Sunday, October 26, 2014



The peaceful warrior makes all things new. Through the learned knowledge of past experience and lessons learned the gift is to create new. New is born each and every day to surprise and laughter it is born.

Rise up your spirit to begin again as the new day is born and let your spirit rise within you. As the babe is born with each gasp of air inhaling the substance of love and nurturing, we sustain ourselves by inhaling love that allows the sustenance of life. With each breath we take we begin anew. The formation of new begins again.

Begin again with love of heart. Open it wide and raise your spirit to all things new.

To retrace your steps is fruitless except for gifts of knowledge. Looking behind and lamenting what was impedes the fruit of new. For as a tree blossoms so do you. Allow your light to shine as you blossom anew with vigor and grace and power and might . Your heart is your guide to all things new. Follow it and you will grow. 

Apply it, open it, follow it and let it guide you. You are a wonderful soulful creature of God who imparts love and that is the fruition of all.

Be humble and modest outside yet know the strength within. Bubble with pride at what you have done, for it is past accomplishment that survives all.

Be tempted not to a false prophet outside to the maladies of truth in egregious ways.  For it is you who has been deposed to truth, the God-full truth in angelica ways.

Be mindful of your past life ways for temptation to repeat is strong.

Be mindful of those who tempt you to repeat the maladies of the past. 

In your humble vision of those, cast upon them your love. For it is they from whom you learned yet now can stray from to form your own. 

Be mindful of the lesson, the lesson to love boundlessly by example and by being you.

Love you, honor you, value you for you is all you need. Choice then comes and it is choice the adult makes when love is abundant within.

Be grateful, honest, open and pure. Be humble and wise. 

Don’t boast in pompous gesture for that is the mask of doubt.   

The true warrior knows this and exemplifies his beingness in strength and love for those he meets on his path.

The true warrior exudes an energy that is felt by all. It is sure and powerful yet it is loving and strong and engulfs all those who cross his path and transferred in gracious tone. It is a vibration of the high resonance of love, respect and honor and bestowed through a gaze, a touch, a smile.

It is what the warrior knows is pertinent. To be the conduit of love, the love of self, the love of all.  

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