Sunday, May 31, 2020



Through your various’ roles’ in acting out the follies of being human (in order to heal them) you are revealing the inner wounds and ego defenses of each one of you and what is needed to advance forward as a nation and species: creating a nation based upon universal love allowing equality, harmony and balance.

You are all invaluable’ actors’ upon the stage of humanity being human. You each have had many roles to play through your many lifetimes. You have each actually been one another. You have been every aspect of being human.   Some in larger, some in smaller roles but the destination is the same: the awakening of your divinity (your true eternal essence).

Presently you are reaching a boiling crisis point creating chaos in some human structures. This is due largely to a lack of freedom, equality and truth.  As circumstances increase, (boiling point), the ‘human stew’ can be purified as only the eternal residue of your common goodness remains. This can be achieved quickly or through much pain.

Since the ascension (evolution) of your planet is assured with or without you, you are once again being given a golden opportunity to heal the angry illusion of what separates you (your wounds and defenses) and finally know you are no longer each other in disguise. The masks of separation will and can fall from your faces and you finally see and embrace yourselves as an unified field of the expression of Creation itself. You being the Creator creating your world and lives all along.  And eventually you becoming the master teachers of the unaverse yourselves.  Are you ready to create equality, harmony and balance based upon eternal love or do you need more of the same?  It does not have to be as difficult as you have often made it. What do you choose now through you’re your free will and choice?

As has been explained to you in the past The United States of American was inspired by we of the higher realms to be a beacon of light for the world. Now in order for that light to shine through it must come from the innate light within each of you to shine brightly outward.

You have been given a ‘tool box’ of how this nation came to be and what is necessary for it to be finally realized. This endeavor is called THE REFOUDNING OF AMERICA, LAUNCHING LESSONS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY AND BEYOND. Free eBooks are there for the asking (

Your Eternal Teacher and Friend,

 Ascended Master St. Germain

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, with Joel D. Anastasi, The Angel News Network

June 1, 2020



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