Sunday, May 25, 2014


Mother Earth, Received by Phillip Elton Collins,  The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Children,

You who live upon my body in the third dimensional frequency, and those in fifth dimensional reality within and above my body, your  Earth Mother Gaia comes to you this time of remembrance to ask for gratitude and to remind you:

Duality, separation and confrontation amongst yourself and others, and the continued abuse of my body is no longer acceptable if you desire to transcend to a higher state of reality.

The healing of yourself and my body is upon you through a destiny called Ascension. Dear Children we are all intended to evolve back into the Light from whence we came. Thus, all living in concert with my body, your home shall be and do the same; return to light.

There are many teachings and tools from higher realms to facilitate your personal and planetary process, if you so choose to apply them. These will create gratitude for what is.

War and the continued abuse of my body will come with a karmic consequence not to your liking. Your negative emotions and thoughts are creating your weather patterns and the cleansing of my body.

Those who chose to learn through physical death and war call out to you now that war does not work; the killing of your divine selves and the abuse of my body is not the solution, and a reflection of your wounded relationship with self. These souls and your Mother call out to you now from my embrace and ask that you make another choice.

Wake up this time of remembrance and know you are divine beings having a human experience, and the way you have chosen to learn in the past and present must and will come to an end now.

Let us join in a Motherly embrace as you embody your divinity and destiny through our reunion to create a new you and world. Take a deep breath and connect with my Inner Earth heart, a frequency that maintains and sustains you, my dear children. Together this Earth core energy and yourself love will empower us forward to our new world of love and light.

Your Mother Earth Gaia, in glorious love.

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