Sunday, February 1, 2015

TEACHINGS OF MICHAEL: Love, Self-Introspection & Soul Relationships

Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Love, Self Introspection and Soul Relationships

From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move deeper in the depth and breadth of your heart space to continue the self excursion, the self-empowerment as you move toward the greatness, the fruition of the powerfulness of self and love of self. You are realizing the greatest lesson you are learning is regarding love. Love, regarding the wonderful and most glorious souls you are connected with on a soul level. You are opening to the greatest lesson of all which is love, love of self, love without attachments, love of the human condition, love on all levels.

So We ask you, where is love in your life, receiving love and self love? It is about introspective self love and this is the greatest and grandest lesson of all. You are opening up to self introspection, and perhaps now seeing the gifts and lessons in your relationships. Each of you is connected with wonderful and most glorious souls on a soul level and learning to love. Love is the "bottom line". What We have been taking you through with our teachings is love, self love. 

Each and every one of you is moving through a transition on a soul level, transitioning from an old state of being to a new state of being-ness. In the middle of this is the release of the old, for many choosing to do this in this lifetime. You have an opportunity to do this now and many are choosing to do this in whatever form they choose to. Each and every one of you is moving through a transition period with a greater awareness of self, a greater consciousness of self and choosing to do this based upon their soul's divine plan. 

Many of you are making decisions and these decisions are within the embodiment of the soul's divine plan. Each and every one of you is consciously, (some consciously, some perhaps unconsciously) making decisions within your soul fragment's divine plan. What we have been leading you to is living consciously your soul fragment's divine plan. These choices and decisions are made within this, not through the mental body. You may now be faced with these choices and decisions.

You are just becoming conscious of this and why self-introspection is important. Move within and connect to the depth and breadth of your heart space and your intuition so you make your choices and decisions based upon not what you think should be in your mental body, the choice that may be connected to an attachment in your third dimensional realm, something that may not be healed yet, perhaps being in a relationship and staying in it because your are frightened to be alone. You are making these decisions based on that as opposed to making the choice and decision that is based upon your soul fragment's divine plan. This is based on feeling and intuition and love of self. This is happening now, the way in which it is pre-destined and pre-subscribed to in your soul's divine plan.

You may be moving through a cleansing and clearing process within your physical being-ness. Cleansing and clearing and redefining relationships as well and possibly closing the doors where endings must take place in relationships. New relationships now are heart based in the soul body, light body and heart body and based upon the soul's divine plan.

What is transpiring is a transition into the next phase in the soul's divine plan in the human incarnation. No matter what you do to avoid your attachments, your wounding, the old habits, patterns and rituals and behaviors you must face the old. Face the old behaviors and face it head on for it will no longer avoid you no matter what you do. If in fact your choice is to raise your resonance and vibration you will face the old, you will face the "demons" within, and you will face the wounds inside. In truth authenticity and transparency the old must be faced now. You can no longer avoid it and use your old habits patterns and rituals to do so. The realization of facing this is to transcend it to live in transparency and authenticity and truth.

We have been speaking to you about truth. What is happening within all of this is truth. Quite possibly in your soul family truth is now apparent, wounds are now apparent. You cannot escape facing the old behaviors. Your transition period will last as long as it needs to in order to make the choices and decisions that are needed to make that are based in the soul's divine plan. It is heart based, it is soul based, it is not based in the mental body, it is not based in your fears. You are being afforded the opportunity to face the un-experienced trauma and the unfelt feelings. This is what We are asking you to face, the un-experienced trauma in your life, the core and the base of your wound from past lives and this lifetime. Through the transition of soul development there comes a greater responsibility. It is about the sense of self. You may be having challenges with sense of self and love of self and knowing that what may be transpiring is affecting others.

You are becoming more transparent to yourself and others in the transition period. In order to fully move from the narcissism of the me it is important to release any extraneous activities outside of yourself. If in fact in the depth and breadth of your heart space there is a great sense of love others, the focus we suggest be on your needs and the needs of these wonderful and glorious souls. Quite possibly it would be support and guidance and love. All is in order and all is perfect.

What is most important is self-introspection. Look at the extraneous drama and glamour in relationships. The core souls in your life will have the choice to come together. As you are moving into We Consciousness look at the extraneous drama and glamour outside of yourself in relationships, the human aspect of relationship. Begin to look at your soul connections, the connections based upon your soul's divine plan. These are not based upon attachments or any extraneous drama and glamour but the core essence of the connection. You can now gather your soul's core group to come together for a grand healing process. This will only take place if in fact each individual moves through a self introspection process to see the attachments in relationships, the drama and glamour created in relationships that only the human can create through their wounding. Once again, it is about facing yourself.

You no longer can run and hide from yourself. In many ways you have doing this. You can no longer run and hide from yourself. You can no longer run and hide from the soul core connection. You can no longer run and hide and blame and shame. You can no longer run and hide and say, "this one is doing this, this one is doing that, they should be doing this the way I would like them to be." Self-introspection dear ones, to move into the core aspect of self.

We leave you with this, where are you still creating drama and glamour in relationships outside of you?



Home is what resonates in the depth and breadth of your heart and that is simply acceptance and compassion for you, who you are and your essence. When you reach there you will know love. Not so much love of another nor love of self. Love is not something that is tangible, that you can hold on to or control and manipulate. It is not love of another or love of self for these are mere tangible explanations of the energy that is love. The God force, the Christ consciousness, the I Am. Love is a frequency, a vibration in the depth of your true beingness, the essence of you. It is not tangible. You cannot smell it, taste it, hear it, touch it, see it or feel it, it is a resonance, there is no drama or glamour to it, it is simply a beingness. A connection to the Christ Consciousness of love that resides in each and every wonderful and glorious soul who inhabits your planet. It is time if you so choose to connect to this. 

- Jeff Fasano, trance channel for Archangel Michael, soul photographer and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart

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