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                                   LEMURIAN SCROLL ONE: PHILLIP ELTON COLLINS

This Scroll #1 is for the general public and contains the unconditional energy of Love, the building block of Creation.  Scroll #2 to follow will be for Teacher Souls containing the wisdom of SELF which we are learning to master. The final Scroll#3 will be for Adept Souls who are ready to apply Self-Mastery into a united field of Oneness.

All shared here comes from pure Spiritual Science gleaned from the universal ‘Halls of Records’ which explains much of our unseen existence. Many are awaking their innate gifts to access these records.  Until today’s Natural Science, from the folly of the human mind, learns to accept, integrate and apply Spiritual Science, we shall never completely understand our existence.


Before humans appeared upon Earth they existed as a soul, as an astral being and it was this way humanity came into this physical world. Our planet consisted of exceedingly rarified matter, the finest ether and the origin of this ether was cosmic consciousness. The sun, moon and Earth were one. All life was directed by higher realms at this very early time. And these realms have been supporting us ever since. In fact, everything that took place on Earth owed its origin to the regulated intercourse between humans and those guardian beings. Ever since humanity has strove to ascend, was destined to evolve higher qualities. We are still in that process and this Scroll One will reveal tools to support that process. We have been in a forever process of joining above and below forces (divine and godlike forces combined with lower human forces),ever since the sun and moon separated from the earth. It is only with human misuse of the higher forces that we have degraded into further density. At present we are awaking once again to the divine and spiritual force within us, becoming conscious of our role in our planet’s and humanity’s evolution. By being and doing this service we are carrying out the decree of our higher guardians.  It is the mission of this Scroll to teach higher truth that will allow the activation of divine law. We are all within the personal process of mastering the truth that we are equal to the gods.

Accessing “ Archaic Wisdom “I can faintly remember a  time in early Lemuria when wisdom streamed toward me as sunlight radiates towards us now. Wisdom came as a free gift from above since we did not yet have what WE would now call a fully developed brain. There was no need for it yet. We Lemurians communicated with one another without the necessity for speech since we felt what each one was feeling and could read it.

We derived most of our energy from the power of growth which welled up in plants, animals and minerals by capturing their life-force. We could engender any needed extra strength at any desired time. Thus, we could control our non-dense bodies to what we would call today a remarkable extent.

Our physical bodies were very fluid and not dense like now. Human form consisted of soft and pliant matter.  Again, we could manifest what we needed with the direct support of higher realms.  In fact, there were not even two sexes yet, we were both male and female at the same time. We were all bisexual reflecting th external conditions/influences of the still very developing planet filled with volcanic explosions and shifting continents with very dense air and extremely liquid water. This Earth was of one sex only and the transition to two sexes was yet to be later reflecting the planetary/environmental changes.  Human life and nature were very different back then.  We need remember that human power to transform nature was boundless compared to today. There were no religions since we were directly connected to the spiritual realms above. And when we evolved enough for that spirit to fully enter our bodies, we became immortal. Before that epoch Spirit had belonged in the higher realms and was not able to fully unite itself with our body until we evolved enough in our evolution to receive it. When we understand this union the meaning of birth and death becomes comprehensible and we better understand the nature of our eternal spirit.


 Again, all of the above comes from Akashic Records and were during the very early Lemurian cultures/periods.  Lemuria went through the creation of several planet surface ‘root races’ of (human) beings supporting the evolution of humanity which later became the advanced Inner Earth Lemurians, largely known today and the ones directly supporting our present ascension process on the surface of the planet. We often hunger for this past time of innocence and direct connection but now we shall reconnect with the higher realms fully consciousness and ready through free will and choice to apply their wisdoms.

You can learn more about present day Lemuria by reading my COMING HOME TO LEMURIA where I visited Lemuria via by light body. Within the book high Priest Adama and Father of Humanity, urged a group of us to come to the Lemurian earthly home of Mt. Shasta to serve as human proxies for the advancement of our species.  Archangel Michael created a set of rituals that would support our personal processes leading into a collective consciousness raising our frequency so that the Inner Earth and Outer world can join.  Much of this, my Lemurian Scroll One (and many are creating their own Scrolls) will revisit what was asked of me, and my brethren which would also affect others. This Scroll will become an aspect of the New World True Bible project with Adama, allowing our entry into our planet’s final Golden Age, and joining the inner and outer worlds forever.



