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MAN POWER GOD POWER: Divine Discussions #1 Mode of Expression


Manpower Godpower

Phillip Elton Collins, Conscious Channel and Author 

Joel Dennis Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author


Divine Discussions is a video program in which conscious channel Phillip Elton Collins and spiritual journalist, Joel Dennis Anastasi connect with various multidimensional realms to delight and enlighten us. The following  are transcripts from some of our shows. 


Mode of Expansion; Adama, the Council of Twelve, the Archangelic Realm of Uriel

Greetings beloved humanity, this is Adama, the high priest of Lemuria and Telos in combination with the Council of Twelve and the Archangelic realm of Uriel.

We are pleased to come to you at this most auspicious time in your Earth history at this time when your calendar is moving from your winter to spring.

Energetically what exactly does that mean? It means the energy from the core of your Earth is now coming from inside out, through you, through the interior of the planet out into the cosmos. 

During your winter cycle that reverses, as you know, it goes from outside into the core of the Earth. So you are in a mode of expansion, and expansion is exactly what we are going to be talking and teaching about today. For you are expanding, dear ones. You are expanding in a way that you have never done before in your recorded history. Many, many millennia ago you had more chakras than you have now.

You have one through seven in your formatting at this time, which has been shut down by various forces, veiled if you will. And that can be a separate teaching. But now that veiling is being awakened, and the seven chakras that you have are now going to go into completion with the twelve star systems that seeded your planet 

For your planet is an amalgamation of twelve diverse star systems that bring all of their diversity and all of their intentions into one planet which we call, you call, mother Earth. And it has been an arduous, divine evolution where you have gone through six previous golden ages, which have lost themselves due to their disconnection from source, which had maintained and sustained them.

Now, at this time, your final golden age will allow you to be permanently connected to source, the forces that maintain and sustain you, and allow you to go into full service to this source, to God to this all that there is.

So what are the tools? What are the teachings? What are the mechanics, the science that is exactly taking place? Many of you know about the seven chakras that you have, which have to do with survival to your highest self, within your formatting.

Now you are going to be connecting with chakras eight through twelve to complete the twelve star systems that seeded your planet. So we will start with the eighth one just above your crown chakra, the seventh, which goes out in various degrees of what you call distance depending on your individuated soul plan. For some of you it may be a few inches out, a few feet out. For others it will be a longer distance. But that matters not.

Then we go out into the ninth chakra, which goes out towards your satellite known as your moon. Then we go out to your tenth, which incorporates your solar system, from your closest planet to your sun, going all the way out to your farthest planet, realizing additional planets are being discovered. Then we go out farther to the entire galaxy holding your solar system and millions and billions of other solar systems within your galaxy, your galaxy being called the Milky Way.

Then as we go farther out into what is called universe containing again, millions and billions of galaxies, you have this system awakening. You have twelve, eleven, ten, nine, eight chakras coming into your beingness in this process called Ascension, which will fully awaken your beingness and give you the reconnection to source and the tools that you need, if you choose to apply them, to go into your higher frequency existence into a mortal state of light being, which is your destiny, which is your divine right at this time.

Needless to say, the discussion of the star systems and the discussion and the science of each chakra systems are lessons and teachings that can fill volumes. But for the moment what we wish to do, we of the inner earth, in connection with the archangelic realm of Uriel—combining below and above, if you will, as below so above, we’re combining these forces just to begin to give you, for those who are not aware of this—and many of you are—exactly what is taking place and why it is taking place at this particular time. Feeling it strongly now in your mental, emotional and physical body as you move into your spring as the energy from the core of the earth moves out from the interior of your planet to the surface of your planet, through your bodies, for this process largely has to be experienced through your body housing your mental, emotional and etheric bodies out into the cosmos, out into the universe, connecting, if you will, to this twelfth chakra.

Now each of you, depending on your soul plan, your evolutionary path and your incarnational cycle will be at different points in the awakening of different chakras above seven, (eight through twelve). Don’t worry which chakra you are at. It’s not a question of a competition or race. You will all get to the same destination whenever you are supposed to.

