Sunday, December 23, 2012


Received & Shared by Phillip Elton Collins 

Co-founder of the Angel New Network

Greetings Beloved Humanity We come to you from the Inter Galactic Federation in concert with your Mother, Gaia, Mother Earth.

Dear Ones at long last your awakening, your awakening to your divinity, to truly knowing who you are, truly knowing why you are here, truly knowing where you came from and what this journey through your hundreds, perhaps thousands of lifetimes on this particular planet has been. It has been an arduous journey, a journey of learning what is through what is not through your freedom of choice and freedom of will. A gift that has been given to you (freedom of choice and will) that does not exist for everyone in all worlds, all galaxies and all portions of the universe. And through the choices you have made you have you have learned what you needed to learn to come to this moment in your time continuum as your Beloved Archangel Michael has shared with you tonight, through the Beloved soul chosen to channel for Him, to teach you here 12/21/12 to, if you so choose to move into WE CONSCIOUSNESS.

As you have learned, been taught and told over the past months and most recently in the past couple of weeks; there have been portals opening upon this planet, vortices of energies that are connecting with the energies of the Galactic Federation, if you will, call us stewards of the frequencies of the Inner Earth, the archangelic and star realms all supporting your process of moving into a higher consciousness of existence, dear ones. That the timeline, that the end time, if you will, of your three dimensional experiences of cause and effect and karma, dear ones is ending, at long last!

You have learned that separation from yourself and others all you need to learn to be and do so. Pay attention to your current events that are taking place on your planet that you have discussed tonight. These will increase in intensity as the clearing and cleansing of yourselves through the processes you are teaching yourselves tonight and beyond reflect the clearing and cleansing that must take place upon your home planet Earth, Mother Gaia. She and you must clear yourselves now in order to go into your full divinity, your immortal divinity, your ascended mastership, if you will. To begin to know and understand and accept with compassion your purpose and your mission and your cosmic blueprint, dear ones.

Dear ones you are divine, immortal beings of light that here to be in service to ALL THERE IS, Source. You have lost your connection to source through your freedom of choice and will which has been the demise of every past Golden Age on your planet. You are now evolving, as an essential part of your destiny into your final Golden Age which will assure your immortality, your divinity, your service to self, your service to others, thus dear ones your service to the universe and service to ALL THERE IS.

Dear ones your work is really just beginning. This is not an end time, this is a beginning time, a time you have waited for, for hundred and thousands of life times. And dear ones this is the divine reason there are so many of you upon the surface of my body, some nine billion of you. Some of you are conscious of these events, some of you are not. So we ask you, as we receive this dispensation for all of these higher energies which are part of your creation, the Inner Earth frequencies, the archangelic frequencies, the star realms that seeded your planet… all of us who are coming together at this time to simply remind you, awaken you, if you will, to who you really are dear ones, to why you are truly here. 

And as you have been taught by your beloved Michael, it is a process of inside out, is it not dear ones? Not outside in. That you are downloading all of the frequencies in this dimension that you need to move into your divinity, to move into your individuated, thus collective soul plans, dear ones.

We want you to imagine yourselves holding hands in an energetic circle. See yourselves circumstancing the entire planet Earth. All of humanity receiving this 12/21 portal opening that will close at mid night tonight. Understand the preciousness of this moment that last happened some 26,000 of your Earth years ago. This is a way dear ones that your Mother, who you have subjugated in many ways, clears and cleansing herself from your abuse and gives you the unique opportunity to join her in divinity, dear ones. For you are indeed Source expressing/experiencing itself. Are you not dear ones? This has been withheld from you. This has been hidden from you. You have been dumbed down. 

There has been a veil created between you and we and Source. But that veil between us is very thin now, dear ones. The thinnest its ever been. Many of you can hear, feel and see the dimensions beyond you. The Inner Earth, the angelic and star realms that seeded you. They are all speaking and teaching you unison now, dear ones, in preparation for us to join in Oneness.

