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THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK Discourse Eight: Understand Nothing and Gain Everything!






Discourse Eight


Joel: In past discourses you have discussed the hundredth monkey theory (anthropomorphic resonance) and its effects on consciousness and the Ascension Process. Where does this phenomenon come from?

Two Marys: It comes from consciousness. It springs from the unified field that connects everything. Of course, what is that unified field? It is God. So anthropomorphic resonance is simply one of the universal laws of God, which is everything is connected. Therefore, all frequencies connect. That is why someone can be meditating in Egypt and energetically connect with someone in South Carolina. It is the unified field through which that occurs. Anthropomorphic resonance is not unique to planet Earth. What is unique to planet Earth is the number of living entities that hold the field and engage from that field with consciousness and knowledge.

When you watch a flock of birds moving in one direction and in an instant they all make a sharp turn and fly in a completely different direction, that is anthropomorphic resonance. In the same way a dolphin can come across a boat of stranded boaters and assist. That is anthropomorphic resonance. It is through consciousness or through the unified field.

J: So you’re saying there is a huge collective consciousness that contributes to the phenomenon that includes more species than just human beings. Is it all consciousness of all entities on earth?

M: It is indeed. And that is why we must arrive at this discourse, which is UNDERSTAND NOTHING AND GAIN EVERYTHING. How can you possibly understand collective consciousness? We can give examples of it. We can create stories of it. We can recommend that if the student is not familiar with the hundredth monkey that they read that material. But that is simply a drop in the bucket, so to speak, of how collective consciousness really works. There are pioneers in this field, as we speak, who are doing great work in this arena.

The message of this discourse is simple. To try to understand it as a human is a trap.  Are we saying don’t read about it? No, we are saying read about it. Let it spark a resonance in your heart when you read about it. When you review this discourse again, let your mind go. Simply read the words, preferably out loud, and let your resonance move with it. It will come from the resonance in your heart, not a thought in your mind.

So we recommend you let go of the need to understand. We understand what we are recommending is radical. But let go more and more of the need to understand for the purpose of gaining everything in the heart. We have discussed this in each discourse, if you notice, and each discourse builds on all the earlier discourses.

We used the word discipline very intentionally. For when you contemplate love, beloved students, is there really anything to understand? There is nothing you can possibly understand in that space of love. As a mother gazes into her newborn’s eyes, what does her mind understand? Nothing. Her mind is still while her heart expands and she knows love. Your mind is still as your heart expands and you know love. And love is everything. Therefore, to gain everything you must become disciplined in rejecting the need to understand, and, instead, reach for the heart process.

We are going to ask you to trust that if you need to know something in your heart, it will be there. This busyness of the mind, this complete addiction to sorting it all out for the purpose of judging and determining what is safe, is the fastest way to stop consciousness from expanding. It actually stops the expansion. It is much like pressing the pause button on your CD and DVD players. 

Everything stops and there is an energetic shift. The body’s energy field contracts. The endocrine system changes and moves into a fight or flight response.  This I approve. This I disapprove. This I choose. This I reject. This makes sense. This does not make sense. Who says that? Why did they say that? And on and on and on.

You will experience this. We are simply saying remember the pause button. You pressed it. Now depress it again and return to your heart at which point everything you need to understand will be realized. Maybe not in an instant, but as you stay in your heart you will see, sense and know what it is you are supposed to understand.

If it resonates, stay with it. If it doesn’t resonate, go deeper. Go until you find your resonance, that place where you say, “Ah, now I know. It all makes sense. Now I see why six months ago I was doing that and didn’t have a clue that it would lead to this outcome over here. Now I get it.”

We have suggested practicing using breath, sound and movement and simple stretching of the limbs and opening up to more.  The purpose is to open the heart to allow the owner/occupant of the body to move into that state where what they know as truth has nothing to do with the mind. You all have experienced giant ah-has after you have battled in your mind thinking this is right, wrong, good, bad, and then you finally let go and entered your heart.  Then the insight came.

So where are the authentic insights? They are not in the mind. The mind can recapture them. You will remember those ah-has, and you can call on them at any time to say, now that my mind can remember what my heart knows, let me use the power of my mind to recreate that energy field. That is the purpose of the mindto recreate the frequencies of that insight. For example, we talked in the last discourse about truly feeling the longing for God in your heart, feeling it as an intense truth that nothing else compares to. 