But it is your divine right, it is your mission to awaken that which has been dumbed down, which has been veiled and shut down by various forces, which have attempted to control you. You see vestiges of that control in your governments, religions and corporate systems. This is diminishing and being released.

It is the intention of your planet, which is in the process of Ascension, to move into the full body of light that she is to become the star that she is; thus, everything in and upon her body will become a light body as well. So, in effect, you are all aspects of the star systems that seeded this planet, in effect, being star beings. And how does that make your feel, dear ones?

To realize this is the gloriousness of you. This is your divinity. This is your divine right to know this truth and how this will transpire at this time. Many teachings from the interior of the Earth and the expanded realms beyond the interior of the Earth, archangelic, inter-galactic star fields are all combining together in this integration process to allow you to awaken to the truth of what exactly is happening and that is why there are so many of you on the planet at this time. There are billions of you here at this particular moment. Many and most of the souls who have ever incarnated on the planet are here presently in one form or another in order to experience this.

Many are leaving this third dimensional frequency at this time for they are not able or ready or capable to make this transformation, if you will, into this Ascension process. They’re leaving this frequency going into the 4th or 5th dimensions gaining the empowerment they need, making a decision as to whether they want to come back here in a final incarnational cycle to complete their Ascension process. Many of you are making it in your present bodies, in your present formats at this time.

Again, it doesn’t matter which. The destination is the same for all of you. It is a glorious moment. We are combining and getting dispensations for these different frequencies and layers of consciousness to come together at this time like never before. That is why we are able at this time to combine below energies, if you will, and above energies.

So take a moment to ground yourself. Imagine yourself planted on the surface of the planet. Imagine the energy going down into the core of the earth transcending all the way through the Earth out the other side, out into your solar system, out into your galaxy, out into the universe which houses all these galaxies, circling back around collecting chakras 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8 and bringing them down into your crown chakra seven, down into your chakra six, into chakra five, chakra four, chakra three, chakra two, and down into your chakra one. Allow the integration, the amalgamation, the transformation of you to receive these higher chakras. Take a deep breath and know it is time for this process to take place.

Various symptoms, depending on your defenses that you created through your various wounds and your incarnational cycles, you will experience various symptoms mentally, emotionally and physically depending on what your specific defense is.  This is another teaching which will be brought to you soon if you are not already aware of what these defenses are that allow you to maintain and sustain yourself in this specific third dimensional of which you are in the process of moving through, that you are moving beyond that the timeline, the end time for that has come.

So having introduced this new paradigm, having introduced this new format, and again, for many of you, you already know this, for many of you who do not, welcome to the new knowledge. It is time for the full truth of who you are and why you are here as a species and the mission of the planet comes fully forward in your moment of now. For there has not been a lot of truth in your histories and in your current dialogues and through the communication and transportation systems, which are advancing and will continue to advance. More and more truth will come forward, more telepathic ability will come forward which will eliminate deceit and denial of deceit for you will each know what the other is thinking.

So having said this and introduced these wonderful adventures, if you will, in your journey of humanity, we would like to open this process to any questions that you have at this time, dear ones. How may we help you? How may we serve you? How may we clarify?

Joel: Adama we are thrilled that you came through to us. Thank you so much.

Adama: You’re welcome, dear one. We remind you that we’re here also with the archangelic realm of Uriel and the Council of Twelve, dear ones.

Joel: We welcome and thank all of the entities for joining us.

Adama: It is our service to be here.

Joel: For the folks who will be watching this, we are exhausted with duality. We have had it. We have had enough. We are so ready for what you’re saying, for the truth to finally come through. Thank you for being sources of that for us. So that we who are experiencing all of this can feel that there is some purpose to what sometimes seems to be a veil of tears.

Adama: Let us discuss how to handle this fatigue. To handle the fatigue we would suggest you really engender a compassion of self by speaking your truth and your needs and boundaries in every moment of now as a reflection of the loving relationship, which many of you are teaching as, light workers and way showers at this time.  And to rest, and to rest and to rest and allow your bodies, mentally, emotionally and physically, to integrate these new energies so that the fatigue, the exhaustion, as you move from a carbon based reality to a crystalline light-body reality, is assimilated.