So see us joining hands, hand and hand in this circumstance around the planet, this consciousness, this vibration of We Consciousness and Oneness dear ones. As you hold this connection and energy within your heart. This energy comes up from the inner core of the Earth, as it comes from above to the inner core of your heart…as below, so above, dear ones. And you hold this frequency of above and below within your heart space for one divine moment and allow it dear one to move down your right arm, into your right hand and pass it to the one on your right. And see this energy encircling, moving, vibrating, and pulsating around the entire planet ever so quickly at the speed of light. As it flashes around the world from  right hand to right hand, to the next hand, to the next hand to the next. And now dear ones allow yourself to receive in your left hand what has come full circle around the globe, feel it, hold in that left hand for one divine moment, dear ones and now return to within your heart. Your heart that knows all of which we speak.  Now allow the mind that believes to now move back into service to the knowing heart that propels you to the being/beating of your heart. Connect with the pulse of your heart that now connects with the Central Sun within the center of the pulse and electromagnetic force of the Inner Earth   These forces maintain and sustain one another, dear ones. Allow these forces to awaken you to your divinity. For it is time dear ones, for you to awaken. Your sleeping, your slumber is over.

Very soon much of what we speak to you tonight will be physically, emotionally and mentally revealed. There are forces joining through various dispensations that are allowing meeting with your world leaders and allowing them to know the end time of your separation and duality and confrontation is over. We  council you, no matter how your world may appear now all that is taking place is the final clearing and cleansing of your world to move into its Oneness, its We Consciousness, its divinity of self, dear ones. For you are to become, the mission of this LOVERVERSITY, learning to love self  first and foremost…to now apply all that you have experienced…as far away from Source and truth as you could go…and now to come back on this pathway back home. You will now go out from this planet, out into this solar system, out into this galaxy and universes unknown to you and become the master teachers you are destined to be, dear ones.

For all of this has simply been a way you have chosen to learn and a preparation for you to be the divine spiritual being that you are. We would also like to say in closing, later this month, particularly on 12/25/12 you will receive an additional portal opening to further prepare you for you 2013. The group you are gathered with tonight has been chosen as well as many others to guide and support themselves and you for future messages and guidance they will receive. They are here to guide, support and love you through this next momentous year, as additional vortices and energetic connections continue to open. Se we ask you to surrender to not knowing how, where and when things will take place. 

Through the surrendering, trust that all the possibilities and probabilities of these plans will be revealed to you. For it is your divine right to know at the right moment. But dear ones your trusting and your surrendering is essential. It was the lack of trust in Source and higher realms that created all you have experienced, dear ones. Doubting can prevent manifestation and hold you in density and duality.

We honor all of you have gathered all over this continent. This continent (North America) is the divine heart center of your planet which will lead your world into its final Golden Age. It is your divine destiny to do so. There were previous golden ages that laid the seeds for this to take place, such as Lemuria and Atlantis and ones lost in your time and language. But these seeds are growing again. Look at the United States founding father’s papers and see the downloaded wisdom, the cosmic consciousness and universal truth within these documents. Now allow the wisdom within these papers to come forth now. They are the blueprint of the new paradigm of Oneness, Dear Ones. Through your resonance and example of these sacred sources you will lead the world into We Consciousness.

We take our leave of you now and know we are ever close at hand in love and support in Oneness.

Received by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Children of Humanity,

We of the Inter Galactic Federation (IGF) in concert with your Mother Earth and other multi-fifth dimensional energies come to you now at this auspicious time to further enlighten you regarding your events/celebrations of 12/21/21. We of the IGF are acting as stewards of a process that last took place some 26,000 years ago on your planet. A process that allows you, if you so choose, to re-awaken to the truth of who you are and why you are here as you reconnect/recalibrate to the forces that maintain and 
sustain your existence.

This is a process that begins with portals of fifth dimensional energies opening and interacting with Mother Earth and humanity. Your major timelines on these portal opening are 12/12 & 21 of 2012. This is a process that will extend into 2013 and beyond with other star realm participations and we. 

You will receive additional guidance and support at that time.

This is a process of releasing the old paradigms that have kept you in duality and lack and limitation while reconnecting with your source and now moving into a consciousness of oneness, moving from the me to the we, if you will.

Through resonance with one another you will create various gatherings of celebration to acknowledge this extraordinary gift/happening in your world. You have drifted as far from your source as possible through your freedom of will and choice, and the timeline has come to reconnect to self, one another and source.

The divine soul plans of your planet and yourselves is in full activation as a result of the energetic portal openings taking place 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. This is a cosmic event of your solar system, galaxy and the entire universe; you are all connected, Dear Ones. It is time you know and apply this wisdom.

Within your various celebrations/gatherings of this shift of self and world you will participate in various guided exercises and restatement of light worker/way shower oaths that will serve as a Communion of Souls in communities of oneness. In these communities of equality, harmony and balance you will be asked to release the old and open and embrace to the unknowing of the new you and world.

