Friday, May 7, 2021




By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

(Expanded recap/edit: May, 2021 session with Archangel Michael via channel Jeff Fasano)


Through the global pandemic many have further awakened to why they are here by better knowing who they are. This has allowed us to have a more loving relationship with ourself, making better choices that serve our highest good and those we love. In effect, during this challenging period we have learned some essential lessons; lessons we don’t have to learn in another lifetime.

While many of us have been in solitude (not necessarily isolation), we have further become aware of the meaning and purpose of our lives and let go of habits, people and things that have not always served us well.  While living in the densest frequency within the universal plane, we are now learning to let go as we take a deeper look at ourselves through the contractions and expansions of life.

In effect some of us are allowing ourselves to be where we are without judgment, allowing life to care for itself. In many ways, all relationships in our lives are just the way they need to be. It is our reaction and response to them that matters most.  A reaction reveals what we need to heal and a response shows what has already healed.

Since we all have a divine soul plan (our purpose and reason to be here) that we signed onto prior to coming here, it is all about learning what that ‘contract with creation’ is and what our awareness of it is. The more of this contract we execute, the more we achieve/learn in this lifetime, the less we have to achieve in another lifetime.

As has been discussed many times before many higher realm, powerful energies are coming into our earth plane to nourish who we are and why we are here. With these energies some of us feel we are not quite ourselves, as we further release the attachments to the ‘old’ in order to make room for the new full being of ourselves. We are moving into a place where our beingness further creates our doingness. And just being without doing is ok too. We are losing our need to prove ourselves to others nor seek their approval. We are knowing we are just the way we need to be in this moment of now.

All of the above is also allowing us to move further into what has been called ‘we consciousness’ letting go more and more of ‘me consciousness’. Through increased consciousness and being ourselves, we know we are diversified versions of one another, all from the same source.  And that creation would be incomplete without each of us or we would not be here.  That’s how precious each one of us is.








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