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All nations are divine expressions

Of creation’s diversified revelations.

But America for most of her people

Is much more than they ever dreamed, it seems.


Inspired by Archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Saint Germain 

Most of us are aware by now that our world and selves are changing like never before. That we are living within a unique opportunity of creating something new and leaving the old behind. A country called the United States of America appears to have a key role in the creation of this transitioning new world. But most do not understand why or how. Maybe a way of better understanding what is happening is to connect with the God Powers of the United States and dialogue with them as to what happened in the past and how that is effecting our present and future. This United States appears to have been “divinely” inspired with God Power higher-realms support and it has not completely activated its “soul plan” quite yet. “The divine plan for physical matter on Earth is to learn to love. That is the divine plan.” (THE SECOND COMING, THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL PROCLAIMS A NEW AGE TSC.)

“Basically, America has been put in place by the Freemasons. All you have to do is look at your dollar bill. Look how Washington DC is laid out according to the pentagram of the Masons. Look at the Pentagon. Look at the fact that all the main buildings are interrelated as to the number of blocks according to the sacred numbers of the Masons. The head of the Masonry is exactly thirteen blocks from the White House, the sacred number of the Masons, etc., etc.” (The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, TSC).

Many scholars and metaphysicians have examined the visual clues within the Great Seal of the United States (a powerful eagle, an unfinished pyramid, and various mottoes and numerological symbols) that point to esoteric and mystical support. The eagle is an ancient symbol of spiritual vision and God Powers and protection. The olive branch in the right (assertive, Man Power, masculine) talon means the “Priestess of Peace” of God Powers who transcends time and space, as I AM THAT I AM. 

The unfinished pyramid is symbolic of the mission of perfecting one’s soul through Christ/We Consciousness and manifesting a nation into a final Golden Age. The motto “annuitcoeptis” means “He has smiled on our creation,” and the motto “e pluribus unum” means “Oneness.” These mottoes have thirteen letters each and the pyramid has thirteen steps.

The often repetition of the number thirteen appears to reflect the founding fathers’ revealing we are twelve tribes (representing the twelve-star systems that seeded the planet) and a thirteenth yet to be within the final Golden Age. “The foundation of America goes back to secret societies, secret orders. They were originally mystery schools that got distorted, such as the Illuminati, the Left Eye and Right Eye of Horus from Egypt.” (The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, TSC).

Today, during this seemingly cynical (if I can’t see it, I won’t believe it) and often chaotic times (out of chaos comes creation), it may be challenging for many to believe that the United States could have ever been founded with the unseen hands of Man and God Powers. But it appears that George Washington was quite aware of the unseen support he received when he said in his first inaugural address, “No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Unseen Hand which conducts the affairs of men more than those of the United States.”

“The original intention of the planet Earth is for the success of a democracy, a communion of twelve-star systems together as one. A system of democracy is simply a system where the equality of the individuality is embraced, where equal importance of all expression is held sacred, where all beings live for the good and the wholeness of one another. What a concept!” (The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, TSC).

Many early Americans appeared to believe that God Powers directed the outcome of the American Revolution when John Adams spoke, “America was designed by Providence for the theatre on which man was to make his true figure,” and Patrick Henry agreed, “There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations.”

When you stop and think about it, doesn’t it seem impossible that a loosely united group of “states” clinging to the eastern coast of a huge continent, under the control of the mightiest Man Power on the planet, the British, with limited resources and organizational ability, could create what would become the most powerful country in the world? By anyone’s standard, the swift ascension of the American Republic was nothing less than a miracle! Unless we come to realize they did not do it alone. Perhaps we’ve never been alone. That’s, it’s all been a preparation for the second coming of God, YOU.

Early Americans often felt a mystical connection to their situation and those of the ancient people of Israel, and their God Power. George Washington and John Adams were often referred to as Moses and Joshua in their aim to “set their people free.” Even the desert sands of the Sinai were later found out West. Religion. The blueprint for political and governmental structure was religion, and the Bible laid the foundation for laws (Man Powers) and ways of being in the early colonies and established a pattern of behavior for our country today. 

