Wednesday, September 1, 2021


                                                     THESE CHALLENGING TIMES 

Phillip E.  Collins

It appears that all of the ‘wounds’ of the world and one another are surfacing all at once in our lives. I survived the AIDS pandemic and thought that was enough. Boy, was I wrong! 

To prevent myself from being in a constant state of overwhelm let me share a few methods and wisdoms I use:

I have complete compassion and acceptance for the outside world, and also for myself. I do wish things were different but I am never in control of anything but myself. So, I review my intentions every day knowing the world has its own ‘soul plan’ and things are transpiring in divine order (even if I do not always understand); accepting with compassion what is. 

How I respond to current events rather over react to them is up to me. I know my mind and emotions are often attempting to control my life. So, I check in with these regularly and know they are not really you I am.

Even what appears really bad can have some good in it. The pandemic is teaching us how much we need to love and support one another. We are moving from a ‘me’ world to a ‘we’ world.

I focus on ‘what is’ with gratitude rather than ‘what is not’ in my life.

I have learned to honor, value and love myself more than ever, allowing me to be and do the same with others.

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