Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Teachings of Michael: The Power of Silence

Teachings of Archangel Michael

Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

In his outlook for 2013 Archangel Michael told us that the first four months of this year would be "weeding out" process, a continued breakdown of the old. Many are moving through this with great personal introspection and moving deeper within like never before. For many the shadow self  is surfacing as well as old memories, trauma and deep rooted feelings, We are continuing to release the old and when doing this also releasing our attachments outside of us. Many are realizing that what used to stimulate them from outside no longer does and the effect of this is uncertainty, unknowingness, emptiness, quiet and silence. The old ego-self is battling to keep us looking "out there" for our validation and gratification or just to get that hit one more time so we can feel alive. Many are feeling a sense of "nothing-ness" as the old is released and a void is created. Nothing may seem familiar to you and you may be searching for it outside of you and feelings of futility and frustration arise because the old behaviors no longer work.  The new has not been developed yet and our soul is asking us to move within and into neutrality. To do this it is important to learn to feel more comfortable in the quiet, the silence within, to allow our intuition and greater depths of self to emerge. This may be very challenging, so we would like to share this message from Archangel Michael entitled The Power of Silence.  


From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart.

We come to speak about the power of silence. The power of moving into the depth and breadth of the soul space, the place where what you are looking to create in your life is "brewed". It is a place within the giant melting pot known as you. In this place of silence, you must stand in the darkness, the void and know that you exist.

We ask you to look at yourself and in the silence, honor and value your time with you, and reflect upon all the aspects of you that are powerful, important, and have meaning, value and purpose.

Open up the gates of your heart space, move beyond them into the darkness and on through, then into the light, the light of you. As you move deeper within you connect to the radiatory force of you, and now can move through the shadow and the darkness, toward your light, the white light that shines in the depth of your heart space and beneath. In this light know that your power is located here and is the source from where you shine your power out onto the world. This light cascades out in all directions and encompasses everything to manifest your intentions and what you need. It encompasses what is present and what is coming for you to receive as well.

As you move out on the pathway of the world to give your talents and gifts that are based in source, the radiatory white light allows you to shine this out into the world as well. It is important to move into the silence in order to allow yourself to move to the depth of this and be present with yourself.

Many of you fear this.

Many of you fear the depth of connection to the self.  

As you leave the outer world of form behind you are looking for someplace to go and still look "out there" for it.  As you release your attachments to the world of form outside of you and choose to move into the void of creation you move through the darkness of the void. Alllow yourself to be present here because this is where fear could surface.

Fully immerse yourself within yourself to be alone and discover the power of you.

For many, the challenge is to just be alone, to be quiet and silent in the stillness in order discover a greater depth of your power and the radiatory force within.

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