Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Awakening Our Body Consciousness,

The Most important Aspect of Our Being

From the Archangelic Realm of Gabriel

“You must first learn to breathe. It must become a habitual part of every moment of your life. Until you learn to breathe nothing else is possible. Breath is life. Breathing is the most important doorway to access where energy  is blocked. Unless you can breathe into the temple, into the torso, you cannot activate what is there. Then the addition of sound begins to vibrate. And as it begins to vibrate it begins to move the energy. Then the addition of physical movement in particular areas begin to loosen up the ‘armoring’ and move it. And then the sound and the breath move it out. Without the sound and the breath, it won’t move. That is why you can do physical exercise in a gym and nothing moves. You can move energy inside the body, but you can’t move it out of the body.

It won’t move out of the body because there is no sound nor breathe involved. And the sound and breath must be connected to emotional awareness because everything is encoded in the armoring through emotion. The reason there is armoring in the first place is because feelings were concealed and trapped. SO THE EMOTIONAL CONNECTION MUST BE MADE. JUST MAKING SOUND, JUST BREATHING, JUST MOVING WON’T DO IT. You have to make the emotional connection to move it out of the body because that’s what traps the energy inside.

Once the emotional, breath, sound, motion and emotion connection is made the awakening of the consciousness of the body begins; this is the purpose to awaken the consciousness of the body. If the body is asleep there is no vehicle to receive consciousness. These are the tools of process for taking charge of making the body temple conscious. This is the most important aspect of your expression and experience of being.”


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