Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MAN POWER GOD POWER: Divine Discussions #4 Powering Up New Chakras


Phillip Elton Collins, Conscious Channel and Author

Joel Dennis Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author 

Joel D. Anastasi


Divine Discussions is a video program in which conscious channel Phillip Elton Collins and spiritual journalist, Joel Dennis Anastasi connect with various multidimensional realms to delight and enlighten us. The following  are transcripts from some of our shows. 

Powering Up New Chakras 

Keepers of Creation

Greetings, beloved Earthlings. We are the Keepers of Creation.

We come to you at this time as your chakras are growing and expanding from seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve, connecting you more vastly to your solar system, to you galaxy and to your universe. For the time has come for you to know more about your reality, to know more about creation, what creates creation and what your involvement in it is.

What is creation, dear ones? It is cosmic love. It is the consciousness of the creator of your creator through cosmic love. And what is love? Love is a vibration of frequency in combination with light, which creates all matter, seen and unseen. Most of your universe is unseen. But there is much of it that is seen that you are aware of now. So it is a time to connect with the forces of creation, which create creation through something called love, through something called a combination of love and light, which creates density, which creates you and all the life forms, the minerals, the plants, the animals and yourself around you.

It is a time to know the relationship of these vibrations of love, which are experienced through your emotions and your thoughts, which accumulate in the atmosphere of your planet and create your reality. You are each given a reincarnation cyclea portion, if you will, of creation, of love’s lifeand what you do with it through your freedom of choice and freedom of will is your decision, dear ones.

It is your decision to do what you will with this life substance through your thoughts and through your emotions. More and more your reality is learning through teachings from other realms, such as the Archangelic realms of Gabriel and Michael, exactly what is the relationship of your emotions and thoughts to your physical being and the reality that you create through the power of your own creation.

For this cosmic love creation, this consciousness of the creator, if you will, is the building block of all that there is. This consciousness forms the building blocks of the galaxies,  solar systems and individual planets going through their evolutionary ascension processes, which your planet is involved in now. As you raise your consciousness in connection with the consciousness of creation of your creator, more and more of the science of the interconnectivity of creation will come to you, dear ones.

It is a time for you to know what you have not known or chosen not to remember or which has been veiled from you in the past. This is an exciting moment in which you have all chosen to be here and to understand who you are within this process, why you are within it.  For as your higher chakras open upchakras seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelveit will allow your connection to all the forces, the wisdoms, the sciences of creation.

For this thing called love begins with the love of self, which you most recently have been taught through this endeavor called the Angel News Network. It is important to understand the foundation and value of this relationship of love of self and how it mirrors or reflects out to others, reflects out in the love and compassion for your planet and then goes forth out into your solar system and into your galaxy, then beyond your galaxy into the universe at large. Then you really begin to master creation yourselves. For you are creators, dear ones. You do not create the energy that is given to you, but what you create with the energy through your freedom of choice and freedom of will is your choice, isn’t it, dear ones? And there has been a great abuse of this freedom of will and choice in the past.

But now as you are connecting more and more to self and one another and realms beyond self and farther out into your solar system and your galaxy and your universe, you’re beginning to understand what this building block, what this glue, what this force called love really is and how it relates and assimilates into your emotions, the faults that your emotions create and your physical bodies, the symptoms, the illnesses, the ageing and, ultimately, what you call death. All this is opening up in preparation for your immortality to be connected to all there is.

It is a magnificent time, and there are many volumes of wisdom in our crystal libraries throughout the solar system and galaxies of the universe. For there was and is a parallel universe from whence this love force came. Your planet and universal wisdom is called the “loverversity”, dear ones. For the whole purpose of your planet and yourselves living upon and within it is to learn to loveself, others, planet, solar system, galaxy and universe. Once you reach this level of universal wisdom of connection, as you would say, the whole shebang opens up.

So we’d like to open up now to whatever questions may come to you and allow a further integration of the process of these new truths, of these new wisdoms. For your world is also on the brink of something called equality, which is a reflection of cosmic love. The significance and importance of equality is that no life form can see itself as being better than another. Once you go into equality and oneness consciousness you see the interconnectivity of all, you see the oneness of all through love. How may we help you with your questions at this time, dear ones?

Joel: Well, it’s exciting to have you join us.

Keepers of Creation: And we as well. We have not always been able to approach you, and at this time we are.

Joel: That suggests a question to me, but the one I want to start with is, the Keeper of Creation is a new term for me. Could you define what that represents, what that means? 

Keepers of Creation: We are attempting to explain our consciousness, our frequency, in your language, dear ones. So we have chosen the new phrase, Keepers of Creation. We are very close to the creator, creation itself. So we see ourselves as a band of a realm of consciousness closely connected to the creation process through love. We know that  human beings love to personify, give a name and give a label to the different realms, the different higher realms. But soon when you release yourself through telepathic ability, language will not be necessary and you will connect to us through resonance and feelings, dear one. Does that help you?

Joel: Yes. When Archangel Gabriel talked about the various Archangelic realms he referred to them as hierarchies of consciousness. He said that each hierarchy had a mission or role. Do you have a mission or role that is uniquely your own?

Keepers of Creation: As we have done with this opening statement, our mission is to explain creation and your relationship and participation within it as creators of your own lives and how the macro and the micro integrates and interrelates, dear ones. Does that help you? 

Joel: Yes. I believe you said something about your being able to come forward now. Why is that? What is unfolding now that permits that?

