Tuesday, June 15, 2021



                                                           CLEARING ANY DOUBT

With all of the clearing and cleansing going on within your dense 3D world at present, it is time once again to remind you of the absolute truth, releasing any doubt as to what can happen and why.

Please know within the higher realms there are builders of form from non-form what in spiritual science is called the root of the world.

These builders are the creators of the Universe and certainly your solar system and planet. These architects of creation within some wisdoms are also called the ‘Watchers’ overseeing, in this case, the resurrection/ascension of your planet into a higher plane (which is your destiny).  These builders/architects/watchers only have relations with the absolute truth of which I speak now.

These powerful higher realms beings give full meaning of non-being, being absolute being. Sooner or later all that now seemingly exists will be in reality and actually in a state from non-being to absolute being (remembering there is a great difference between conscious and unconscious being).

It is only with a healed realtionship with self through clear emotions and thoughts, undarkened by ego defenses, you arrive at a collective consciousness (this includes the entire living and sentient Universe) then you release personal existence, merging and becoming one with the Absolute and consciously connecting with ALL THERE IS. Thus, becoming an Ascended Master, as I.

A Reminder,

St. Germain

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Date: Now

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