Tuesday, November 8, 2022




By Phillip Elton Collins

When I die, my twin brother will retrieve me.

The reason I know this is because we choose to come here together

And made the agreement to do the same thing in coming and going forever.


Neither of us are sure we want to come back after leaving.

There are so many challenges in being here,

We are weighing the leaving with the BEING here.


We are taught we are here to master being love.

But ‘right’ now there is more separation than cooperation.

And it seems it will get darker before brighter, or righter.


I know when I die all those who understood and loved me are there,

Assisting me in a spiritual process I had forgotten how to share.


Busy I shall be opening my consciousness and commitment,

To my non-earthly, non-physical home,

To roam.


Nothing personal but my ‘being’ will no longer focus on you.

I shall be studying universal truth and laws that create a cosmic view.


Being stronger than ever, call upon me when needed.

I shall be able to assist you in an instant in ways you cannot imagine now,

Even if I were given permission to tell you how.


Be well and happy Dear Ones,

And know there is no death.

You simply shift form and become the rest.


I shall see you soon, even though there is no such thing as time,

 But only the rhyme of creation.














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