Tuesday, September 17, 2013

THE SHIFT FROM THE OUTER TO THE INNER: Channeled/Scribed by Jeff Fasano

Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

 The Shift from the Outer to the Inner

At this time many of you are moving deeper within and beginning a full shift from the outer to the inner. In doing so you move to a place of neutrality that may seem like emptiness. This may seem frightening for it is quiet and silent. The nervous system is used to being titillated from outside of you to make you feel alive. To some if may feel as if you don't exist. You are emerging from the old you to a new you and in transition as if in limbo or in nothingness. You may seek to utilize your old habits patterns and rituals that bring you to your old attachments outside of you. You may be experiencing your shadow coming to the surface. So We ask you to be gentle with yourself and honor and value you where you are with acceptance and compassion for you.  You may be trying to figure everything out because the meaning, value and purpose of your life has shifted. You may be feeling as if you are floating along in life aimlessly, so it is time now to move into quietness and reflect upon what has transpired for you up to now in your process. 

You are now at a place of gentleness, feel the power of the gentleness, aloneness and accept with compassion where you are.

Comfort and nurture yourself with compassion and acceptance.

A cleansing period is ending and you might be feeling this physically, some have felt extremely fatigued where you have over extended yourself and expended an inordinate amount of energy, some experienced dis-ease and feel that it is time to be gentle with yourself.  Give yourself time to regenerate because you are moving to a place of neutrality. You are not quite sure however if you exist in neutrality because up to now you have been using your assertive energy in releasing the old and in doing so felt stimulated thus a great sense of self.

You're a now coming to a place of quietness, aloneness and gentleness and may be looking for your sense of self here and perhaps asking:

Do I exist in the quiet?

Do I exist and am I powerful in the aloneness?

Do I exist and am I powerful when I am not asserting myself and boldly moving towards? 

Know that you do exist in the quiet, in the depth of the aloneness.


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