Tuesday, May 27, 2014



By Phillip Elton Collins 
The Angel News Network

From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian

Dear Humans housed in a physical body,

There is an eternal cosmic relationship between your physical body, your planet and the cosmos. All are made of the same elements and are dependent upon one another. What affects one, affects all.

At present there are certain cultural factors within some of your behavior in relationship with your bodies that reflect an acute imbalanced relationship with self, others, the planet and cosmos.

Dear ones, your bodies are not billboards to be written upon, pierced, branded or distorted in any way. This current behavior reflects an imbalanced relationship with self—a mirroring out that has reached critical mass. Through your freedom of choice and will, we ask, “Would you like to become conscious of your behavior and begin to make another choice or learn what you need to learn by continuing your behavior and its consequences?”

The procedures, inks and toxins that you are introducing into your physical bodies can create consequences you call disease and distortion. The need to treat your body this way is a reflection of your wounds, lack of nurturing by self and others. By adding extra elements to an already perfect form you are saying, “Can you love and accept me now? I am not ‘good enough’ the way I originated.”

Dear ones, what within you can you not accept that the forces that created you already knew to make a perfect reflection of themselves? Perhaps it is time to reconnect with those forces. You are perfect just the way your body was born; do you need to permanently adorn?

If you so choose, place live, organic foods and pure water within your body proper that houses your eternal being. Honor your body in all ways. You need not alter it in any way. YOU ARE THE SACRED STEWARDS OF PERFECT CREATION.

The electronics that higher realms have gifted to humanity are meant to free you from 3D controls. They are not meant to become addictions or to create further separation. Your bodies are not designed to have a constant vibration and frequency of these electronics. Constantly assaulting your senses/nervous system will create imbalances within your body. If you so choose, use your discernment as to how these gifts are used. If you so choose, become aware of the ironic separation that is being created by these gifts that are meant to free you.

Dear ones, what is it within relationship with self that prevents you from being silent and quiet, connecting with your higher self?  This direct connection will reveal your soul plan and your purpose in being here. Your nervous system does not need to be constantly stimulated to know you are alive or good enough to be alive.

Beloved humans, you are perfect just the way you are. Pause a moment before you feel a need to alter your physical body or misuse use it in any way. Connect with your heart and ask, “What portion of me needs healing to accept me with compassion me just way I am?” You might just be surprised and delighted with the answers that come.

Dear ones, no tattoo, piercing, branding or electronic adornment will make you any more acceptable and perfect than you already are!  What do you choose? It will forever be your choice… When you choose the choices that serve your highest good, those choices serves your   planet and cosmos equally.

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