Monday, July 22, 2013


Edward Snowden, as most of you know, is the young man who revealed to the world that the U.S. government is secretly listening to the phone calls of its citizens and of many others as well--including numerous officials and leaders of other countries.

Some people call him a hero while the U.S. government and others have condemned him as a traitor.

What do spiritual entities say that we at The Angel News Network (ANN) communicate with? Today I discussed Mr. Snowden with Adama, the high priest of Telos, and Ascendant Master St. Germain who were channeled by Phillip Collins.

"Snowden is one of many who's soul plan is to reveal the truth. We wish to remind you there have been many who have come to you before. There will be more and more whistle blowers and through your own resonance and individual soul plan discernment you will decide what truth to follow.

"Your forefathers who created your United States were divinely lead by realms that created Earth's past golden ages. The United in your country's name is really the "uniting" with the higher realms that will create your freedom. Freedom is composed of equality, harmony and balance. Do they exist in your country and throughout the world today?

"Everything from your past and present is being cleared and cleansed in order for you to attain this new ascension process. It is a divine moment though it contains some challenges, planetary, social and spiritual."

Recently, I asked the Two Marys, the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, for their view of Mr. Snowden. The Marys are channeled by Jessie Keener. They were even more forthright.

"This man is a modern day hero. This is a man who understands that he may die for the simple truth of telling the truth. He did not enter into this lightly. This is a karmic agreement to make a huge, significant contribution to helping people wake up from the illusion. That is his job in this lifetime. He has done a masterful beginning. It is not over. There is more to come, and he will be persecuted. Ultimately, he will be recognized as one of the leading heroes in revealing to the world how corrupt things have become.

"You're going to see many, many other disclosures like this that will be shocking to a lot of people. So it's going to be exciting. There will be many, many legends created out of the times that you are in. He will be a legend, and he is only the first of many to come that say, 'Enough. I will not go down at the end of my life knowing I have fit in. I didn't try to help. I didn't try to make a difference.'

"The waking up that is going on right now is unprecedented and, of course, was predicted. That after 2012 there would be this massive and very quick heightening of people waking up while all the systems that were being exposed were crumbling and decaying much like the fall of Rome. It is important to recognize that when someone does what this young man did, it is one of many, many things happening synchronistically to break through the illusion."

All of these developments are totally consistent with what Gabriel told me back in 2003 when I was writing The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age. Gabriel said then that a new age was unfolding for mankind in which high vibration energies were coming into the Earth plane that would cause all systems--government, financial, social, religious, etc.--that contributed to separation and inequality to implode.

Since then we have seen dictatorships fall, financial titans collapse and the stability of the global economy questioned. In truth, Edward Snowden is not the beginning. I believe he simply has produced  another milestone in the ultimate collapse, as Gabriel said, of "all systems contributing to separation and  inequality in mankind."

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