Keepers of Creation: It is the dispensation of the ascension process of your planet whose soul plan is in process to return to a being of light; thus, in turn, everything within and upon her body will do the same. As a result of that and the opening of your higher frequencies, you are connecting further and further out beyond your solar system, beyond your galaxy into the vastness of universal wisdom, dear one.

Joel: And what effect is that having?

Keepers of Creation: This explains truly who you are and where you came from. It explains that the adventure and the experiences you’ve had on this planet called Gaia and Mother Earth are an aspect of the whole, not the whole. And once you’ve become amalgamated, if you will, and integrated with the wholeness of universal truth, then the great journey truly begins.

Joel: You referred to love. Most of us humans think of love as being a feeling. Of course, Gabriel and others refer to it as the glue of creation, etc. You used the word glue as well. Love is so fundamental to this whole ascension process as it is unfolding, isn’t it?

Keepers of Creation: Yes, human understanding of love is a very dense shadow, a shadow of what we’re speaking of as cosmic love. It is not necessarily integrated with human feelings or a misinterpretation or even a misuse of what love is. Love has often been confused with control and fear in your frequency, dear one. It is the building block. It is, indeed, creation itself.

Joel: Learning to love is our job here isn’t it? You referred to the fact that we come here in one incarnational cycle after the next and what we do with it is our opportunity, our responsibility to use our freedom of will to learn to love.

Keepers of Creation: You are given a portion, a quantity of this life substance, of this life force, and through the freedom of will and freedom of choice you have on this planet, it is up to you what you do with it, what you are with it, dear one.

Joel: Well, it’s such a huge opportunity, and so many of us have squandered  many of our incarnations. At least I see them as squandered.

Keepers of Creation: Well, that is why you had so many repeated incarnational cycles to attempt to accomplish what you intended to accomplish the last time that you didn’t. But this karmic will is coming to an end. It is time to be connected to the forces from which we come and integrate with you within so that you may break free from the need of repeated earth lives.

Joel: That’s the exciting moment that you referred to earlier in your introductory comments? We’re moving into the opportunity to break away from these incarnational cycles?

Keepers of Creation: It will be an exhilarating moment for we and many of the higher realm forces in combination with your human species to allow you to awaken to the truth of your eternal immortality and for you to begin to express this love. Your Ascended Masters once walked the Earth as humans and through a process of self-empowerment and self-development and persistence have used this life force of love to free themselves from the frequency in which you exist in order to be in service to all that there is. As a result of that they have been given the gift, the power, if you will, of creation through the ability to manipulate atoms and electrons to manifest all in service to all that there is as long as it is constructive and does no harm.

Joel: You defined equality in such an interesting way. I think you referred to it as a reflection of cosmic love. This country, the United States, was founded, in part, to establish the idea of equality among human kind. It has been such a long battle. The expansion of equality has moved from a very small group to an ever-wider percentage of our population. That to me has been one of the great struggles of mankindbetween those who have resisted the expansion of equality to include everyone and those who have tried to include everyone. That has been the whole struggle of America and the world and humanity

Keepers of Creation: We would make the observation that it’s happening faster and faster as equal rights for your races and for sexual preferences come up. You will see it exponentially reaching a quantum shift faster and faster as the consciousness of humanity increases, dear ones. But yes, equality has not taken place in your country, in your world yet, and there can be no advancement into full higher realms without equality for all. For no one nor the laws upon the land supporting inequality can be allowed any further.

The law of the land and the consciousness of humanity must reflect oneness. Of course, the foundation of this oneness is the balance between the masculine and the feminine energy, which throughout millennia on your planet has expressed itself in national differences, religious differences, all sorts of differences, the myriad of ways that you have separated from one another and have often gone into confrontation and war which is futile.

Joel: That balance of the masculine and the feminine seems to be growing as the feminine seems to be gaining greater and greater influence all around the world in all kinds of activities.

Keepers of Creation: It is the foundation of equality, dear one. All prejudices and forms of duality branch off, if you will, from that inequality of those two energies, male and female, masculine and feminine.

Joel: Are you as Keepers of Creation going to be showing up more in terms of your interaction with the human kind all over the world? Are we going to be hearing more from you?

Keepers of Creation: It’s up to you, dear ones. Do you resonate with what we’re saying? Do you resonate with being connected with us? Many of the platforms of the relationship with self through your endeavors of the Angel News Network and schools and teachings throughout the world have laid many, many foundations. Are you ready to open up to the cosmic experience of love, the cosmic experience of self? If this resonates and you ask for it, it will take place, dear ones. We’re merely peeking in the window and saying hello today.

Joel: Well, we’re delighted you’re peeking in our window. The Ascended Masters and the Angelic realms having been showing up for us when we show up. We don’t necessarily ask specifically for them. Are you suggesting that we need to ask for you specifically? Or just have an attitude and consciousness of openness to you?

Keepers of Creations: Both, dear one.

Joel: Well, we certainly hope that we can look forward to your wisdom whenever there is something valuable to say, which I would guess is always.

Keepers of Creation: Remember our dispensation comes from the higher chakras, which reflect the twelve star systems that seeded your planet. Moving from your seventh to your eighth chakra beyond your physical being out into your lunar, out into your solar system, out into your galaxy, which you call the Milky Way, and out into your universe which contains trillions of galaxies. So creation through this love force, through this glue, through this building block, is ever building and growing and expanding in a limitless capacity beyond the comprehension of humanity. So we hold you in love, we hold you in light, the building blocks of your density. We hold you in the love that you are not capable of embracing in yourselves and others until you are fully there yourselves. 

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