Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WE CONSCIOUSNESS: Embody You and Your Greatness Channeled/Scribed by Jeff Fasano

Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

We Consciousness
Embodying You and Your Greatness

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you at this time as you move deeper into your heart to open to the greatness of you so you can reveal that greatness to the world. Do you know your greatness within you? Do you know what you are giving to the world? Do you honor and value what you are giving to the world? Are you opening up to the greatness within you to embody it and the greatness of your endeavors?

We come to you at this time to speak with you about We Consciousness. The only way you can know what you are giving in we consciousness is if you are fully embodying you, your greatness, your talents and gifts and the content of what you are giving to the world.  The only way you can give with integrity and impeccability is to be who you are. Being-ness is the embodiment of oneself. You can only be who you are when you embody who you are.  Are you embodying you? Do you embody the greatness of you? Do you give yourself what you need? Do you honor and value yourself? 

Look now at shame and judgment for it is now the formative aspect. When you fully embody you, love, honor and value you there is no shame and judgment. Shame and judgment is a learned reaction to that which has not been accepted by you. It is about the full acceptance of self, the embodiment of self and love of self.  So are you embodying who you are? Are you embodying your greatness? 

Embodying you is a step by step process. First you move within to your heart. You then move through teachings, lessons and exercises that will help you reveal what needs to be healed. You then see your wounding, become conscious of it along with your old habits, patterns and rituals with acceptance and compassion and love of self.  Then release it. You are not fixing or getting rid of anything. You are embodying the full consciousness of self. 

An example of this is when you repeat an old pattern and you realize it. You have now become conscious of this. Can you accept with compassion that you are repeating the old pattern and see this with love of self? You now can choose to accept it then shift it. The reason why you move through the processes is because of the love of self. How much do you love you so you can begin to embody all that you are, the I am, the Christ Consciousness? This is from where you emanate, the Christ Consciousness of self. Not through the conditioning in your mental body and what you have learned through mom and dad. This is third dimensional inertia. You are humans experiencing the human condition but you are spiritual beings. These teachings emanate through the Christ Consciousness. You are now opening up to the depth and breadth of your heart to become conscious of the conditioning. As you open up to the consciousness of this you can be in the consciousness of your conditioning, these are your wounds. Through acceptance and compassion you will be able to transcend this into the full being-ness of the Christ Consciousness. When you begin to embody the Christ Consciousness within you, the spiritual being-ness of you, you will then be able to see and observe the conditioning, the human-ness of it.  When you know that you are a direct descendant of Christ Consciousness, you are that you are, the I Am consciousness, the God force, the God consciousness, you will then be able to observe your human-ness. And do this through acceptance and compassion.  Through this you can see your human-ness and be with the feelings that arise within this.    

Embodiment of self and the embodiment of the content of your endeavors is most important. The only way you can move out into the world and fully give with the integrity and the impeccability of the word is when you embody your content, your teachings, your modalities. It is not about perfecting it, it is about embodying it.  "I am now choosing to share this because it has affected me." 

We now engage with you with this message and it is about embodiment of you and the being-ness of you. Not the doing-ness or the conditioning or what you have learned about you, it is the embodiment of the being-ness of you and full acceptance and compassion of you. The outpouring of this is judgment and shame. So, on your pathway through life We ask you to remain conscious of judgment and shame.  " I am judging that I am repeating an old pattern and shaming myself that I am". 

Now through love of self, the spirituality of self and the being-ness of self can you observe this? And through knowing that you are an extension of the God force, the God being-ness of Christ Consciousness you have come into this lifetime to continue the healing process of your soul fragment's divine plan.  When you understand this you will then love, honor and value you and accept with compassion your pathway in life. You can then raise your resonance and vibration to say this, "If I am experiencing this and garnering gifts and lessons from my experience and since I am a proxy for those who resonate and vibrate at a similar level as me, can I choose to take those gifts and lessons and share them with the world?" 

Various teachings, lessons, methods and information have affected you. They have guided and supported you and you now can choose, based upon how they have affected you, to share this with the world.  This is we consciousness. You are making available to others your energy and the energetic downloads that have affected you. You do this based upon your level of resonance and vibration along with the resonance and vibration of the content. The content resonates and vibrates at a certain level, it has a frequency. When the teachings, lessons and exercises, the content, moves  from this specific frequency from the Archangelic Realm of Michael it does so at a specific frequency.  

You can then choose to take these lessons, methods and exercises and use them to shift, change and transform anything that is transpiring in your life so you can grow. When doing this you shift and change the resonance and vibration of you. What you are then doing is entraining yourself to the resonance and vibration of the teachings and it's content.  You then take the content, mold it anyway you choose based upon your soul's divine plan, mission and purpose and intention then give it to others in we consciousness. They then can entrain their energy to the content. When you do this in we consciousness it will raise the frequency, resonance and vibration of the masses. The intention of this is to shift and change the resonance and vibration of lower dense energy to a higher frequency so you can shift the resonance and vibration of the world en masse. Thus World Service.

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