As Lemuria evolved within the soul journey of humanity, aspects of the Scrolls were created within each of its many epochs. When Lemuria and Atlantis continued advanced energy warfare the planet was becoming not habitable upon the huge continent of Lemuria. It became a priority for the three scrolls, (one for general use, one for those to teach it and one for adept souls who embodied the scrolls) to be preserved as an ascension pathway for the higher realms dispensation they received to create their new Inner Earth Civilization and the many civilizations that followed such as late Atlantis who created what became Egypt, and then Greek, Mayan, Hopi, to name a few.

The foundation of all three scrolls is universal, unconditional love, the building block of all creation. This love allows the creation of communities of equality, peace, harmony, balance, togetherness and intimacy. Thus, the Scrolls demonstrate the united field of oneness of creation itself. We need remember all things came from the same Source: LOVE. We came from love, we are lovable, we are loved. The Scrolls are teaching us how to master this. If you notice the Founding Father’s papers creating The United States of America are actually reflections and recreations of The Three Sacred Lemurian Scrolls. The founding fathers received their inspiration from the higher realms. This is the largely missing wisdom in American and world history.

The scrolls are vast reflecting the Akashic Hall of Records from whence they came and no one is expected to know all of them. The task/mission at present is for those who choose to create their own scrolls by connecting with the ancient energy of the scrolls and sharing what reflects their soul plan by revealing what is important to them to share with the world. There is no right or wrong in this. It is a matter of connecting with our heart spaces   and sharing what we receive.   Here begins by version:



Since we humans have chosen to master the wisdoms of creation through our relationship with our self; self being a reflection of ALL THERE IS, the rituals and tasks (serving as proxies for humanity) that Lemurian High Priest Adama and Archangel Michael created for my colleagues and I upon our sacred journeys to Mt Shasta reflect ‘Self Mastery’.

I am only now beginning to thoroughly understand the depth of wisdom and importance contained during our time and actions upon the earthly home of the Lemurians. I know now that the self-powering energies coming into our dense frequency at present are being assisted by our actions upon that sacred mound.

I shall now begin to take you through the rituals we were asked to perform as proxies for humanity, to assist within our ascension to a higher frequency of existence, like the Lemurian’s, which is our divine destiny.  My reason to do this is because you too become a proxy by experiencing them, by doing them yourself.

To experience in detail what I initially experienced as a proxy I refer you back to COMING HOME TO LEMURIA. For the sake of this Scroll One I shall mostly focus on the rituals themselves and the freedom from self and self-powerment they offer you.


 Myself, serving as the ‘Overseer’ in locating the Lemurian Gateway upon Mt Shasta we were instructed by High Priest Adama and Archangel Michael to perform various rituals as we also located various vortices. “You proxies have been chosen to perform various tasks in order for humankind to enjoy the fruits of your labors”, we were told by these two higher forces. This Scroll will focus largely on the rituals as the vortices are identified.  The intention here is to not overload the reader with details. The rituals themselves are tools humanity needs to ascend to a higher frequency of existence.

This Scroll will explain the three rituals performed.  Remember,  by understanding these you become proxies for humanity yourself.

It was further explained by our higher realms co-hosts that each ritual must be a streamlined movement without interruption. We were told to keep in mind that during each ritual we would be encoding energies. We were reminded we would be performing our service to the universe, as well as to ourselves.

Here is a brief outline of each ritual in order for you to do them yourself:

RITUAL 1: The purpose of this ritual was to open the Lemurian gateway, as explained earlier. We would gather to connect all our individual energies and plug them into a main marker that had been earlier found. We used various crystals throughout the rituals and for this one clear quartz and amethyst were used. (You can create your own Lemurian gateway).

Following Ritual 1 we would connect our energy and activate two vortices: THE VORTEX OF INTENTION and THE VORTEX OF THE CRYSTALLINE CHILDREN, those who are born knowing why and how to effect the necessary changes on Earth.

At THE VORTEX OF INTENTION, we would make two list (If it resonates please do the same) The first would declare five aspects of our lives that we wanted to release. This list would be burned after we spoke a mantra: “I now release these old aspects to Mother Earth. I proclaim acceptance, compassion and my love for me. I now release these in acceptance, compassion and love for me.” A second list would declare who we are and why we are here, the purpose we perceived ourselves to have in this lifetime. This we put in a container. The ashes and container would be buried in different locations upon the mountain.  You can create your own container and sacred location for your ashes.

