are One with Oneness.
Let’s create an exercise that further allows you to connect with your Oneness:
For the next week, embrace the concept of seeing the Oneness in everyone you come into contact. Look at each person directly (they do not have to know you are doing this) and feel and think, “I acknowledge the Oneness within each of us.” After several days into this exercise, you will notice a shift within yourself as you continue the exercise. Through the integration of the Oneness feelings, and thoughts, you will sense a Divine Connection to everyone! You will begin to know that everyone is an aspect/part of you and know you are a part of them. You will realize this is how Oneness (Creation) sees and feels about everything. You will then know you have individually experienced Oneness.
Achieving the above shift in consciousness, you become aware that there is more involved in reality than just your mental body or perception. You will begin to ‘think’ with your heart and know the purpose of your heart awareness is to allow you to conceive yourself and directly experience yourself to be individuated and yet one with Oneness. In effect, the believing mind is moving back into service to the knowing heart (this is an essential aspect of your evolutionary process).
Through this mind/heart shift the illusion of separation between the observer and the physical world is dissolving: the observer becomes and affects the observed. Quantum physics has proven that observance/energy is a building block of Creation. This energy spreads out infinitely without boundary or set destination. As you move deeper within your knowing heart, you see the untruth of two realities: one aspect of perception sees the world of separation, while a higher self-perception sees reality as an integrated cosmic choreograph of loving energy. As you continue to ‘think’ with your heart you come to know what you perceive with your five senses is not the only reality. You come to know what affects one affects the other no matter the time or distance.
Through the concept of Oneness, you are also connecting with the moment of now where there is no time or distance since there is no past or future. Where there is no time or distance there can be no separation, only Oneness. Time and distance have been and continue to be the illusions that allow you to experience your three dimensional reality of emotions, thoughts, and the physical. Time and distance have been your teaching tools of cause and effect, and duality, which are your destiny to end. When and how is up to you in your freedom of choice and will.
Dear ones, your illusions in consciousness and separation were created to provide a laboratory of learning to evolve from the perception of separation to the consciousness of Oneness. You have been learning what is through what is not. This is a tough way to learn but a necessary and effective one based upon your past and present history. All of this is allowing you to know who you are and why you are here and the true meaning, value and purpose of life (to learn to love and serve through that love).
The illusionary outside world that you daily experience and the inner/higher self-world that you identify as being your eternal self are actually one and the same. The outer world is your mirror. The purpose of the reflection in the mirror is to awaken you to your Oneness with All There Is. You are moving from me consciousness to We Consciousness, Oneness.
In Conclusion
Once you accept with compassion and forgive how you have chosen to learn, you can begin to build communities of equality, harmony and balance in the world: to know that everything is Oneness and everything exists to wake up to this Oneness. All that ever was and is is One. We are all One.
Only your Oneness omits your isolation, separation and duality from self, others and your world. When you are ready to embrace the truth of your reality, your Oneness, you will fully reunite with your Divinity and your service to All There Is will be in full force.

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