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Journey of the Awakened Heart
  The Teachings of Archangel Michael

Greetings From Southern California

 Welcome to Journey of the Awakened Heart.  
As we continue to move deeper within doing our inner work we uncover and reveal so much. May you be asking , "I am doing what I love and enjoy doing it, yet I know there is more. I know there is much more than what I am doing now." 
I have been feeling this lately. I've been moving through peaks and valleys, shadow and light these past few weeks and accessing where I am and what the meaning, value and purpose is as to what I am doing. I know I've moved to another precipice, a jumping off point to take another leap in my life. I have taken many, quitting my job at 40 to make a life as a photographer and then 3 years ago leaving New York City for Southern California, yet I've come to another. I've walked through many new doorways on this path into the unknown these last three years in California and feel it is time to walk through another. As I asked for guidance and support I came across a message from Michael where he speaks to us about "Testing Ourselves" through trusting us. It has helped me and I thought I'd share it with you here.     

Peace and Blessing  

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This is a sacred gathering bringing together like-minded and spirited individuals, to experience the energy of Archangel Michael channeled by Jeff. Michael's teachings deal directly with Self-Empowerment. This is an interactive gathering where Michael connects to us with a group message then individually you can speak with him and receive a personal message. An evening with Michael is always transformational and filled with "ah-ha" moments and "breakthroughs".  He reveals what may be holding you back in experiencing the "TRUE FULLNESS OF YOU"!



In conjunction with the Angel News Network and the Divine Discussions Series, I invite you to a new GATHERING WITH ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
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 You can join this gathering via teleconference and in the classroom in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

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 Redondo Beach California

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I am a trance channel, and have been a messenger for Archangel Michael's teachings since 2002. Michael's teachings are transformational and largely pertain to the personal process. They have transformed my life and affected me deeply, and it is because of this that I truly feel it is time for the world to know them and feel them so they can transform your life. That is why I feel it is now so important to share them with you and the world by connecting every week so you can experience the wisdom of Michael on a regular basis.
The Purpose of Archangel Michael's Teachings

The bodies of teachings and the messages, lessons and exercises that Michael brings us largely pertain to the personal process.  It is a transformational process that moves us from the conceptual mind into our heart. We move within then ascend within as we raise our level of resonance and vibration.  The process allows us to individually define our mission and purpose. And once we do this we can take from the teachings whatever we need, to bring ourselves and our endeavor's to the world. These teachings prepares us for We Consciousness. They prepare us to open our heart to move out into the world in our powerfulness and greatness by loving, honoring and valuing who we are. It is a preparatory process and gives us tools to use so we can choose We Consciousness.  It is up us in the process, to move within and find our passion, purpose and mission. Then take that out into the world.  
If you haven't read or listened to it already, I invite you read and listen to Michael's entire 2014 Outlook. It is insightful and a wonderful guide on our pathway through the new year. I have posted them both on my site Journey of the Awakened Heart

 Click right here to read it
To Listen click here

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this with you......Peace Jeff




I have created a site entitled Journey of the Awakened Heart dedicated to my book and the teachings of Archangel Michael. I would love for you to take a look and peruse through it to see all that is there for you.



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Since I have been here in southern California many have hosted a Gathering with Archangel Michael. If you would like to host one please feel free to connect with me at  jeff@theangelnewsnetwork.com 


Many of us now are in need of individual communication and healing concerning the shifts taking place in our world and within us as well. I am offering one on one sessions with Archangel Michael for those seeking in depth guidance and support for their personal growth. These sessions give you tools to release old habits and patterns to live a self-empowered life at a higher level of consciousness. They help you remember who you are, your innate gifts and realize your purpose in this lifetime to live your soul's divine plan. You can then move forward in your life with greater clarity, purpose, ease and joy.  

              THE SESSIONS               

These sessions can be done in person and by phone as well. It is personal and private and one hour in length. You will receive an audio recording of each session. 
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My Book

Everyone has an important life purpose, a reason for being. My book contains the teachings of Archangel Michael to guide and support you in uncovering who you are and why you are here. Finding your passion, realizing your purpose, and knowing why you matter so very much just for being you.

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Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Test Yourself

From the Achangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you at this most wonderful and glorious time. Many are now moving out into the the world to impart your talents and gifts to see where they are being received and where you are now receiving love.

It is now about trusting yourself in the world Dear Ones.

So We ask you to test yourself. Many of you have been tested.
We ask you now consciously to test yourself out in the world to find out where you able to trust yourself and where you may still be unable to trust yourself.  So We ask you to physically go out in the world, with yourself, being yourself, in the gloriousness and greatness of yourself and begin to utilize your talents and gifts in world service.

Many of you will choose to do this and many of you will choose not to do this.

You are at a place Dear Ones of making a decision to trust yourself. Many of you are now at that place, "the precipice".  At the edge of the cliff, asking yourself, " Do I now trust myself in my life, as I am now living life, as opposed to testing the waters out there to see if I am allowed to live my life based upon, "Will they accept me and love me?"

It is time now to move to a place of fully expressing yourself with love.

So we ask each and everyone of you to consciously test yourself out in the world. 
Bring yourself out into the world in one form or another and test yourself there.
With that test you will find out where you are.

Where you are is where you are.  You will find that when you now move into this place, it is a full realization of the self. What we ask you to do is reveal yourself to yourself with testing yourself.  To open up to the world to find out where you stand out there where you are concerned. Because Dear Ones, it is always about you.

It is now time Dear Ones to take that leap. Many of you are on that precipice. Many of you are waiting to find out by asking:
"Is there a safety net below as I move out into the world with the depth and breadth of the power of my heart space?"
"Where can I now move out and give of myself?"

It is important to remain in a place where you honor and value your energy, and realize that the boundaries you create with your energy will always be there for you.

You are now beginning to live your truth. So Dear Ones it is time to test yourself out in the world. And doing this through self expression.

You may be asking:
"Where can I express myself to the fullest?"
Not through the mental body but through my heart?
"Where do I fully move into a responsive place?"

This is a place where you respond to the messages and energies that emanate from the depth and breadth of your soul.  A place where you live in your soul's divine plan through the beat of your heart.

It is now time to take yourself out of yourself.
Out of the mental body and moving into the depth and breadth of your heart space.
Opening up to the messages you receive within.
Receiving those messages, "The Calling" as it were.
To now trust those messages where your gifts and talents are concerned.


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