Tuesday, May 18, 2021


 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


Moving from the Old into the New

It is an Energetic Movement Within


As you move through your life you are always moving from the old into the new if you are subscribing to a dedicated personal process. You are always releasing the old and moving into something new. Many look at this as moving from the old outside of yourself into something new outside of you. What you are actually doing is releasing old conditioning, old wounding that has been inflicted upon the wounded child.  When you release that, you then move into a new level of adulthood. These shifts and changes, moving from the old into the new most often are subtle. Many now are feeling a major shift, a major movement into a new level of living life in the third dimensional realm. 


When these transitions transpire in your life what is important to do is look at what you are labeling as old because you are now seeing life from the adult perspective. This is why you are labeling it old because you are looking at life from the adult perspective. You are looking at creating a major shift into adulthood to fully have what you say you want as an adult. Many now are looking at what is important and what they want and shifting and closing the doors at what you looked at through the eyes of the child.  


It is important now to look at what you deem as old, what you say is old and ask, why is it old?  You may not have a tangible explanation because what you are doing is moving from needing to label it and ask the question why. You are moving into the feeling body. You simply are no longer “feeling it”. This is why We continually ask you , How does this make you feel?


When you look at the old in your life simply ask, How does that make me feel? 


Each and every one of you are feeling that something is shifting in your life. You are feeling something is shifting deep inside of you. You no longer need to explain it, prove it, and you no longer need to justify it.  These are the wounds of the child. Now you are just feeling it and being it.   It is why We ask you the question, are you moving from doing to being? Justifying it, speaking it, proving it is another form of doing as opposed to being. 


Each and every one of you is feeling that something is old and you may not have an explanation for it. The only explanation is, I am feeling it. I am feeling the low, dense vibrational energy of the old. Feeling the low dense vibrational energy of the third dimensional realm outside of you, the aspects of it and what is transpiring in it. This is a vast area for many of you. You are now feeling something different but you are not quite sure what it is. 


It is now about moving within and looking at the old and ask your self, how does that make me feel? It no longer resonates for me. It just feels old. We utilize the term “old” because you are human and need labels. It is simply a transition in your soul’s divine plan. And when you transition you energetically release the old. 


What We are speaking about is not something tangible that you can look at and say I am letting go of that. What are you doing is moving into your light body, into your feeling body and releasing the energy of the old. This is because you are releasing the old inside of you.  Whatever is old inside of you, you are releasing. You are releasing the old, dense vibrational energy and releasing it from your mental, emotional and physical body. Allowing all the feelings to surface, and emptying out the old that is directly related to the wounds of the child. You are now becoming the master of the self as the adult. And differentiating between the wounds of the child and the adult. This is shifting for many. 


So you are labeling what has transpired in your life as old. But you are realizing that you are feeling much more differently about your self than you ever have before.   


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