Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TWELVE LIFE LESSONS: Lesson 9 (The Intergalactic Federation)

Twelve Life Lessons
A Self-Love Maintenance Program 
Lesson 9
The Intergalactic Federation
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

We come to you at this time, dear ones, through a portal of time that is now opening in your universe, in your earthly plane, in your galaxy.  We come to you as a messenger from the Intergalactic Federation.  The energies are now moving upon you.  Energies from 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th dimensional realms are now opening and converging on your earthly plane as you are beginning to reach a new portal in time that will allow you to transcend the aspects of the narcissism of your self and bring you into a brand new being-ness of self and the being-ness of "we consciousness". This will allow you open up to the being-ness of group, the being-ness of the whole, into the being-ness of the congruence of others, in "we consciousness" as you release the aspects of duality within the self and aspects within you that keep you from congregating in "we consciousness" where you are being celebrated.

There is a new portal in time opening up as your energies are now moving in congruence with the fruition of this.  As you emerge from your month of November and into your month of December, you move closer and closer to a new portal in time that will be opening.  Within that time decisions will be made by those who will now choose to move through that portal and open into the grandness of self, where the self is celebrated, where you are celebrated and where you can be celebrated in "we consciousness".  So, as you move through these teachings brought forth by many aspects of many dimensions, you are now asked to move into a grandness of self. 

We are a messenger and a part of the Intergalactic Federation that oversees aspects of your galaxy.  We come to you with this information, as this portal of time will be opening up on your December 21st of your 2012.  It is a portal in time, a doorway, an opening, a new gateway, for those who will be moving through it. For those who are beginning to fully understand the aspects of self and the grandness of self, whereas it pertains to the giving of one's self in "we consciousness".  This portal is opening for each and every one of you, dear ones. Stepping through it you will be moving into a new way of being-ness, a new way of mass consciousness, of group consciousness that includes the Christ consciousness that you are now connecting with in the depth and breadth of your heart space. This is the being-ness of self, the being-ness of who you are.

So, the question is, dear ones, are you being who you are?  Do you still judge and shame the being-ness of who you are?  Do you still judge and shame aspects of yourself? Do you project onto others outside to gain a quality of self that you have not deified within yourself.  What we mean by that, dear ones, is do you look outside of yourself in relationships and deify others for qualities you see in them that you wish you could see in yourself or have within yourself? 

So We ask you this question, dear ones:  Do you look outside of you at others, and deify others outside of yourself, deify qualities in others and wish that those qualities could be within you?  If so, can you begin to deify qualities inside of you that you may see mirrored with others?  We ask you to look at your relationships, to see if are you deifying others. Are you looking at those outside of you to see if you are deifying aspects of another and wishing that you could be that or have that quality that they have? 

It is now time, dear ones, to see the qualities inside of you.  So We ask you to write these qualities down.   Dear ones, keep in mind the knowing that the relationships you are having outside of yourself simply reflect the relationship you are having with yourself.  Might it be possible when you look at your relationships, you are seeing qualities of others that you might have; yet you are unsure of? Could there be those similar qualities inside of you?   It is time to now move from the outer to the inner, to begin to deify yourself and deify the qualities inside of yourself that you just may be deifying in others. And now begin to move into an all-encompassing aspect of self where you can now be who you are. 

As you move into this period of time in your earthly plane of December 21, 2012 a portal will open, a vortex of energy will open. When these gateways open you will come to a point where it will be a time to make a decision and a choice regarding the rest of your life or the next aspects of your life.  The grand aspect of that portal, the big picture is "we consciousness".  Each and every one of you, will be faced with certain decisions to make come that time and you will see that in the process.  In this pinpointed aspect in your time/space continuum, dear ones, it is time to begin to review the self by looking at relationships, looking at the qualities of self.  Are you in the being-ness of self or are there still aspects of yourself that you think you don't have yet?  You may see these aspects outside of yourself in your relationships with others and wondering, “I wish I was like that, I wish I was like them.” This is another way of looking at your relationships. So, dear ones, as you move to the depth and breadth of your heart space, We come to you at this time with these questions for you.

On the pinpointed time/space continuum of the day of December 12, 2012, you will be moving through a portal at that time that moves through the expanse of time between 12/12 into 12/21. This will be a time for introspection. You will see possibly, disruption within the self will occurring as well as disruptions outside of you and disruptions in relationships. What will transpire between your 12/12 and your 12/21 is a cleansing and clearing process. It is a defining and refining cleansing and clearing process in order to tie up loose ends in this aspect of your soul fragment's divine plan.

If you are moving through life as the way shower, moving through life in the third dimensional realm as the light worker, you will be asked all of these questions.   Chaos just might occur in this time period as well inside of yourselves. 

These messages are moving through various messengers in your earth dimension and they are similar.  You see, you are moving into a very important time on 12/21. It is a time/space convergence where many will be congregating to bring their energies together in-group.  You might be called to move in-group on your 12/21 as a mass convergence of like-minded souls who have a similar purpose and mission in this lifetime. Move together with like-minded energies of those who resonate and vibrate together, and converge together en masse into the aspects of "we consciousness".  You will be moving in a mass migration of mass consciousness to these energies and to these portals.  It is a gateway in time to open to the grandness of "we consciousness" and to move into the "we" aspects of self.

So as "we consciousness" is coming upon you or you are being asked to move into "we consciousness" We ask you to look at where you may still isolating and separating yourself.  You see, dear ones,  "we consciousness" is simply a place where the uniqueness or the being-ness of your self is celebrated.  You have heard this many times.  You will be moving to mass migration, mass convergence en masse toward those gates. And when they open at the time of your 12/21 you will be asked to make a decision:  Am I here to remain in the narcissism of the me or am I to move into "we consciousness" with like-minded individuals? You will be asked to make decisions and choices.  Quite possibly the group, the soul family that you are in no longer resonates for you.  Quite possibly "we consciousness" is not on your pathway. 

This 12 Life Lesson plan is about moving into the grandness of the self, to know the grandness of the self.  Are you knowing the grandness of you?  Or do you look outside of yourself in relationships and deify others who have qualities or aspects of themselves that you wish you had? Do you still give yourself away to be loved, dear ones?  Are you loving, honoring and valuing you, dear ones?  You will be moving to a mass migration on your 12/21.  From 12/12 to 12/21 you will be moving through a finite cleaning and cleansing process.  Your soul families just may become more apparent to you.  You might be choosing new soul families, you might be moving away from the groups you are in because they no longer resonate for you.  Those groups and those soul families will walk through that gateway on your 12/21.

We come to you at this time, We are a messenger, an aspect of the Intergalactic Federation and We come to you at this time with this message.

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