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                                     GREAT CYCLE OF COSMIC REVELATIONS

In Concert with the Ascended Masters Council
By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Recently through spiritual science and higher realms channelings we have been told about empowering energies coming into our Earth plane to assist humanity within our evolution or what has been called ascension into a higher frequency of existence.  Let us take closer look at why, when and how this has been going on.

The Ascended Masters are ‘elevated’ beings who were once human and are now assisting humanity in various ways. There are many teachings on them for those no familiar with them or why they exist. This endeavor is not to reveal them all but it will address one of them.

In the second decade of the 1880’s these ‘masters of wisdom’ gathered in Tibet, the primary purpose of their meeting was the question of whether it was the time and worth it to begin a great cycle of revealing secret knowledge to humanity; a cycle that would thread three centuries and concern the Western and Eastern parts of the planet.

Knowing full well the dense wounding’s and dangerous childlike behaviors of humanity, only one of the masters present intended anything to do with such a reveal to humanity. This was Ascended Master El Morya supported by his brother Koot Hoomi. Despite all the reluctance, the Council voted to entrust the experiment of divulging secret wisdoms to us. Luck us!  Requiring the assistance of many within the higher realms, and human disciples such as we within The Angel News Network and others worldwide, this was and is still an unprecedented event within our evolutionary/ascension cycle.

 For those not familiar, Ascended Master El Morya is the spiritual hierarch of the Brotherhood of the ‘Diamond Heart,’ assisting in the process of the human mind returning in service to the human heart.  His major focus through the Great White Brotherhood (nothing to do with human races) is to guard and support ‘heart centers’ of world movements that expedite our evolution. Again, we at The Angel News Network along with many others are divine aspects of these heart centers.

 So, in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries led by Ascended Master El Morya and supported by other higher beings these mighty masters have taken upon themselves the mission of enlightening humanity through a cycle of channeled teachings and books in various heart centers worldwide. All this serves as a beacon/pathway of light, showing not only the shortest Path from the Mind to the Heart, but the fastest way to our ascension into a higher frequency of existence.

The mission of The Angel News Network is to bring the messages of the divine realm to the Earth plan to contribute to humanity’s spiritual growth and ascension by raising the consciousness, resonance and vibration of the world (  We have taught hundreds of classes, facilitated many sacred ceremonies, channeled thousands of hours of higher realm wisdoms (Archangelic, Ascended Masters, Inner Earth and Star realms), written dozens of books and produced hundreds of Podcasts all supporting these great cosmic revelations being reminded here.   And we are not alone, thousands worldwide in other various heart centers are doing the same. A heart center does not have to be physical place, it often is an intention planted in the hearts of like-minded and spirited peoples.

In 2024, the Council of Ascended masters will meet again to consider the success of this divine experiment.  We at The Angel News Network choose and are dedicated to creating a world of equality, harmony and balance based upon cosmic love. We know many of you are joining us as these higher realm energies continue to flood our planet and physical bodies to insure our success. Let us make sure at that 2024 meeting, they say YES. Recently Ascended Master St. Germain has reminded us we are living within the greatest awakening of humanity. We at The Angel News Network will be there with you every step of the way, with the guidance and support of higher beings like never before.

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