A second declaration would declare who we are and why we are here, the purpose we perceived ourselves to have in this lifetime This too would be put in a container and the ashes and container were buried in a different location. Please do the same, if you so choose.

At THE VORTEX OF THE CRYSTALLINE CHILDREN, we would bring forth our inner children; the wounded child, the magical child and the wonder child. The wounded child has experienced all the wounding of childhood maturation.  The magical child has the ‘magic’ and tools to heal our wounds and the wonder child knows exactly how, when and where to apply those tools. Allow these children to receive all the healing and love needed at this time. Pause one moment and connect with each of them asking what they are feeling and need. You as their adult parent can give them everything they need.


RITUAL 2:  The entire time of this ritual would be during a period of complete silence.  In the silence in the void lives all probabilities and possibilities.  Its purpose would be to connect with the fifth dimension (where Lemuria now resides and the archangelics) , so we could begin to hear, see, feel and touch any messages we were to receive. It would begin with a meditation to let go of any third-dimension (where we reside now), attachments and move into the depth and breadth of Mother Earth and the gateway into the Lemurian subculture.  Smoky quartz is a grounding crystal that would aid us in entering into the Lemurian subculture.

Following the ritual in silence, we would connect with and activate two vortices: THE VORTEX OF THE WORLD and THE VORTEX OF THE PEOPLE. At the vortex of the world, we would be writing, drawing, painting or doing anything that came to us to do. We were instructed to notice our urges. What are your urges during this?  At the vortex of the people (also called the vortex of the heart) our hearts would open. We were asked to connect to ourselves and express ourselves in a way we never had imagined. Each of us would be connected to the people, a person, a voice or the energy of the Lemurian subculture. When we on the surface of this planet fully know the existence of this Inner Earth Civilizations it will be a gamechanger for sure. Our worlds can then join and we can advance like never before into our ascension. It is our divine destiny to do so when we have raised our frequency high enough for that to happen. All of the rituals and wisdoms here within this Scroll are assisting within that effort.



The last ritual that this Scroll is asking you to do that we did upon Mt Shasta is to examine deeply what came to you, what you learned and also garnered energetically during the first two rituals. Now write down five major aspects of it, as well as to describe new things you learned about yourself. These pages would later be burned in a private burning bowl ceremony. The crystals you would use in this ritual are clear quartz and tourmaline (which connects you to your own intuition and higher selves).

Following the above ritual, you are to connect with two additional vortices: THE VORTEX OF RENEWAL and THE VORTEX OF REBIRTH. At the vortex of renewal, you will renew your connection to your multi-dimensionality. Now read the lists you have created and then recite the mantra: “I am now clear, I am now open, I am now available. I am now here. I am now present in the very moment. I open my heart. I open the depth of my soul to progressively, honestly and with the greatest intention walk the pathway being me”. Then say, “So be it.” You can now burn your lists.

At the vortex of rebirth, you will shift to a higher resonance within yourself that is based upon your own soul’s divine plan. This will allow you to go back into the world in community, harmony and equality with yourself, knowing why you are here. You will now be ready to make decisions about your path and your purpose, so you can create new intentions. Write these new intentions down and when ready recite them aloud to yourself or in the presence of loved ones.

The rituals and tasks of this sacred Lemurian Scroll 1 is now complete.



Before we began our spiritual journey to Mt Shasta,  Adama had a few things to say which also may give you this Scroll reader further comprehension  and insight:

He wanted us to know that the physical bodies of the Lemurians in the fifth dimension are being offered as a blueprint for us to consider when we shift to their frequency which is our divine destination. He wanted us to know that we are currently functioning at a fraction of our DNA’s total capacity. The Lemurians are functioning at a 100% level, we are at about 10%. The reduction in functioning from the capacity of our original DNA took place over thousands of years. As humanity abused its divine gifts, the decline in capacity continued. The destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis were a point of great diminishment. As a result of the misuse of our powers, humans were slowly but surely losing our direct connection with the universe and the Creator. This was all part of our freedom of will and how we were choosing to learn. No one had the right to stand in the way of our choice.

