Monday, May 19, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: The Photon Belt

Gabriel has explained we are being helped on our journey of soul evolution by the ascendant mastery and other divine influences that are bringing in high frequency energies to the earth plane to help raise our consciousness. I asked Gabriel what effect these energies were having on mankind since out last discussion:

Gabriel: The planet is in the greatest crisis it has ever been. With the photon belt moving through the solar system, it makes it a thousand times what might have been because everything is accelerated by its high vibration and it brings everything of a low vibration into like vibration and into awareness. With all the energetic shifts and all of the preparation that has taken place where the ascended mastery and the planetary hierarchy who work with the consciousness of souls behind the scenes are concerned, it is surprising how mankind still clings to the last possible breath of his old reality with every bit of struggle he can muster. It is unfortunate because it makes the transition so much more difficult for the masses who are unaware, first, that change is taking place on an unprecedented evolutionary level; second, that the photonic light is influencing that change; and, third, that they have any say in it.

If they were aware and were to consciously work with their own energy bodies and their own physical energy fields, they could lend so much amazing and joyous experience to this transition of evolution. But man as always goes kicking and screaming as grace is not his middle name—resistance is, and drama. This is the preparation period for when the soul energy force will begin to awaken beginning around the year 2012. This is the time of all the behind-the-scenes work—the photonic light, the ascended masters, and the planetary hierarchy—to establish these energies in a way that they could be taken full advantage of if at all possible.

If they (the ascendant masters) were the ilk of the frustrated, they would be frustrated. But it’s like water rolling off the back of a duck. They’re not concerned with man making the “right” choices. They’re concerned with evolution and all that’s affected by it, what those effects are, and how that initiates and fulfills this most important portion of the divine plan in that evolutionary process.

Joel: I’m disappointed because I expected the energies coming into the earth plane would be raising our vibrations and our consciousness so that we would begin to be more enlightened about the choices we make.

Gabriel: Well, it will eventually as the entrainment process takes place. But in the beginning the entrainment process creates chaos. Eventually, it will create balance and well being and a conscious connection to your spiritual being. When the entrainment starts to happen, it brings about chaos because all the old forms and everything of a lower form comes into awareness and comes crashing down around you. So it becomes transmuted and transformed to a new form. As everything comes into awareness, the old starts to lose its charm. This will, for example, bring about the extreme downsizing of religions where their influence is concerned, their pastors, that sort of thing.

This is the time when you really begin to see the acceleration of that process we speak of when we say your planet is dividing into three groups. One third will leave the planet. One third will carry on as they were before, struggling and resisting and fighting, because they love war so much and they basically have little wisdom. But they have the capacity to make world-changing decisions and the capacity to fight. Then the third group are those who are bringing about that golden light of the soul.

Gabriel and I discussed climatic and other changes occurring on earth, including reports that approximately one third of the world’s bees had vanished, raising questions about the pollination of fruits and vegetables.

Gabriel: It’s a reaction to the imbalance in the ecosystem that was bound to happen. Not only the bees but approximately fifty thousand animal and plant species are becoming extinct every year because they can’t adjust to the damage that has been done to the ecosystem. That will only increase as it moves into quantum time as the acceleration of the planet takes place with the photonic light and the consciousness of humanity. You can slow that process down, but it can’t be reversed because it is too close to critical mass.

Joel: How could we slow it down?

Gabriel: Act consciously in every way where your ecosystem is concerned. Be careful with the uses of energy and pollution. Organize groups to get on the backs of corporate czars who are doing more than anyone else to destroy the ecosystem. They poison the oceans and waterways by dumping more toxic waste than any other beings and then have the audacity to buy up the water rights of the remaining reserves of water that have not been polluted so they can then sell it back to the people. Now that is arrogance.

Joel: We’re dumping so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is contributing to global warming. We’re hearing alarming reports that Arctic ice and glaciers are melting at much faster rates than predicted. With the rapid economic growth of China and India and other emerging economies adding to this problem, I can’t see how this can be slowed, let alone reversed.

Gabriel: Why do you think the United States is declaring wars to control the remaining oil reserves? Because of rapidly changing climates and the reduction in the availability of the hydrocarbons necessary for the production of fertilizers and insecticides, if things accelerate along the same lines the ability to grow food will diminish by 50 percent within the next twenty-five to thirty-five years because the changes are creating droughts in some areas, freezing temperatures in others. So it is going to take some massive rethinking and new actions and structures.

This is the time when all of the old forms that are in duality fall apart and/or are exposed for what they are doing that disturbs the life cycles. On top of that, they (scientists) are splicing the genetic structures of the three kingdoms of nature, particularly the animal and plant kingdoms. One example is using fish genes from fish skin to make tomato skin more resilient. When you mix different kingdoms of nature and their genetic structures, you are doing what the Atlanteans did in their experiments, their scientific alterations that produced terrible mutations. You’re creating a situation that can’t be reversed by mixing gene pools. Man knows so little about the ripple effects he is creating.

Joel: You have referred to the photonic belt a few times in this discussion. What is the photonic belt, and what is its influence on the solar system and the earth?

Gabriel: Photonic particles are the highest dimension of light particles that move beyond the speed of light. They are penetrating the entire solar system. The outer planets have been penetrated by the photonic light, producing an entrainment, which is beginning to raise the vibration of all matter. As the photon belt penetrates the outer planets of the solar system, it begins to radiate to the earth and raise earth’s vibrations. As the photon belt moves further into the solar system and eventually penetrates the whole solar system, there will be a complete shift in consciousness, an instantaneous shift in reality.

We have been working with humanity to try to allow humanity to experience this shift without leaving the density of form [our bodies] so that it can be experienced. In previous shifts when a planet moves into its ascension process, it moves into etheric reality and out of physical form or density. So by attempting to raise the vibration of the body, you are raising that vibration so that it is possible to experience this ascension and this amazing movement into multidimensional reality with the full presence, awareness, consciousness, and direction of the soul in physical form—as in the example of the one, the master Christ, who embodied the physical body of the one, Jesus.

Joel: Is that why you are predicting that one third of the population of earth will be leaving the planet—because their bodies will not be able to deal with the photonic energies raising their vibrations?

Gabriel: Yes, because they are not able to raise their density. But they will operate in the etheric form.

Joel: Will the photonic energy arrive in full force around 2012 to 2020?

Gabriel: No, it will not have penetrated the entire solar system by then, but it will be close. And the influences will be such that it will create a mass shift in consciousness.

Joel: What will be some of the symptoms of that shift?

Gabriel: The breakdown of the old, which is already happening as we have discussed.


  1. I heard back in 1992 about the Photon Belt and we were entering that belt between 1992 and completing the entry at 2012.....a 20 year period. Why has this now changed? This doesn't seem to make any sense!

    1. Dear Chris:
      Thanks for your comment about the Photon Belt.
      Time lines can be confusing for us in the third dimension because spirit exists in dimensions of "no time." So we need to be careful when we hear predictions cast in Earth time.
      Gabriel told me back in 2008 that the full force of photonic energy will not affect Earth until after 2020. He said it would create a "mass shift in consciousness" which will involve an acceleration of the breakdown of the old which, as we can observe, has been in progress for some time.
      I would suggest that nothing has changed. Perhaps the prophecy you heard was not correct.
      Regards, Joel Anastasi