Sunday, April 12, 2020


By Phillip Elton Collins, A fellow pandemic patriot

*Pandemics can be pesky, they can even make us testy,
They can create pestilence, thus cause eternal ‘restulence’.

*Being in quarantine can make us quirky,
From being quiet, we can manifest murky, a lot.

*Learning to be with self, Is the challenge upon the shelf.
Mastering self is our mission here, often creating fear,
In the rear.

*Fear not fellow humans,
For all is always in divine order,
Even if our minds think they are the porter of our order.

*Remember no soul leaves here one moment,
Before its appointment hour,
And you are the appointee, in bower.

*Humans upon this planet,
Have had pandemics aplenty, creating pestilence for many,
Reducing our numbers,
And sending many to higher realms, a plunder.

*So, let us trust and surrender,
And see if we can remember,
That we came here to be a blender of love.

*As a student within this ‘Lover-versity,’
We are waiting to graduate and assimilate,
The fact that we are each other in disguise, alive.

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