When the student has that experience and then asks the mind to remember that experience, the mind has the ability to recreate it instantly. That is one of the greatest purposes of the mind.

THE MIND CAN CREATE WHAT THE HEART KNOWS. That is very powerful. When the heart knows the ecstasy of its connection with God, the mind can create from that. You all have experienced moments of inspiration when you have been doing something and your mind created something based upon that energy field. That is where we recommend you use your mind more and more. The ultimate balancing for humanity occurs when the heart leads and the mind is its servant. And you, of course, beloved Joel, recollect this teaching.

J: Yes, it’s a lesson in The Life Mastery Program, Think With Your Heart.

M: Indeed. Now we are illuminating that to another level, so you can engage with it more. What does that really mean? How does the mind let go, and how does the heart think?

In actuality the heart does not truly think. The heart simply is the resonant radar, if you will. In your world you have radio towers sending and receiving energy. The heart is much like that. The heart is a receptive space of the Godhead. There is no thought in there. There is recognition of truth in there.


Artists and musicians have this gift. That is what is occurring in their moments of inspiration and creation. They are thinking with their hearts. Humanity has always elevated those who seem to have the natural ability to think with their hearts. However, most people exclude themselves from that group and either put creative people on a pedestal or judge them saying, I don’t like that song, that music, that portrait, etc.instead of wondering, wow, how is it to think with the heart and just create? How fabulous. It is time for more of humanity to say, this is my path also. I am a true artist painting a canvas of my Ascension Process. Therefore, I choose to engage in this creative process called surrendering to the heart and allowing the heart to lead the mind.


Many of the greatest human accomplishments were created by harnessing the truth in the heart and then asking the mind to create from that truth. All of your avatars, your greatest artists, your greatest teachers, have completely lost their minds, so to speak. They use their minds to create the truth that resonates in their hearts.

What if you decided to place parts of your mind off limits as an experiment to see what happens when you traffic less and less in those parts of the mind that are not co-creating with the heart and are simply running with the ego, engaging in fight or flight responses?

What if you decided, enough is enough, and you no longer wished to dissipate your energy and decided to put those areas off limits?
I will develop an acute sense of when I have trespassed. We use that word because it is a trespassing. It is a violation of who you really are to wander into those areas without picking up a tool and processing yourself into your heart.

We are not suggesting you will not trespass. We are simply putting it in a new light. When you trespass, pick up a tool to move that trespass experience into the heart. The discipline will build on itself. At first it will look like a Herculean endeavor. Remember, we were human. We understand that.

Start where you are. Decide to place off limits those areas of your mind (some of which you are not in touch with) that are not in service to your heart. Choose not to trespass there. Further, decide that if you find yourself there, you will do whatever it takes to bring those feelings into your heart. You will be back in your heart, and you will no longer be trespassing into the areas of the mind that are designed for duality and separation. 

It is awkward at first for we are literally telling you, “move through life without your dominant hand. It is now going to be removed. Continue forward with your life.” There is a large part of what you think your mind is good for which does not serve your commitment to Ascension. It is contraindicated so to speak.

So, again, start where you are and simply decide you will, as in the title of this discourse, UNDERSTAND NOTHING AND GAIN EVERYTHING. You can understand nothing about your mind and simply invoke the truth. “I now invoke the truth that I will participate in my mind when it is in service to my heart. I invoke the truth that I have what it takes to practice that discipline. I invoke the power of God within me to exercise that discipline with all the longing in my heart. I invoke that strength. I invoke that elegance. I invoke that ease for myself and that grace will show up. So be it.” 

From there you need understand nothing, and you will gain everything. You will find yourself more and more refraining from speaking judgments about anything to anybody. You will find yourself saying things like, “Oh, I see how you feel. That’s fascinating.” Allow that to suffice, as opposed to discussing with great passion: “Yes, but I feel this way and you feel that way.” And now we have conflict. How absurd.

It is not about avoiding conflict or deciding judgment is wrong. It is about understanding that is not where you belong. You belong to God. God is counting on you to belong to God. We cannot stress this enough. The entire cosmos is counting on you to belong to God. Your only purpose is to belong to God. Therefore, if you choose Ascension for yourself, you must diligently practice belonging to your heart, belonging to that limitless portal into the Godhead.

