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TWELVE LIFE LESSONS: Step Eleven Channeled/Scribed by Jeff Fasano

Lemurian Priestess
June 12th, 2012
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

From The Council of Twelve We come to you We are the priests and priestesses of The Lemurian Civilization. We come to you at this time with the next step in this process. We come to you with Love, love of self and love of others. You are moving to a space of neutrality so you can move into the depth of your heart to fully love, honor and value you. As you have moved through the processes in these teachings you have opened up a great deal to yourself. And in doing this opened to a greater depth of love of self and to compassion and acceptance of self.  You are now infusing the divine feminine energy into your physical being-ness. And as you do this you move to a place where you are ready. You have opened yourself up through revealing your old behaviors so that they can continually be revealed. A vortex can now open within you that will allow you to continually see in the mirror your old behaviors and allow them to be revealed. As you open your heart through acceptance and compassion of self you now ready yourself to receive when others reveal your old behaviors to you. Through love, compassion and acceptance, love of self and another you can open up to the joyousness of refining and defining your behaviors to create a new you by remaining open within yourself.

This process has come to you from multi-dimensional sources to reveal your old behaviors. So We ask you this question, through love of self have you opened to see those old behaviors? Ask yourself this; can I make changes in these behaviors so I now can move out into the world with a greater sense of integrity and impeccability of myself?  Or are you continuing the old habits? Are you ready to have your behaviors revealed? And through the love of self with acceptance and compassion as well as knowing that where you are is where you are, are you ready to shift and change those behaviors? Or will you continue to fight those who may possibly mirror back to you those behaviors? So we now ask you this, have your behaviors been revealed to you? Do you see your old behaviors and your old patterns? And when they have been revealed to you how do you feel about it? Are you open to shift and change? Do you still fight to keep the old habits, and behaviors in place?

We come to you now with the infusion of the feminine energy that you are just now ready to receive. A vortex has opened in the depth and breadth of your heart so you can now begin to receive energetically the infusion of the feminine energy. We ask you now, are you ready to receive the infusion of this energy? It is through the acceptance of the feminine energy that you can accept what has been reveled to you. So we ask, have you seen what has been revealed to you through this process?   

We ask you to take a step back and ask yourself, have my old patterns and behaviors been revealed?

They now will continually be revealed through those you have chosen to participate in the new soul family. 

Are you ready to see through the construct of the old how you can create the new? It is important to see this as you take the final steps in this process. So as a caution we come to you through the divine feminine to ask you this question, have your old patterns and behaviors been revealed to you? The answer to this question will tell you exactly where you are within this process. Have you seen your old behaviors? Are you open when the old behaviors are revealed to you and ready to see what needs to change? This is all based upon your mission and purpose in this lifetime. As you move out into the world singularly and in the new soul family it is important to be aware of your old behaviors.   

The first half of this process has been about revealing you old behaviors. Have you with an open heart through acceptance, compassion and love able to see the old behaviors? With and open heart and open consciousness you can raise your consciousness when others outside of you may suggest the behavior, the pattern and the habit for you to look at. This is about refining and defining the new you to move out into the world. If you are moving out into the world as way showers and light workers with what you choose to bring to the world whether it be your teachings, lessons, exercises and if you choose to bring these teachings out into the world, you are asking others to reveal to themselves their old behaviors. These behaviors can shift and change and raise their level of resonance and vibration and their consciousness. Are you willing to do the same? Or are you in a fight to keep the old in place to continue the fight and let the fight be more important?  Are you open to receive from others suggestions as to how you can move your level of consciousness to another level as you ask others to do when you bring your lessons, exercises, teachings and message to the world? This is another level of integrity of self.

As you are moving out into the world calling yourself the light worker, the way shower and asking others to look at themselves through what you are choosing to bring to the world, are you looking at yourself? Have you seen your old behaviors? How does this look to you? Are you still in a power struggle in relationships? Can you release the need for power, dominance and control in relationships and move to a place of neutrality where there is no duality? Look at the continuous fight that quite possibly holds you in very comfortable comfort zones.

It is now time to open a vortex within you to allow the infusion of the divine feminine. This infusion of the divine feminine if you so choose it, will allow you to open up to see your old behaviors and to realize that you are loved. It is not about being loved, you are loved.  

We come to you from the Lemurian Council of Twelve and leave you with this message: Are you ready?  

Are you ready to open up to look into the mirror, quite possibly the harshest mirror you have ever looked at? Quite possibly the most revealing mirror you have ever looked at? Can you release power struggle in relationships? Can you release the old relationships and create new relationships if you choose to remain in relationship with those of the old relationship? Or can you now see the relationships that fully allow you to be in your greatness when others ask you to look at the harshest mirror, which this twelve-step plan is designed to do.  Have you looked into that mirror and are you ready to receive yourself as you are now?     

The vortex is open. From the Council of Twelve, We are the High Priestess and Priestesses of Lemuria and We bid you adieu.  

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