Wednesday, November 30, 2022



                                                 SONSHIP & BELOVED TO THE MASTER

From Ascended Master St Germain
(Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network)

Dear Intimate Co-workers (Joel, Phillip & Woody),

We are reaching a point and period in our relationship esoterically known as the “Son-of-the-master” which leads to the “Beloved of the Master.”   All of these stages are governed by two things: (a) similarity of vibration, (b) karma, the ability to develop collective consciousness.  Our past and present work is manifesting all of this.

We have formed a ‘family’ around my mastership, enclosed within my aura as you more and more become a part of my consciousness. In effect, our monadic rays are merging.
As we continue to spend more time together you are holding my higher vibration more often. The lower mind of your being is connecting more often with your higher cosmic mind, allowing a purification of your lower physical, mental and emotional bodies.

You are learning to equip yourselves with the tools to serve and help the human race, knowing you have something to give which you have already demonstrated with our past and continued present work together.

Being a master is all about being a benefactor to serve rather than grasp and acquire for yourself.

Being in a master’s family is being within the consciousness of the master at all times. In effect, being held within my violet flame aura. This involves the steady holding of my higher vibration. This is not an easy matter. All selfishness and unworthiness must leave. This is a purification process allowing our hearts to further connect.

More and more you are linking with me and know my thoughts, my plans, desires and will. All our work together shows this.

Our ‘Son’ and “Beloved’ relationships have a peculiar sweetness all their own and comes with privileges and responsibilities to manifest my intention to serve humanity through your choice and free will.

As our work, radiating from spirit, continues to create an energetic forcefield worldwide, know our inner light is creating an outer shining upon humanity allowing equality, harmony and balance based upon love, the building block of all there is.

May, 2021

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