The more you practice surrendering and using breath, movement and sound and receiving healing work from others, the more you will understand in the heart there is no need to think or know anything other than, I AM GOD. Out of that still point, whatever is in your DIVINE SPIRITUAL BLUEPRINT will nudge itself forward.

It will be like a small, beautiful child knocking on your door, “Hello, here I am. It’s time for you to create with me. Hello, you feel this. Let us create from there.”

So it can be very elegant once one lets go of using the mind improperly. Simply be diligent and disciplined about it. Humanity’s mission with the mind is nearly complete. How beautiful is that? For millennia humanity has explored duality and all of the addictions and the iterations of the mind when it is not in service to the heart. DUALITY HAS BEEN SUFFICIENTLY EXPLORED!

You will see more and more of humanity looking for ways of bringing them into their heart space. You will see more films, books, teachings, practices and groups starting to recognize that the way your civilization has trafficked in the mind does not work, and judging doesn’t work either. Therefore, practicing discipline and marking the territory off limits is the only way you will progress, the only way you will be fulfilled in your life journey.

The heart will take care of the details. We cannot stress this enough. The heart will take care of what each of you is called forth to manifest. The heart knows. You must spend time there. You must be willing to just hang out there and to do whatever it takes to be there and to mark your territory clearly with intent and to love yourself when you trespassnot just love yourself as an apology for trespassing, but love yourself with your tools that return you home to your heart.

When the student sees themselves as the master creator, when the student sees themselves as the obvious candidate for the heart and the obvious candidate for Ascension, the discipline becomes far easier.

Now we will tell you this: Beloved students, YOU are the obvious candidates. Know that and mark any other territory off limits. You are the ones who are choosing to move yourselves with great speed. Mark any other territory as unacceptable. The more you stay conscious that you have chosen and that all of God, all of the cosmos, all of the different dimensional entities support this and give grace to this, then the trespassing becomes less and less and eventually the student becomes bound to the Godhead in their heart. That is, of course, the culmination of the student’s life in the 3rd dimension. All of the students who are at this point in the discourse are completely committed to ending the limitations of life in the 3rd dimension.  

It will mean different things for different students. The constant will be the discipline of the student to keep returning to the heart with the intent to LET THE MIND GO and to resurface only when the mind knows WHAT THE HEART IS ASKING IT TO CREATE. The heart knows the truth. The heart knows your blueprint.


Our students understand this in the deepest part of their being. This conversation would not be possible if students did not already have a clear understanding of this beyond their mind. So practice exercises that move you quickly beyond your mind. If it is taking longer than a few minutes it is simply a lack of practice. Pick up the pace of your practice and move yourself more quickly.

We recommend picking up speed at this time. There will be so many social, economic and other changes in your 3rd dimension that if you have not marked the mind off limits in the ways we have instructed, you will suffer nervous breakdowns.

We have witnessed this before. It has happened for millennia. Students were not prepared for their Ascension. We are here to assist in that preparation. Love yourself. Love your process. Love the parts of your mind you are declaring off limits. Hating those parts will not work. Loving those parts and leaving them alone will work. Loving those parts and when you find yourself deep in one of them, love yourself home. That will work.

The student is in charge of the pace and how long it takes to return to the heart. The student will decide to what extent they will practice the skills. Do not do this alone.  We were not alone when we did this. As Mother Mary, as Mary Magdalene, as Jesus, we were not alone. Practice your practices alone frequently. That is mandatory. But create soul families, support systems and communities that hold you in your heart.

This is not a time for humanity to ascend alone. There have been times for that on your earthly plane. This is not that time. Seek and find support. Promise to call on each other when you witness them trespassing into parts of their mind that are not in service of their heart. Hold each other to your hearts.

If there is conflict, there is too much mind and insufficient heart. This does not mean there will not be a need to confront ideas and belief systems. But let there be no conflict. Do not thrust your mind energetically at others if they do not agree. That is off limits. Simply breathe and move back into your heart.

Acknowledge from your heart the simple truth, I hold you in love. I do not need to understand. I acknowledge that you are pure love and that is sufficient.  When you say that or simply intend that silently to the other, it alters the space. Now there is a co-creative possibility that was not there before. 

Co-create with likeminded people. It becomes easier and easier as you acknowledge the unified field. Co-create from the heart into the mind, and you will see that from understanding nothing you have gained everything.

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