Nevertheless, the immortal god aspect of us never died within our DNA, even though it was greatly diminished for a long time. Needless to say, our journey back to wholeness has been a painful and long one. There were many attempts to assist us throughout our history, but they all failed. We would not listen or kill the messengers. But now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A quantum shift in humankind has taken place, and through our free will, once again we are being given the opportunity to return to our divine wholeness: ascension. The Promise of the ascension process of entering a higher frequency of life is to regain everything that was lost. At the writing of this Scroll more energetic support is coming into our Earth plane like never before.

The long, dark periods we’ve experienced throughout recorded history were merely the way we chose to learn. We went as far from truth as we can go. The necessary clearing and cleansing of our selves and world is still taking place at the writing of this Scroll (2021).  Now upon our return to the truth of who we are we shall become the most enlightened beings in the universe and never forget again. The purpose of this Scroll is to be a vital tool in assuring your individual success.  We humans will be in great demand as master teachers. In fact, Scroll 2 will be especially for those of you who are teacher souls. No other species has accomplished what we have done, which is to go as far from the light as possible and return home to our Source, Love.

Scroll initiates , Adama wants you to know that without a shred of doubt that the Lemurians are ready to assist humans in our “homecoming” but also that we have to choose through our hearts; through our freedom of will to choose LOVE. For love is the travel ticket to our immortality.  When we ascend, we get to take our healed physical bodies with us, never to die again. Our bodies will be transformed and become immortal and without limit, just like the bodies of the Lemurians.

What will happen to the third dimension after humans choose to leave it? Adama explained that all dimensions exist simultaneously. The third dimension will still exist for those who choose to stay here. Once in a higher frequency, you can change frequencies at will. You can have lunch in the thirds dimension and then return to the fifth dimension for dinner. But he warned while earth I shifting into a higher frequency, the third dimension is not going to be a very nice place to be. Earth needs to heal and restore her balance after suffering human abuse. Preservation and restoration must take place in the third dimension or the planet will not be able to sustain life on her body in the way to which we are accustomed.

Many humans are now being called to act on behalf of the planet, even though many of those responsible for harming Earth are continuing their assault. Therefore, the planet’s natural means of cleansing herself will intensify. Consider these events a kind of healing crisis, an essential step in planetary purification. Mother Earth requires that we show compassion and support for her renewal, even though it may cause us massive inconveniences.

Humanity is waking up to a higher awareness of oneness with Mother Earth, Adama further explained. We are becoming aware that her resources, which we have taken for granted for so long, have caused great depletion upon and within the planet’s body. We have not recognized that the trees are her lungs that we cut down freely, the crystals/minerals/gems are her arteries in an energy system of which ewe have no knowledge and the oil that we take in unlimited supply is her blood.  We have not recognized that our planets is a conscious living being. If our bodies were treated the way we treat the Earth, we would already be dead.

When the Lemurian continent sank some 350 million Lemurians died overnight( I actually remember that time), the Creator elevated their continent from the third to the fourth (the dimension we go to when we are asleep and when we die). Later, as the Lemurian civilization evolved back inti higher consciousness, they were again elevated to the frequency of the fifth dimension. By saving the Lemurians, the Creator was demonstrating the contribution they would be making to our planet, if they were not going to contribute, they would have been destroyed completely. Only the third dimensional, low frequency part of Lemuria sank (the part that co-exists with us now).

The veil between us and those who reside in higher dimensions was created by the misuse of our divine gifts, ultimate power corrupted.  Now we know these misuses are giving us the greatest wisdom we could ask for: immortal consciousness that is teaching the entire universe what it is to go as far from the light as possible and return, to never leave it again. You can call it learning the hard way but maybe that is what it takes for us! That veil is getting thinner and thinner.

What was elevated from Lemuria when they went from fourth to fifth dimensions was an energetic blueprint of their civilizations that has remained in service to the light: temples, ascended masters and a small portion of the population. Only the highest level of consciousness was saved. There is no reason to believe that the huge continent of Lemuria will ever reappear again in the Pacific Ocean, Adama added. However, it is possible that we will be coming together in the higher level of consciousness through the Lemurians’ extraordinary fifth dimensional Inner Earth Civilization.

There are living, crystal libraries in Lemuria that contain the real history of our planet, galaxy and universe. Humankind knows little of the true history and united mission of our two civilization. But Adama felt it was important to reiterate that the Lemurian mission cannot be completed until our two worlds unite as one civilization. May this Scroll be an avenue for that to take place. Lemuria cannot ascend into the sixth dimension until we ascend to the fifth, for on a truthful, underlying level, WE ARE ONE.



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