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You now are moving from a realm of possibility to a realm of probability, from a realm of questioning to a realm where things really happen. Between the realms, you are faced with a decision: do you make the choice to remain in the old, repeating old habits, patterns, and rituals, or do you move into the new, swept along with the current of light?

Last we came to you, we asked you to name what you are grateful for. Have you recognized that your talents and gifts are what you can use to create the life you say you want, and to contribute as an individual and collectively to building a new world? Are you now ready to release the narcissism of Me-consciousness, where everything you do is about “Me” in isolation? Now that you know who you are can you place yourself in the midst of the “We”? Can you see that you are not alone, that others share your path?

You are almost ready to begin the process of rediscovering your talents and gifts, and of understanding how to use them for the purpose of world service. Before then, however, you must undergo a period of entraining your nervous system to “What Is” as opposed to “What isn’t.” This entrainment will continue for the next twenty-one days.

Once again, we would have you write down what you are grateful for, and expand the same list every day to include new insights and discoveries. At the end of each and every day, write down one or more aspects of your life that day for which you are grateful.

This practice will help you to be conscious of what attracts you and of where—and with whom—you are resonant. You are now at a place to move with the light, to entrain yourself to higher vibration energies that are moving within the environment around you as your new world is beginning to emerge. So you are being asked to find what resonates most strongly for you in your relationships and activities, and to focus upon it.

When you do this, be sure to move into the depth of your heart and notice what you feel and allow yourself to feel it. It is time to feel everything. Be grateful for the opportunity to feel and to be with the truth of you. Following high-vibration feelings like gratitude will open the doorway to the new world that is being created by you and by those who share your resonance. It is your choice to entrain your energy.


As you see the light and move towards it, you can see that the darkness you are emerging from is the shadow of an illusion of safety and security, a false sense of certainty you had in your life that your old habits, patterns, beliefs, and rituals would protect you. You are emerging from wondering who you are to knowing who you are, and you understand that being who you are is not only safe and welcomed by the world, it also is needed.

If you have been applying the tools we have provided you, you are no longer in the place you were when you began reading these first ten messages and exploring these first ten lessons. You now have such a firm connection in the depth and breadth of your heart space that you are ready to remember and reveal your talents and gifts.

That is why you are here.

                      TWENTY ONE DAYS OF GRATITUDE

For the next twenty-one days of thanks and gratitude I have created a wonderful exercise from my book Journey of the Awakened Heart:

Each day for the following 21 days write down what you are grateful for. Expand that list everyday with new insights and discoveries as you move through the 21 days.

At the end of each day write down one or more aspects of your life that day for which you are grateful.

What transpired in your life yesterday that you can be grateful for?

What transpired yesterday in your life that you can be grateful for? 

How did it make you feel?

What transpired yesterday in your life that you can be grateful for?

Ask this question: 

Am I focused on the absence of something, what isn't in my life, or the abundance of everything, what is in my life?

What transpired yesterday in your life that you can be grateful for?

Has anything shifted for you so far in this process?

Ask now: 

Where am I in my life? 
What am I feeling? 
What resonates for me now?

What transpired in your life yesterday that you can truly be grateful for?

Ask now: 

Where am I placing my energy? 
Am I placing it on what I think isn't in my life? 
Or on what is?  
Is my focus on what isn't or what is?

At times it is not only what we label as positive or good we can be grateful for. It also can be those situations we don't "like" that can teach us something we needed to learn or bring to light something we needed to see to perhaps shift and change. We then can be grateful for this too.

When you take notice of what you are grateful for and write it down. 

Are you receiving it? 
Are you feeling it? 
Are you integrating it?

Fighting lack and limitation will keep you stuck because lack and limitation are myths, illusions, they are not real. The absence of something is not real. Only what is present is real.

Do you push through life to get the desired result you think you want? Is your focus on your desired outcome, the result of everything you "do"? If so you just may miss experiencing everything in between. What is in-between is called life? Live it, experience it and have gratitude for very moment of it. 

DAY 10
As you move through these 21 days can you look at your lists of what you are grateful for to see what resonates and what doesn't? 

Do you gravitate to what does resonate for you or fight what doesn't. Gratitude helps you find your way through this. It raises your resonance.

DAY 11
In doing this exercise are you realizing more about you? When writing down what you are grateful for thus seeing life in abundance, do you still look at what isn't in your life? Look now to see where your focus is. Is it on what is in your life or what isn't? 

DAY 12
Can you begin to observe yourself by using gratitude? Begin now through the neutrality in your heart to observe you and what may be transpiring in your life. As you move through this process is your life shifting? Are you realizing that you are already full within? 

DAY 13
This is a process. It is an exercise to re-train your nervous system. Moving you from scarcity mentality to abundant being-ness. Do you feel a shift? Are you realizing that you are full? Abundance is living a life that is fulfilling. Not trying to fill up what you think is empty.

DAY 14
Gratitude comes in many forms. It comes when we give and in the joy we experience when we do. Where are you giving and what are you feeling when you do? Do you experience joy or are their attachments when you give?

DAY 15
This exercise helps you to discover what attracts you in life. 

Where and with whom you are in resonance. Go through your list to see if you can find this. Whatever and whomever you are grateful for you are in resonance with. See if you can see this.

What transpired yesterday that you are grateful for?

DAY 16
Do you feel your resonance rise each day as you begin to realize,  "What Is in your life?" 

Is this resonance growing and getting stronger? 

Move into the depth of your heart and feel it!

DAY 17
Look at what you have accomplished in your life. Gratitude begins with us being grateful for who we are and the life we've created. 

Can you look at your life and be grateful for what you have created, what you are doing and what you have accomplished. In life we are constantly looking ahead at what we still need to do or haven't done yet. Stop, breathe, look at your life. Can you be grateful for where you are now?

DAY 18
As we move through this time of change releasing that which no longer serves us is important. When we identify what we are grateful for this can lead us to see what no longer serves us that we can now release. 

DAY 19
Finding our way on our pathway through life is dependent on our depth of self love, connecting to our passion, recognizing our unique talents and gifts and living our lives with purpose. If you have connected to all of this be ever so grateful you have. You now can guide others to do the same.

DAY 20
What has been revealed to you about you during this process? 

Quite possibly seeing that your old behavior was to look at what isn't in your life? 

Are you beginning to see what is through gratitude?

DAY 21
This is the culmination, yet it is the beginning. Today begins a period of self-introspection culminating on where a portal into We Consciousness will open. The next step in my book after this wonderful exercise is to take inventory of your life. 

Look at the list you have compiled over the last 21 days and ask:

Where Am I? 
What is in my life? 
With whom do I resonate?
What feelings are arising in me now? 

Much of the old will now surface to be released. 

What of the old may have surfaced in the last 21 days for you that you can now release?

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