So take care of yourselves. Balance your giving and receiving. Balance your feminine and masculine energies, all of the teachings that are coming forward now and apply them and truly be your messages, dear one, and you will find that your exhaustion and your fatigue is transformed into joy, energy and bliss.

Joel: Thank you. I feel exhaustion quite a bit and members of my soul family often report the same thing. So the issue of taking care of ourselves is critical through all of this process.

Adama: Life never before. Many of you have been taught to give and to give and to give, particularly those who have received the mission to be light workers and way showers and healers and teachers. You have not learned fully how to balance the giving and receiving, particularly the receiving as a giver and you have exhausted yourselves near death. It is time now through the loving relationship of self, which has been taught through many venues, through the channel we are coming through, through the divine soul who is asking these questions and many other entities, all this truth is coming forward exactly how to care for yourself during this momentous event.

Joel: Of course it is also so important for us to seek the support of our soul family.

Adama: Absolutely and the support of we, dear one. We remind you that all of the past golden ages demised as a result of their lost connection, that their mental bodies thought they could do it a better way. Remember that all of the energy that maintains and sustains you comes from the frequencies that we reside in and further out into the frequencies of source and all that there is, which we are in service to at this time. And that would be your destiny as well as your ascending from the frequency you are in now.

Joel: You suggested we call on your support and that of the other multi-dimensional realities. What are effective ways of doing that since all of your support is so vital for us?

Adama: By simply asking, dear one, by simply, simply asking.  So many forget to simply pause to take and deep breath and simply ask us to be present and we will be, dear ones. You can command us. You can demand us by simply asking. That is how the ascended masters maintained and sustained their limitless power, if you will. For they have learned how to simply ask and connect the atoms and electrons, the electro-magnetic frequencies of the universe, and manifest anything in service to humanity and source. 

Joel: You made the statement that it is time for the truth to fully come through now. We’re reading many messages from many spiritual sources on the Internet right now, and many of them continue predict that there is going to be some disclosure coming. Some outside dimensions are going to come to the Earth, to our dimension, and bring these truths to us. Is that a reality?

Adama: The process is from the inside out, not outside in. Those who would experience events or phenomena that you are describing will be the result of the preparation that they have achieved within themselves to be able to directly connect with we in these other frequencies. But the state of readiness and commitment and beingness of their message which will allow us to come forth fully.

Joel: So the truth that will be coming through will be through us opening ourselves up. It’s the inner work that makes us receptive, the ability to bring the messages from the multi-dimensional realities into the third dimension. Is that what you’re saying?

Adama: It is a reflection of self is how we would word it, dear one.

Joel: So what can we be doing, it might seem rhetorical, but let me ask you anyway, what can we be doing to encourage the truth coming through to mankind?

Adama: First and foremost to do absolutely nothing. To be in a state of beingness which you know. It’s just not a format of linguistic expression when we say, being versus doing, to allow yourself through the state of beingness to connect to the vibratory frequency of the consciousness, of the wisdom, that will allow you to transcend and transform into a higher format of existence.

So many of your teachers, of your messengers, are not truly being their message in all aspects of their life. They may have a personal persona and a public persona, which may not support one another. It is time through this beingness of message, beingness of teaching—it will be through that resonance that others will come to you. Not necessarily what you are saying through doing but what you are actually energetically being. Does that help you?

Joel: Yes, you alluded to the powerful high vibration energies coming into the Earth plane and I think you mentioned the spring equinox, which is next week. What can you tell us about these energies and the effect they have on mankind?

Adama: It’s cycles, in breath, out breath. That’s how your planet breathes with these different seasonal cycles and different hemispheric locations on your planet and it’s the way your planet breathes. It’s the way she inhales and exhales and expands and contracts, which is the rhythm of creation in the universe, dear one.

Joel: I was reading about the powerful energies coming in next week with the equinox and how these higher vibration energies raise the consciousness of mankind. What would you say about that? Is that correct?

