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TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: Acceptance and Compassion Channeled/Scribed by Jeff Fasano


In 2006 Michael came to us with a series of teachings he called The 120 Day Teachings. This was the very first body of teachings he gave us. Subsequently he gave us many more including those in my book. His very first message was about Acceptance and Compassion and I begin with that message here.   

The Teachings of Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

Acceptance and Compassion

We come to you now to introduce you to Compassion, compassion for yourself and your fellow man.

Compassion is where you begin to relate to the depth and breadth of your sense of self, and utilize the foundation you have built to begin to  move into silence within. 

Relegate a specific time period each day to move within in silence  so you can move to a higher frequency within you.

Memories and situations of your past are un-locking now and you are beginning to experience them. They are directly related to the future and you can see what you are supposed to be doing in the future through these memories and situations. And it is now time to let go of the drama and the glamour the Ego creates and pay attention to the inner self.  

It is time to move within and pay attention to where you will be guided because what you will receive will be encoded into your heart. You will be guided to specific places, relationships, souls,  soul groups or situations and this will be part of the revelation of your purpose.

Now it is time to look at Acceptance and Compassion.

Through acceptance you will have compassion for yourself, where you are in your life and who you are in each and every moment. As you begin to practice acceptance we will begin to teach the importance to integrate compassion with it. Full acceptance however, is the first and vital step in our teachings. There is no time period where you are expected to shift from acceptance to movement. This will be up to you as an individual soul who accepts this as their practice.

It is now time for full acceptance of self and full acceptance of "what is" and time to fully commit to the practice of this in order to transition into higher levels of consciousness.

Step one is full acceptance, so ask now this question:

Where are my commitments?

Move within and look at where your commitments are then ask, what am I committed to?

This will begin to teach you to simplify your life and shed the extraneous drama and glamour, energies and activities that overburden you. It is time to conserve energy and learn the practice of energy conservation.

Where is energy being wasted on things that have no relevance to the importance of your commitments? If I am committed to something that does not support my highest good, am I wasting or not conserving this energy? Where am I doing this? 

This will reveal the importance of simplifying your life and the importance of energy conservation. You now can find where your energy must be allocated in order to begin the process of World Service. It is time for a full commitment in practice in order for you to move into the depth and breadth of the soul so you can view the world in a different way.
Three main aspects of our teachings are acceptance, compassion and commitment.

Find where you are in full acceptance and where you are not and identify where you are in your life. 


What am I judging and shaming?

As you identify where you are in acceptance and where you are not, you will realize that full self-acceptance is the first step.


How can I now move into compassion for me when I judge and shame myself?

How and why am I accepting and not accepting these aspects of myself?

Find out where your commitment is.


What am I committed to as l look at what I do not accept?

Am I committed to resisting feelings?

Am I committed to avoiding situations, avoiding responsibilities, avoiding commitments?

This will allow you to:

Be in a place of full self-acceptance, and a place where compassion present.

See what and where your commitments are.

Move into a place of silence, of serenity in meditation where you can identify all of this.

Commit to the silence each and every day, for a specific segment of time each day.

Be fully aware of your reactions to the world outside of yourself

Begin to trust.

Discern now where you are in full acceptance and where you are not. Have compassion for this.

Ask yourself:

What am I committed to?

What am I fully committed to where moving into the depth and breadth of me is concerned?

Am I still committed to drama and glamorization?

If so, where am I committed to it in my life?

Am I committed to wasting energy where drama and glamorization is concerned?

We are moving you towards a place of neutrality within yourself through acceptance and compassion. Moving you to release the highs and lows, the indulgence, and the immersion into your feelings. 

It is now up to you to move to a depth and breadth within your heart. 

Review your intentions and commitments.

Review where you are in acceptance and where you are not.

Allow yourself full compassion for you.

Move into the depth and breadth of your heart and ask yourself the question:

Am I ready?

The Purpose of Archangel Michael's Teachings 

The bodies of teachings and the messages, lessons and exercises that Michael brings us largely pertain to the personal process.  It is a transformational process that moves us from the conceptual mind into our heart. We move within then ascend within as we raise our level of resonance and vibration.  The process allows us to individually define our mission and purpose. And once we do this we can take from the teachings whatever we need, to bring ourselves and our endeavors to the world. These teachings prepares us for We Consciousness. They prepare us to open our heart to move out into the world in our powerfulness and greatness by loving, honoring and valuing who we are. It is a preparatory process and gives us tools to use so we can choose We Consciousness.  It is up us in the process, to move within and find our passion, purpose and mission. Then take that out into the world.  

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