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Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


Beloved Daughters and Sons,

As you approach the final weeks of your very challenging 2020 year with more higher realm energies coming in than ever before to support you let us focus on the ‘Christ Consciousness’ during this spiritual Christ (meaning soul) season. Your global pandemic is a ‘cosmic intervention’ assisting the clearing and cleansing of humanity. The current events are largely due to the unconsciousness of humanity through the abuse of the planet and one another.  The pandemic is not a punishment or wrath of some angry God; it is a teaching tool (of your making) to allow new choices through your free will.  Remember one third of you are waking up to your ascension process, one third intend to remain asleep and hold onto the old and one third of you are leaving this Earth plane to better be able to continue your ascension process (knowing no soul leaves one moment before its time).  Know my divine children you are not alone during any of the events upon your planet. We within the interior of this planet are supporting you all-ways until we join as one.

My gift to you this season, within a balance of giving and receiving, is to remind you that the Christ Consciousness is a dispensation from your creator to alleviate humanity from the massive level of separation, confrontation, and lack and limitation you have created through your emotions creating your thoughts.  Please remember you are the creator creating your reality all the time. That is how powerful you are. You are god experiencing itself.

The Christ Consciousness teachings has been brough to humanity by many teachers, most recently in your evolution by the divine soul you call Jesus.  No one organized religion has a corner on this teaching. In fact, the divine soul named Jesus never intended that a religion be created around his teachings but that it become a practice, a choice through your free will. The Christ Consciousness energy will consume anything less than itself by transmuting it into pure, divine light.  But you must do the work of self-discipline and self-realization and self-empowerment through the many teachings given you over the eons. Self -mastery and discipline are essential in freeing you from yourself and can best be achieved with the support of we in the higher realms.

The highest awakening can be achieved with the assistance of the Christ Consciousness energy revealing you are all diversified version from the same source, you are each other experiencing yourself, you are each other often in disguise. Through passing this teaching to each generation the mask, the disguise can be lifted. The ‘me-consciousness, the lack of ‘we-consciousness’, of greed, selfishness and non-truth have never advanced the human species, and never will.  Only a high vibration such s this energy will create enough light to ultimately consume anything less than itself. This is the process you are experiencing now. And for those who choose it, you are destined to arrive at your destination of your divinity.

One of the most essential things is for you to know you are God experiencing yourself and to know you are in service to this truth. God is the great who and why and you are the repository of that truth. The Christ Consciousness is the journey/pathway to this reality. You were born with this force within you. Are you ready to receive and apply it now?

During this Christ Season humanity is more receptive/sensitive to the energy that is transmitting from above and below the Earth, your hearts literally open wider. In fact, your heart is designed to house and dispense the Christ Consciousness at will. Call upon it especially during your global pandemic which is creating so much physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Remember you are here to support and love one another through this, with this mighty tool which is yours free to receive.



This date within your Earth time began the final 2,000 cycle of your planet and those who choose it in humanity to ascend to a higher frequency of existence which is your divine destiny. All planets eventually return to the light from whence they came. As you look up into the night sky imagine all those stars were once planets who have achieved what you are within the process of achieving. Those stars are your ‘roadmap’.

This is a divine process that began with portals of fifth dimensional energies opening and interacting with Mother Earth. This is a process supported by many star realms that will continue until itself completion. You will continue to receive support and guidance throughout this cosmic event.  This is a process of releasing the old paradigms that have kept you in duality and separation while reconnecting you with your Source.

Through resonance with one another you will create communities of equality and love acknowledging what is happening in your lives and world. The divine soul plans of your planet and yourselves is for the full activation supporting your ascension process.  This is a mass convergence of higher realms, Earth and human energies to create your new age of moving from the ‘me’ to the ‘we’ consciousness and allowing the creation of your final golden age. Please have acceptance and compassion for all the lifetimes you have had to bring you to this glorious moment.