Beginning noon 12/21/12 until midnight, a 24-hour period, is a unique opportunity to integrate these multi-dimensional energies (portal openings) to facilitate your transition/transformation into the new.

Dear Ones, this is a mass convergence of higher realms, Earth and human energies to create your New Age of moving from the me to the we consciousness. There are some nine billion of your present now to experience this event consciously or not.  Whether you are aware of this or not it is taking place.

Have acceptance and compassion for all the lifetimes you have had to bring you to this glorious moment.

We are here to assist and guide you as your time/space continuum shift and change and transpire. This is the ending of the old you and world and the beginning of the new you and world. Rejoice and fill your hearts with joy!

My Beloved Children,

You have waited thousands of life times upon my body for this moment in your time. Beginning today, 12/12/12, precious portals of energies are re-awakening to support your Ascension into your true being. You are receiving transforming energies unlike never before...all that your human form can sustain and maintain. Rejoice Dear Children your graduation is at hand karma, and cause and effect cycles are ending. It is time to step into your divinity and full mastership and connection to the forces that created you (and never lose that connection again). 

The next nine days will continue your clearing & cleansing of the old that has stood in your way to higher realms. The new paradigm of Unity and Onenss is at hand, Joyously accept the fullness of the Mighty I Am Presence, the Christ Consciousness within you, feel it intensify through your heart to every molecule of your being. You are the Light and are protected by it. December 21st will be your final portal opening for this year. Let us bless the Light. 

-Your Mother Earth, Gaia. 

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins,

May 1st, 2012 (Inter Galactic Federation) 

Everything on and within your planet, including yourselves dear ones, shall ascend to this highest frequency. We ask you to remember this truth at this time. We ask you to employ this truth in your very foundation of beingness. We remind you that every planet within your solar system has ascended. They and we await your ascension process so that your solar system and your galaxy, what you call the Milky Way, will also ascend. You are being supported by other galaxies, particularly the Andromeda, the star systems that seeded your planet, to move into this higher frequency of existence. 

So we are asking you to examine the relationship between the macro and the micro and to understand that there are forces in place to assist you in moving into your divine destiny and the higher frequencies of existence. As you have most recently been reminded through the Archangelic realms of Gabriel and Michael, much of the truths through the endeavor your are about to bring out into humanity in what you call your educational systems, your university, are the foundations of these Archangelic principles and realms to support humanity. 

This wisdom actually already exists within your DNA and RNA, particularly in your heart cells, dear ones. It is time to remember that the mind has gone into service to the heart. We are not asking for the mind to be eliminated. We are asking for it to return to the wisdom of the heart that knows what needs to take place, what edict has been given at this time. We ask that you call upon us as you go through this process and allow us to assist you along the way without knowing all the answers, the solutions or the obstacles that lay at hand. We ask that you reach to whatever frequencies you resonate with and ask for support within this for we all here to guide you in this process. We wish to remind you that many of the obstacles that stood in the way of the old paradigm will no longer exist. We wish for you to know that the awareness of other civilizations other than yourselves will become transparent. This will change the whole structure and belief system of humanity upon your planet, which is essential and necessary at this time. 

The endeavor that you are involved with and the foundation of the relationship with self is key to you moving into a higher frequency of existence. Without this teaching, without the application of this within the individuated soul, that ascension process will not take place, dear ones. Please understand this. The endeavor you are embarking upon is a key component of your soul plans. And you are building a community of equality, harmony and balance of other souls that relate and resonate with this mission. It will be easier, graceful and more fluid than you are anticipating. For many of the structures that you have in place--university, government, religion, corporations, and your financial structures--are disintegrating, and those at the top know that they are. We are in contact with many of the leaders of these structures on your planet and have been for some time. In your vernacular, “the gig is up!” Does that mean there will not be resistance, fight and thrashing like the trapped animal in the corner? 

Yes, there will be. But, dear ones, we ask you to remember, you have taken the oath of the Light Worker and the Way Shower, have you not? We ask you to be fearless in this oath. We ask you to be responsible to this oath. And know that it is your divine destiny. It is your divine destiny dear ones to embark upon the endeavors of which you speak. So go forward and enjoy. Go forward in bliss. Go forward in having fun with which you are about to accomplish. And know that you will make a difference.

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