Thursday, May 7, 2020


Human Cosmic Construct
How and Why are we here?
By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Dear Humanity experiencing the 2020 Pandemic:
It is time we know more about our creation and the truth of our existence, which will assist us in moving with grace and ease through this pandemic and our evolutionary Ascension Process (shifting into a higher frequency of reality).

Our Cosmic Construct and evolution is mirrored within the structure of the cosmos. We are now beginning to see ourselves reflected within the cosmos, thus knowing the integration of this truth and wisdom.

The pattern of our solar system planets, initiating with the sun (light) from Mercury to Pluto, reflect the evolution of our species. We began in Light (from the sun) and we are destined to return to Light and begin anew through our freedom of choice and will. This is an eternal, endless process of Creation.

Our being on each of our solar system planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto -- and unknown planets soon to be revealed) are a ‘road map’ of our evolution as a species. Each planet represents our further awakening. Each planet is a history unto itself to be revealed when we are ready. This has not always been a straight line forward. Each of our evolutionary cycles, on each planet, is a process of growth and expansion and self-mastery preparing us for world and universal service as master teachers. What is unique about the planet we currently reside within and upon is that it is composed of twelve star systems further preparing us for movement further out into the cosmos. Once we finalize our solar system process, we shall move into galactic reality, followed by universal and multiversal. Our entire journey is a Light to Light process never ending.

We are realizing there is much to be achieved where we are right now prior to moving on. Having a ‘roadmap’ is intended to assist us within our current process and journey. The purpose of this message is to reveal the magnificent journey we have chosen being human, and its Divine Design. The entire cosmos has coordinated and is supporting the choice and journey we are making. This is an unique Divine Experiment, ‘Lover-versity’ of learning, if you will. Once we master the love of self, others, and our world, and create a unity-consciousness reality of equality, harmony and balance we shall be ready to proceed….

Within each evolutionary cycle, we are given a supply of energy to use as we shall through our freedom of choice and will. As we may now realize, we have not always used this energy to the best of our highest good or that of others.

Now further knowing and accepting with compassion our joyful journey into service to All There Is, the higher realms continue to be in service to the divine cosmic choice we have made. At present, our planet is in the process of clearing and cleansing many issues from the past and present. The pandemic is assisting this. No matter how things may appear on the outside, please know locked within our DNA is all of which I speak guiding us forward. How and when we get there is our choice. It does not have to be with pain and suffering unless we so choose.

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