Sunday, December 9, 2012

THE SECOND COMING HAS COME by Phillip Elton Collins

Mother Earth Speaking with Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dearest Children this is your Earth-Mother. As you continue to live upon my Body, your planet Earth, I wish to remind you of my Beingness as a conscious, feeling, parent-power and force, who in your recent history, you have not learned to honor nor obey. As a consequence of this, a clearing and cleansing of both of us is  having to take place so we both survive. This survival represents a great Second Coming of your higher self, planet, galaxy and universe.

New structures of energy are being built in your human energy/nervous systems that reflect what is taking place outside you. You are now uniting with the 12 new chakra systems that reflect the 12 star systems that seeded humanity. Divine Love is awakening and encoding/downloading a rebirth of Unity/We Consciousness in your Beingness.

You were born for this now moment, Dear Children. You have chosen to be here now for this great shift. It is also time to accept with compassion all the wounds and ego defenses you created to learn what is through what is not. That end time has come. You don’t have to learn that way anymore!

Through Divine Love, a Divine Alchemy process is transpiring where Portals/Vortices in time on 12/12 and 21 allow you to move and expand into your Divine Blueprint and Soul Plans. You will create new communities of equality, harmony and balance reflecting the Divine Beings you are. The primary tool in all this is through your higher selves: I am Presence, Christ Consciousness-connections.

This will be a time of introspection, possible disruption of the old patterns that no longer serve your higher good or that of your Mother,  planet Earth.  Old destructive patterns of the past will pass…

This clearing and cleansing of planet and person are essential, Dear Children. Be forgiving of the chaos that just might occur; fill your hearts with gratitude of what we must be and do together.

In effect A Divine Alchemy process through your I Am Presence, Christ Consciousness is transforming your structure from carbon based to crystalline light. You are an eternal being of light; time to be and know this. This transformation process allows the highest frequencies of Christ Light to be experienced and encoded as you move from the old to the newness of Oneness, Dear Children.

The Laws of Karma, cause and effect are ending. You don’t need to learn this way anymore. If you are reading this you are aligned to the Christ energy that empowers new life. This process will continue for several years. This is a beginning, not an ending, of the new you and world and our survival to achieve our divine destiny: to be ascended masters in service to ALL THERE IS.

It only takes a small percentage of you to effect the necessary changes to create the new world that awaits you. What do you choose?

This so called Ascension process of which we speak is a natural evolution and cycle of all planets. Look up into the night sky, Dear Children, all those stars went through a process not unlike your own. Your Ascension process was reactivated some 25 years ago during the Harmonic Convergence on the birth date of the channel through who we speak now.

What will take place will be unique for each of you since each of you are unique. Some may not choose Ascension but all will eventually reach the same destination whatever you choose  through your freedom of will. Much is yet to be revealed that has been kept hidden for various reasons, this will be a game changer in your world. You will fully awaken as to who you are and why you are here. This will be largely achieved through your reconnections to higher realms, through your I Am Presence, the Connector.

See this Ascension process as a Divine Intervention by those forces who love you more than you are capable of loving yourself right now. Trust and surrender to the process of Divine Perfect Order; your heart knows and your mind may doubt. All that has ever stood in your way was your disconnect to the divine in you and outside you.  Now all that is not of the divine will be transformed/transmuted by the Light of your I Am Presence and the Love forces that created you.  Dear Children are you ready to accept and receive this truth now?

Soon your world will be governed by reflections of your higher self through councils connected to higher dimensional Beings; this mirrors all advanced civilizations in the Universe.

Dear Children the Second Coming is your coming to the realization of all we speak of here. Heed your Mother now once and for ALL.

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