Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Eight Conscious Principles of Leadership

1. Leaders need to be involved in a continuous process of self-mastery/knowledge. Most of our leaders today do not know their purpose in being here (who they are, why they are here) and are involved in selfish or controlling hidden pursuits.

2. Leaders need to fully know and apply the true nature/purpose of leadership: to be in compassionate world service. Most of our leaders today are all about the ‘me’ and not the ‘we.’

3. Leaders need to apply the concepts of Unity Consciousness, knowing the interconnectedness of all things into Oneness. Our present leaders are largely not aware of the integration of all things on this planet; what affects one, affects all.

4. Leaders need to know their home planet is a living, conscious being and they are stewards of their home. With all our concern about weather change and energy alternatives, who is making this a priority?

5. Leaders who apply learned knowledge into wisdom by knowing what has not worked in the past. Our present leaders still believe killing one another in war and attempting to control what we did not create is acceptable.

6. Leaders who know how to create conscious teams to manifest new realties. Our leaders today do not know how to effect collective positive change for all, realizing change is all there is.

7. Leaders who know no one individual is in charge and understand the nature of pluralism. Our present leaders are often motivated by individual greed, wounds and ego defenses.

8. Leaders need to fully understand, be responsible, and accountable for their actions. Many of our leaders today are working within fear, doubt and ignorance.

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