Monday, August 23, 2021

Archangel Michael Speaks: The Global Pandemic and the Vaccine. Channeled by Jeff Fasano

 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


Global Pandemic and the Vaccine



We have said to you many times before this is part of the cycle of your universe, your world, the earthly plain and country it its divine plan. All of what is transpiring is so perfectly for your growth. For many it is a test of looking outside of your-self, seeing what is transpiring in the world outside of you then looking at your-self and seeing how deeply it is affecting you, your existence. Is it affecting what is transpiring in your life? Using it as tools for you to help support and guide others. 


In many ways it is important to keep in mind the aspects of the third dimensional realm outside of you, the illusion and the myths of it. Keep your eye on reality. And what your reality is.  


The timeline for this will last as long as it needs to so you can begin to learn to live in We Consciousness. What is transpiring in your world right now is a great lesson of learning to live in We Consciousness. What you are seeing on your earthly plain is the depth and breadth of the narcissism of the wounded child. The wounded child making it all about me. You live in Me Consciousness in your world. The reason why what is transpiring in your world now is for those who need to learn to shift their consciousness to a greater level of We Consciousness. In many ways this is the most challenging lesson for those on your earthly plain. 


It is not always about “Me”


You live in a society on your earthly plain where to a greater extent everything is about “Me”. How can it benefit me? It is all about “Me”. I will fight to be right.     


The overlying aspect of what is transpiring in your world today is about moving to the greater lesson of We Consciousness.   


So We ask you, are you living in We Consciousness? 

Or, are you fully consumed with the narcissism of Me. 


The root of Me Consciousness is in the wounds of the child. The root of Me Consciousness is Survival.  It is also rooted in the wounds of validation and gratification. The need to look outside of one self for validation and gratification. 


What is transpiring in your world right now is based upon SURVIVAL. 


Look at what is being triggered inside of you where survival consciousness is concerned. What is transpiring in the world outside of you is triggering survival consciousness in many. If I do this I will survive. If I do this I will live. If I follow the mythical deified leader outside of me (mom and dad) I will live.   What is transpiring outside of you in your world is not based upon fulfilment of life, living life. It is about triggering the deep rooted wounds of survival consciousness. 


It is about looking at We Consciousness and Survival Consciousness. 


You can now look at what is transpiring in the world and see if it is triggering your survival mechanisms to simply endure life. Then look outside of you at the mythical deified leaders to see if you are thinking that they will lead you to the promised land, they will keep you alive.     


It is about looking at those attachments to the world outside of you, and if you can, detach from those aspects of the third dimension that are rooted cleverly in survival consciousness.   


It is time of awakening. A time to look inside of you to see the truth. We have asked you many times, What is your Truth within the depth and breadth of your heart space? Is your truth love, peace, community, harmony, equality? Is your truth We Consciousness? As you define and see your innate truth, and move within the depth and breadth of that space within you, releasing your attachments to the third dimensional world you will then begin to awaken inside of your-self. The first step to this awakening is to honor your-self. See where you have awakened inside of you. As you have moved through a great awakening inside of you, this is a time of a great awakening for many. 


For many to see the low, dense vibrational energies of illusion in the world outside of you. It is about discernment.  Seeing the level at which you are discerning between your truth and illusion. Seeing what raises your resonance and vibration and what lowers it. The reason why We have given you that tool, is because if you see something that raises your resonance and vibration then it is connecting to a place beneath heart space, this is where your truth lies. If you see something, hear something that lowers your resonance and vibration it is not in harmony or alignment with your truth. This is why We ask you to identify your truth of who you are being.     


It is now time for you to see that you are the proponents of We Consciousness.   You in your powerfulness, your greatness, are a proponent for a global consciousness. It is not about the wonderful and most glorious souls outside of you thinking that they are the proponents and the sole proponents. What is your power? It is now about you awakening to your power and professing that to others so they can awaken to their power and be proponents of this as well.  


It is about seeing where you may still be imbedded in herd consciousness. Thinking that these wonderful and most glorious souls who are inhabiting your governmental system are the sole proponents. No, you are! Stand in your powerfulness, in your greatness and where you are, let go of survival consciousness. And know that each and every one of you are proponents of love. You have the power.


Release looking outside of you and thinking that they know more than you. I will go to them because they know more than I. No! You know what you know. Bring that to the world. 


It is about equality. The messages being brought to you by all of your systems is about equality. Why is there a resistance to this in the world outside of you today? Through the archaic aspect of power, if I can control others and the situation in my life then I will stay alive.  Look to see where there is a need for you to try and control anything or anyone outside of you that will allow you to stay alive. Keeping you in the familiarity of it all as opposed to moving into the unknown and knowing that you are safe in the unknown. 


It is about survival consciousness and thinking you need to be safe and secure. The wounded child is always seeking safety. Where might you be seeking safety in needing to know what these entities and systems outside of you in the third dimensional realm are thinking and doing whatever they are doing? Where does this activate your need to be safe?  As opposed to knowing that as you are being who you are, standing in your power and greatness, as the adult you are safe. It is the wounds inside of you that are activated. 


In many ways, many of the messages that come from the entities, the systems outside of your-self in the world are activating the wounds of the child that needs to be safe. We will keep you safe. Do this, it will keep you safe. The wounded child is always seeking to be safe. But if you can discern between the wounded child and the adult and bring your-self to the moment of now then you can honor the feelings that surface and reparent that child as the adult where you are now. This is growth. 


It is all about choice. There is no good choice nor a bad choice. It is just a choice in the moment based upon where you are to do something or not do something. Isn’t this about equality and freedom? 


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