Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Phillip Elton Collins: Museum of Art/Fort Lauderdale



When the Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale, owned by Nova Southeast University, launched a Pre-Inca installation about an ancient culture called the Wari there was no known knowledge of their language or exactly what their surviving artifacts really meant.

Dr. David Spangler, who was an administrator at the Museum, and a professor at the University knew I was a conscious channel of higher realms and asked if I would look at the exhibit and see if I could connect with the still existing consciousness/frequency of this of Pre-Inca civilization that created such beautiful fabrics, ceremonial wardrobe pottery and jewelry. Would I be able to explain further “who, why and what these fascinating people of long ago were all about.”

After a private tour of the Wari exhibition at the Museum, I felt confident I could connect with what remained of the past in the present. “Let us create an ancient ritual and reactivate these people I suggested." Nothing had ever been done like this before, at a leading museum, owned by an educational institution.  This was going to allow a new way to gain wisdom from an ancient culture from a un-established way of learning.  We were going to learn from unseen realms, not of the human mind.

I suggested that we bring New Yorker Barbara Biziou into the mix. Barbara has set up rituals in established museums in New York City and elsewhere, but nothing had been done quite like this. Barbara and David would serve as the moderators and I as the ‘shamanic oracle’ connecting with the energies and frequencies of the past. 

We would create a sacred portal opening and access the information that was missing about these ancient peoples. We would explain what the artifacts actually mean. What did those sacred geometrics on the fabrics mean?  Did they have a language? If so, what was it? How did they have these advanced technical abilities that rival today? We would create a quantum shift in learning.

We brought in shamanic musicians to attempt to re-create the sounds of the past and also created a ritual mountain stage set in the theatre at The Museum of Art. We held our breaths and sent out the invitations.  The night of our event, the energy in the theatre audience was electro-magnetic, as we began.

From this point on you will hear and see exactly what transpired the night; a new precedent was brought into the museum and educational worlds. We were going to learn beyond the human mind… Are you ready?

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