Adama: There are unique opportunities happening now in this portal and this opportunity of what you call ascension, which is not always available. As a result of that there are more empowered forces coming through, but the cycle of the expansion and contraction, in-breath and out-breath, has taken place since the beginning and the creation of your planet. But it is a unique opportunity at this time through the dispensation and the combination of the energies being able to come together. Again, the twelve star systems that seeded the planet, the archangelic realms in service to humanity, the intergalactic federation which is sort of a steward of all of this information and the inner earth civilizations which, in large part, are totally unknown to humanity and how their connection below and above are actually connected and what that cycle represents.

That is the reason we took you through the exercise of connecting going through the planet below, pushing through the planet out into your solar system, out into your galaxy, out into your universe and circling back into you, dear ones.

Joel: You referred to this as a unique opportunity. Beyond the exercise you gave us is their anything else you suggest we do with consciousness to maximize the benefits of these high vibration energies?

Adama: To be the message, to be the teaching, again, at the risk of sounding redundant, be the teachings that are coming in. Each golden age prior to the seventh final golden age for your planet were given these opportunities of ascension as a preamble, as a preparation, for going into their golden age to connect with the higher realms that facilitated and made that golden age possible.

That is what your scientists and your historians are attempting to figure out as they look at these structures, as they look at these temples and pyramids and artifacts.  They cannot figure out how they were created, knowing it is not possible in your realm now. What they’re missing is the connection to the higher realms that made all of that construction and wisdom possible.

Joel: They’re missing it, but they’re totally closed to the possibility of the role that these realms and that the use of energy played in it.

Adama: That will shift and change and is in process now as more and more of these civilizations are really revealed, that they actually existed, that they’re not completely buried in myth or fairy tales or legend. More and more the information and the wisdom and the consciousness from these prior golden ages, which still exist in certain frequencies and bands of consciousness, will come forward.

Joel: You referred to the remnants of control that still exist in government and religions and so on. The Catholic Church has just elected a new pope. That church has been a huge instrument of control over the ages. I was gratified to see that the pope was from Latin America and in many ways he seems to represent new, more open thinking. Then I heard his very condemning statements about homosexuality, which represent the same old narrowness, persecution and intolerance of the traditional church. What might you say about these developments in the church and whether it will lead to a wider embracing of all expressions of spirit?

Adama: Your organized religions on your planet all share the same lack of truth: That you are God experiencing itself. In their attempt to control you and to manipulate you and to control humanity and, in effect, to control God, they say and teach otherwise.

Until a religion is completely inclusive to all aspects of the diversity of humanity on this planet, they are not representing source. They are not representing all that there is. They are representing hypocrisy, deceit, lies and nothing that has to do with God, dear ones.

We do not wish to offend anyone following certain organized religions.  For there are many good deeds being done through these religions. We are talking about the elite at the top that controls these religions. Until there is an equality of the masculine and the feminine energy in all religions they cannot represent the intentions of source, of equality, harmony and balance and love for all, dear ones.

It is, at best, a distortion that began with a spiritual truth and foundation to love one another, which your Christ Consciousness brought into your realm, 2000 years ago and many times before that. That was not the first and only expression of the Christ Consciousness. It expressed itself in every golden age prior this one we’re going into.

So it is a control mechanism. Religions are a form of government and they reflect the people they govern. So if the people wish to make a change and accept the Godliness in themselves, their divinity within themselves, their holiness within themselves, they will find that they can transform the existing religions on this planet or simply not need them any further.

Joel: So if we want to make an evaluation of any of these organizations we simply need to discern whether they are creating community, harmony, balance and love.

Adama: And follow your resonance, your internal gyro system within you, which is your connection to source. Check in with your solar plexus. Check in with your heart. And ask her, if this is true, does this resonate or should I make another choice, set a new boundary, create another path.

Joel: So it always comes back to us, does it not?

Adama: Indeed, as soon as humanity awakens to this truth that the only relationship you are having is the one with self, there will be great, great revelations, dear one.

Joel: Thank you so much. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Adama: What a remarkable time you have all chosen to be here. Stay open, dear ones. Allow your resonance to decide your path and what you assimilate and absorb within yourselves, not what’s been said here. If it resonates apply it. If it doesn’t, do not. For you each have your own divine path and your destination is service to source. And it is all the same.

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