Within the interior of your heart dear daughters and sons, there is a spiritual central chamber surrounded by the Christ Consciousness energy field of sacred light and protection.  This we call the ‘cosmic cause’.  This chamber is not just of your present dimension and I shall assure you no medical docotor can find it. But you can, if you so choose. It occupies both your third and fourth dimensions and beyond (connecting to creation itself, the frequency of its birth).  This chamber is also called ‘the altar of the heart’ (AH). The AH is actually the connecting point of your sacred silver cord that connects you to this life, which descends from your Christ Consciousness presence to maintain and sustain your physical beating heart, giving your life meaning, value and purpose: a divine plan that integrates with the Earth and God’s divine soul plans. You and creation merging.

If it resonates heed this teaching. It will create an invincible strength and power to manifest your sacred self-mastery/Christ Consciousness within you. Then allow your ‘AH HA’ moment.



There has no been a lot of truth in your world in the past nor present. In your era of ‘fake news’ there are even terms such as ‘alternative truth’ which there is no such thing. Truth is truth and it will set you free from non-truth.

There have been many stories about Christmas, some true, many not true. Let us now present another Christmas Story from the heart of whence it came.

  As mentioned earlier the Christ Consciousness has been on your planet and has experienced itself in many incarnational cycles throughout Earth history; Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mayan, Hopi and civilizations whose names have been lost in Earth time. As discussed, the desire of humanity is to once again know the Christ Consciousness, to know the teachings of unconditional love within, that you are all individual expressions of it, unique expressions of it.

I wish for you to imagine an extraordinary mother spaceship. Her name is Mu. She is coming from a galaxy that helped seed this planet many hundred of millions of years ago. Yes, your planet is much older than you have been taught.

You have had many golden ages with advanced technologies that would marvel you.  Right now, there is free energy available to you but forces in your world prevent it being given to you. There are advanced worlds without taxes, there are worlds with immortality that await you. This is your true destiny dear daughters and sons. This is your inherited divine essence you are awaking to, if you so choose through this period of ascension.

But now, back to the mother ship. Imagine she is larger than anything you can conceive. This ship is as big as an Earth continent. It is coming from a portion of the universe, a galaxy with many beings captaining/powering this ship. The Christ Consciousness (Lord Sananda), Lady Nada, the archangelic realms of Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel, and many ascended masters are all on this ship, and myself. Even some of you during your incarnations during this period are with us, especially the channel of this message and his brother. We are all powering this extraordinary spaceship. It is coming closer and closer once again to the Earth realm which it often does. The ship is often sighted over the heavens of Mount Shasta in your Northern California. This ship is coming once again as she did two thousand years ago. As she gets closer, the ship reflects the light of your Sun. This 2020 Christmas event is ‘appearing’ as the conjunction of the two largest planets in your solar system, Saturn and Jupiter, creating the true Christmas star once again.

This is the Star of Bethlehem. This is the six-pointed star, the Merkabah of your existence, the beloved Star of David, whose wisdom and power and truth of being has often been lost.

This ‘second coming’ of wisdom through this star is something many conscious individuals have been anticipating. These divine souls are ready to incarnate the cycle of the Christ Consciousness energy the same way the one you call Jesus of Nazareth did two thousand Earth years ago. The remainder of this Christmas story is almost the same as the one presented by Christian dogma except the relationships with the feminine energy have been altered throughout your history.

Jesus of Nazareth was a Jewish man who partially lived by the laws and culture of his day; thus, he would have married. He married his twin flame, beloved Mary Magdalene. Jesus mother, Mary and his wife, Mary Magdalene were two very powerful feminine energies, especially for their times.  But the patriarchal energy controlling the churches quickly were threatened and subjugated them in order to subpress and control the feminine energy.

An essential aspect of the ascension process is the balancing of these two energies, the masculine and the feminine. The foundation of all of your duality and separation is the imbalance of these. Humanity cannot and will not evolve until these are balanced within equality and love. The time has come to end thinking one is better or superior to the other, to begin to remember that molecularly and electron-wise you are all created from the same source.

Stored within the DNA of your hearts is everything being shared here. It is time to access and apply it all by learning how to ‘think’ with your hearts as your minds return in service to your hearts.

As many of you are  sensing the end game of how things have been is ending (even thought the struggle of the old holds on) and the most direct route to your ascension is through your hearts…


A Joyous Christ Consciousness Season

Your eternal Father, Adama

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