Wednesday, November 14, 2012

INNER MASTERY POWER by Phllip Elton Collins

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-found of the Angel News Network.

As we draw ever closer to 2012’s year-end, more powerful portals are opening, thus ancient tools await our application into ascension. There is much clearing and cleansing taking place leading us into 2013. This is the end of the old paradigm of Me Consciousness and into the new paradigm of We Consciousness.

Let us again call upon the once human combined Ascended Master Energies and wisdom’s to further support our entering the final Golden Age; a lengthy process at best, but our destination none the less.

Phillip: You have told us America is important in the creation of the final Golden Age. Why is this?

Ascended Masters: America is the remaining intention and manifestation for humanity to create a “god-government” that honors higher realms (free of any control), and can maintain and sustain a country/nation reflecting the laws and wisdom’s from these higher frequencies. Then other countries can resonate or not with this.

Phillip: It seems ‘favorite’ is being played toward America?

Ascended Masters: It is not favorites but the saving of that which we have created and loved so long. It is the Soul Plan of America to be and create the planets final Golden Age. Our love has supported this plan for eons, and there is no more time for manifestation; it is now.

Phillip: And how exactly is the final Golden Age to be accomplished?

Ascended Masters: That which is in imbalance is temporary, Dear Ones. We are eternal and are of greater Power of Love. Your America was created by us and now must expand upon a “god within the country” nation foundation, which will be permanent. Your Founding Father papers express all this. It is time for you to become as We, the Ascended Master Country/Nation of Plant Earth. Are you ready? Most of you are not yet; being in process. We are here to support you.

Phillip: Wow, that sounds like a tall order!

Ascended Masters:  As you strengthen, protect, grow and expand everything Divine and good within your physical boundaries, you will expel all that is not good from your perimeters through resonance and the use of your I AM PRESDENCE; along with our continued support.  For those not familiar with what your I AM Presence is, we ask that you refer to previous conversations, or discuss it amongst yourselves.

Phillip: We must truly come to know and embrace this Presence?

Ascended Masters: When you fully understand and accept the full Inner Mastery Power, I AM PRESENCE that you have, as individuals and as a nation; you can more easily manifest this in your 3D world. You will have equality and balance flooding in rather than separation and confrontation. What you resist, persist, Dear Ones, Stop the fighting now. It does not work.

Phillip: Why has it been so difficult?

Ascended Masters: Because you have not seen yourselves good/worthy enough to embrace your great Inner Master Power…to pull it out from within and reflect it out. This will set you free and create the new world paradigm of Oneness.

Phillip: This is what we truly need.

Ascended Masters: Yes Dear Ones, to fully embrace the resolve within, the Sacred Being within. This will vanish all that prevents the final Golden Age.

Phillip: What has been preventing our resolve?

Ascended Masters: The emotional and mental bodies that you created…. let them go now. Then you can be as we.

Phillip: What would you recommend we do daily now to support our process?

Ascended Masters: Connect daily with your Inner Divine Power, your True Essence, accept with compassion the essential nature of this. See your Invincible Power and Abilities, Skills and Talents…allow the lack and limitation and struggle to end. There are many teachings available to assist and support you in this process.

Phillip: So this will really work?

Ascended Masters: It allows you to be a magnet of good. It is the ‘control switch’ of the Universe. The old patterns, behaviors and rituals won’t seem so addictive.

Phillip: This there a mantra that can support this intention?

Ascended Masters: ‘I Am, I Breath and I know my Being is within the Invincible Intention, and Power of my Sacred Inner Presence in me always.” Say this throughout the day when you emotions and thoughts say otherwise. And see what happens!

Phillip: This should be applied to the person and the nation?

Ascended Masters: Yes, Dear Ones. Apply it to all aspects of Oneness. And allow an empowerment of protection, love and support to manifest. This will expel all that is not good for the All. There can be no failure when humanity desires and applies their Inner Power.

Phillip: When we talk about Oneness and Unity what does that mean?

Ascended Masters: Unity of humanity with Mother Earth, and all Higher Realms creates Oneness. And this Oneness is eternal, Dear Ones.

Phillip: Where does the I AM PRESENCE come from?

Ascended Masters: It comes from the Heart of Creation, and is the only Presence acting in the Universe. All else is an absence of it. It contains more energy than any human activity. And it is time you know your I AM PRESENCE more fully and use and create your Freedom at last.

Phillip: Thank you Beloved Beings who love us more than we are able ourselves.

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