Thursday, May 29, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Archangelic Realms

With Channel Robert Baker (1948-2013)

Joel: Talking with you is so fulfilling. What might you suggest that any one of us do to be in touch with the angelic realm in our day-to-day living?

Archangel Gabriel: Well it would make things a lot easier for you because human beings operate in the illusion of separation. So they go about their lives as if they were separate, as if they were isolated, as if they had no support. So they seek support from one another like children in the wilderness. Being aware of our presence and the presence of others of the angelic and divine realms is to know that the entire universe is in support of your process, is in support of the evolution of you as a soul. So that in itself, keeping that in mind and keeping that in your heart, can allow you to trust the process of living and be available to more livingness.

When you are living in an experience of isolation, believing that you are it, then to some degree depending upon your level of development and your level of consciousness, you are always in a state of surviving life, so to speak, rather than living it. And living it is what it’s all about. Surviving it means you are living in a perspective of limitation, in a small box, if you will, trying to fit everything into that box of consciousness, that box of perception that keeps you isolated, keeps you separate. And this is the great conundrum of humanity, their seeking of spirituality, their seeking of God, because they believe that God is something that is outside of themselves.

For the most part, they believe they are separate from that force, less than that force, and therefore, they must somehow earn the right. There is no right to be earned. It is your divine right because you are divine, because you are the expression and experience of all that is. You are the expression of love. You are the expression of God. Therefore, God is within you at all times. But when you are in that state of isolation, the illusion of separation, you have a difficult time realizing or trusting or acknowledging that connection. It makes things so much easier to flow with the universal force of life when you allow yourself to just entertain the idea of that presence always available to you.

Joel: So we should hold you in our consciousness.

Archangel Gabriel: Yes. And not just us, your divinity as a whole, because you see, we are a part of you as you are a part of us because everything is a part of everything else. Nothing is separate. It just has to do with different degrees and levels of awareness. You see, it’s not that humanity is evolving—it’s that you are remembering. Evolution is simply remembering more of what you are. So it is awakening your awareness of what you already are. So affirm it each day. Begin your day with prayer and meditation to just center yourself in that. Otherwise, you get so caught up in daily life, the exterior world, that you get distracted within your isolation, within that exterior world. You then get caught up in the perception that reality exists in the physical world rather than realizing the physical world is simply a reflection of reality.

Joel: After my coffee, I hit the ground running and, like many people, I know it is healthy to meditate, to take some quiet time, but I rarely do. What is an effective way of meditating without spending thirty-five or forty minutes? Perhaps holding my divine connection in consciousness and affirming it all day long would be one way.

Archangel Gabriel: Yes. Make it a walking meditation. Make every moment of your life a moment of awareness of your connection to whatever it is to which you are responding. Begin to see that everything around you is a mirror of the divine, that God exists everywhere, that God is ever present. And it is ever present in every face you meet, in every blade of grass, in the sun and the clouds in the sky, in the trees. You see, that consciousness is ever present everywhere. But what tends to happen with human beings is they tend to take everything for granted so there is little sacredness of what is. So they go on a spiritual search to find God. If they would just relax and realize that God is ever present in everything they see and everything they perceive, then they would be in the presence of God at all times.

The physical world is simply a manifestation of an aspect of the expression of God. And, of course, that is the aspect of expression you are in at the moment because you are incarnate. So enjoy it. Take advantage of it. Let it in. Allow it to affect you. Allow it to penetrate your consciousness, your feelings, your energy, your sense of being. Allow yourself to experience the connection to all that is because it’s all there. Every aspect of God has a reflection somewhere. Every aspect of God has a reflection in the physical in the nature of things. The order of the universe is exemplified in the order of nature, in the balance of all things in interrelationship with everything else, in the individual expression of everything in interrelationship with everything else, and in the equality of that expression as everything honors everything else and holds it sacred.

The only beings on the earth that do not do that are mankind. And that is because mankind has advanced to a point where he has something that other forms of nature haven’t developed, and that is freedom of will, freedom of choice. That freedom of choice is there for him to learn about the experience of himself as a God force and to learn through freedom of choice how to take responsibility for that internal God force and direct it consciously. And to learn how to do that through freedom of choice, through trial and error, through something called growth, through something called development, through lessons or challenges. In embracing all of that, you learn through experience the God within you. 

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