Sunday, June 13, 2021


 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


A Message for June 2021



From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are now moving through new parameters in your life and opening up to a greater depth within your-self.  Opening up to a greater level of loving, honoring and valuing who you are. And now as you move into your month of June in 2021, what is most important to focus on is value.  What to do you value? What is most important to you in your life? It is about valuing the depth and breadth of who you are and your talents and gifts. As you move into a greater depth of valuing you, you move into a greater depth of fulfilment within you and then move to a powerful-ness of self in the soul space.  You then begin to formulate in your soul space who you truly are. 


As you move into your month of June you will move into a greater depth of understanding and knowing who you truly are. So We ask you, Who Are you? 

In this very moment in time, at this juncture in your human incarnation, who are you now? 


It is about opening your heart to the physical, mental, spiritual and most important to the aspects of the emotional being-ness of your-self and beginning to feel your-self. Beginning to feel your-self in your body. Beginning to feel your-self in the energetic realm of the third dimension. Moving into the being-ness of you are and resonating and vibrating at a level that you may have never thought you could before. 


In many ways, as you move into the second half of your year of 2021 that begins in this month of June, it is about moving into a greater depth of the being-ness of self.

We have spoken to you about this many times before, it is about looking at what you are doing in the world. Many have released their incessant doing in their life. Released over extending themselves.  The over expenditure of energy when doing simply allows you to avoid where you are and who you are. 


We ask you now to move into the beingness of the self. Allow yourself to move into the being-ness of who you are, the being-ness of self. Allow your-self to simply be in this month of June as you move into the second half in the midpoint of your year of 2021. 


It is about moving into the silence of the self. Continue on your pathway in your outer world in the third dimensional realm, yet within that learning how to contain your own energy of the self, where you are within your-self. It is about opening up the depth and breadth of your heart space into the being-ness of who you are. 


This for many will be a culmination of looking at their doing-ness and at their attachments to the third dimension. Many have now released that and now moving through a period of time where much out in the third dimension may not resonate for them any longer. What they are doing may not resonate for them any longer. Who they were being may not resonate for them any longer. It is a shift in the full being-ness of self and raising your resonance and vibration of self. 


In many ways the old “doing’ was to look outside of your-self for validation and gratification. Now that you no longer need that from outside of you and move into the being-ness of your-self, the parameters, the vision, periphery of the third dimension may not make any sense to you any longer. This is because you need that for validation and gratification.  You no longer need it to give you a sense of self. So as you move into the month of June and continue to release attachments to the third dimensional realm, you are finding a new meaning, value and purpose to who they are. 


More so, what We are focusing on and what We are asking you to focus on in this month of June is Value. What do you value about you and your-self? What do you value about your talents, gifts and abilities? Do you Value your-self? Do you Value your-self in relationship with others? Do you value your talents, gifts and abilities? 


In the midpoint of your year 2021 moving into the second half, what will transpire in your life is much will come to fruition. Aspects of what you have always asked for and “prayed” for will come into fruition but possibly not how you ever envisioned it. This is because the envisioning of living your life is all based upon living from the soul perspective in your soul’s divine plan. 


When you allow your-self to release your attachments to the third dimensional realm you then allow your-self to be within your divine soul plan. Then through the powerful-ness of knowing who you are, honoring, valuing and loving who you are, you then move to place of self-empowerment. Then making your choices moving forward knowing that you can move into the creation of whatever it is you say you want. Yet, allowing it to formulate in your soul’s divine plan to be what it will be. This is all based upon where you are now in the incarnation in the human form in the third dimension. 


As you make the transition from your first half of your year of 2021 into the second half at the midpoint in your month of June, We begin with Value. As you move forward and you come to us as We come to you, We will begin with a series of teachings of looking at how you value your-self, how you love your-self and how you honor your-self. So in this month of June We begin with Value. We ask you to look at how you value you. Are you valuing you? 

It is most important to understand the concept of value. It begins with moving within, seeing you, looking at all the aspects of you. Thus, We ask you to write down five aspects of you that you honor, value and love about you that raises your resonance and vibration. Look at your life and at the relationship that raise your resonance and vibration. The reason why those relationships that you have chosen raise your resonance and vibration, is because you have moved on an inner pathway and doing the work within your-self to raise your resonance and vibration. To then realize through the love of self, what champions your highest good and what honors your highest good. Who values you? Who values the input you have in your relationship? 


We ask you to look at your relationships to see if you are looking for gratification and validation in them. Look at what is transpiring in the world outside of you and your interactions with it and ask your-self, Am I still seeking validation and gratification?  Many have released this. Many have released those attachments. Looking for validation and gratification from outside of you is a simple definition of attachments to the third dimension outside of you. When I look outside of my-self, when I look at relationships I am having with others, am I looking for validation and gratification? This is what an attachment is. Placing your attachment outside of yourself to get something from it. If in fact I give myself away in this relationship to take care of that soul’s needs, the take away from that is then I will be loved.  Look at anything you are doing with others in your life to see if there are attachments with that. Am I doing this to prove that I am worthy to be loved? These are examples of attachments.     


It is important to look now at your attachments to see if there are still any in your life based upon looking outside of you in the third dimension. Am I seeking validation and gratification outside of me? Am I seeking a sense of self outside of me? 


As We ask these questions, many are moving within and fully understanding what all of this means. We bring you these definitions to give you examples of what attachments are. Looking for validation and gratification. Many are understanding the concepts of this and now moving from the concepts in their mind and into their heart space because they are moving into the fullness of the being-ness of who they are. 


As you move into your month of June, We simply ask you to look at your value. Do you value your-self? Do you value who you are? Do you value your-self in relationships? Do you see through the value of your being-ness the value you bring to the world outside of you? Do you see what you bring to the relationship you are having with and other soul? in many cases they see your value and you may not. Many now are awakening to their value. Many now are awakening to the value of who they are and who they are being.     

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