Wednesday, November 7, 2012

REJOICE REJOICE REJOICE by Phillip Elton Collins

Beloved Brother & Sisters of America,

What you witnessed during your Presidential election was the people's I AM PRESENCE at work with the support of our realm and many others, We cannot and will not interfere with your freedom of will & choice but where we see eternal harm to others or the planet at play we do exert certain forces to insure the good of all.

WE THE PEOPLE, through WE CONSCIOUSNESS stepped in last night and further supported your mission to create the next and final Golden Age on our planet.

Remember Dear Ones, all that does not support the good of all will be consumed in the Light, as you experienced in your Presidential, and Congressional elections. It was as shift as Archangel Michael sword cutting through injustice, allowing equality and harmony.

Now the principles of your founder papers, inspired by us, shall go forward. America is the divine experience of all diversities uniting your world, coming together in their unique Oneness. You are awakening your individual and planetary souls plans. 

Dear Ones,


Extremes of duality and confrontation are beginning to end, as you join in Oneness. But there is much work to be done in this area, Let this now be a time of further healing and choice for those who have in the past opposed We Consciousness. Know Dear Ones, now is your invitation to come into The Light, and stay here and see your Mighty I Am Presence create a New Kingdom of Love and Light. 

For if you choose not to heed this divine invitation you will not be part of the most glorious divine plan your world has ever seen.

As America, The Heart of the World, beats you shall now resume your role and example for the entire planet. Stay focused on your internal affairs and needs, as you send Love and Light to the rest of the world. Attempt not to get involved into the destinies of others nations, as you embrace your own... lead by example and resonance from inside out... continue to clear and cleanse your harmful influences.

To reiterate, now many principles of the original creation of your nation shall go forward. This is a game-changer through a quantum shift that allows certain dispensations that can and will support your moving more into your divine essence, soul plan and into the Light.

If you choose to continue on the path you have chosen, soon marvelous new technologies and wisdom's will be revealed that will support your Golden Age plan. These will delight and free you from the bondage of the past.

We are beside you and have been for eons. Call upon us...

Your Co-Creator in your Golden Age through Love and Light,
St. Germain
Received by Brother Phillip

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