We are still attempting to sort out truth and Universal Law within the translations and intentions of the many versions of the Bible. “The Bible was written and conceived during an age of duality. If you look at the commandments, they’re all about what you can’t do. They’re the beginning of the age of duality.” (The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New AGe, TSC.) We are in the process of connecting with cosmic truth that can set us free from any Man Power creations/translations.

Much is being revealed now as we once again reconnect with God Powers and unseen hands assisting in “setting us free.” Ancient texts are being discovered often, allowing the old truths to become new again.

Even before the forefathers existed, there seems to be some divine intervention in the “discovery” of America. Although many came before Christopher Columbus (Vikings, Druids, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chinese, Arabians), he chose and was chosen as the man destined to recreate the New Jerusalem (notice the United States of America is in the middle of Jerusalem) and the New Atlantis (the East coast of America is the remaining west coast of Atlantis), so the unfinished energetic intentions that advanced civilization may complete today. “Neither my mind, mathematics nor maps were any use to me” Columbus wrote in his diary. Today, as back then, we are once again speaking of the rising of Atlantis and finding physical evidence.

There’s not a lot actually to know about Columbus. He seems to have appeared from cyberspace. His exact date and place of birth are not known. Some think he was Greek, others Italian. History tells us he was professed in ancient astrology and his names foretold his divine soul plan: Cristobal Colon means “Christ bearer,” and “colonizer.” This mysterious man was initiated in the secret societies of his fifteenth century, such as Knight Templars, the Rosicrucians, and the Masons. These ancient secret societies handed down the mystery teachings throughout the centuries, and often became corrupted in their desire to control the world.

It was Columbus’s sponsorship by these mystical societies that made his voyage to the New World possible and Man Powered. While America had been discovered many times before, it was an idea whose time had now come. The divine soul plan of America and Columbus was upon the world. The time had come. As a result of the Man and God Power sponsorships, the “Christ-bearer colonizer” soul plan was firmly in place. Of course none of this took into consideration the spiritual connections and ways of life of the existing native cultures. While these native cultures influenced language and geography, we are only now accepting our destruction of them and realizing their impact and contributions to the living diversified planet as a whole.

Thus a new nation, superimposed upon existing native cultures, was to be brought into life. While there was much to be done in the receiving and giving of the founding fathers’ papers/instructions from God Power realms (the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, etc.), few knew or understood the karma connection of ancient people, past and present, and what effect that would have upon the New World. 

Atlantis was the last Golden Age in this hemisphere that ended due to corruption and disconnection from God Power realms that caused that continent to sink. Proof that Atlantis existed beyond myth is now coming forth. Only now are we knowing that America today is birthing a final Golden Age upon this planet and beginning to see the revelations of past and present higher-realm connections.

The concept of repeated Earth lives is widely accepted in the Far East, and while it’s not universally accepted in the West, this is shifting and it’s beginning to make common sense to most and through shared near-death experiences. How can an eternal soul only have one physical chance?

So if we accept an individual may reincarnate more than once seeking to perfect the soul (to learn what we came here to learn), it makes sense that entire civilizations can do the same to work out their collective destiny/soul plan. With the aim of keeping things as simple as possible, we won’t discuss all the civilizations that preceded Atlantis, and the Old World, and the names lost in time. But rest assured there’s a lot more to this story than any of our history presently shares. This will all be revealed soon…this author intends to be involved with our true, complete history…

As we discussed earlier, the eastern seaboard of North America was the part of Atlantis that did not sink. Another initiate of the secret societies, whose soul plan was also to reestablish the final Golden age beyond Atlantis, was the amazing man Francis Bacon. These types of men (a balance of Man and God Powers) rarely exist today.

Francis Bacon was the Lord Chancellor of England, statesman, humorist, orator, author, scientist, and philosopher. For those astute in esoteric studies, Bacon is credited to be the author of all Shakespeare’s works.

In his Instauratio Magna, Bacon presented a plan for the reconstruction of sciences, arts, and all human knowledge. He founded the first lodge of Freemasons, where almost every founding father was a member.

Through the Masons’ beliefs, Bacon laid the blueprint for the establishment of the United States. Masonry offered “a doctrine of the spiritual life of man and a diagram of the process of regeneration.” The mission and training of Masonry is “to be God Power reborn, authentic and allow the death of our lower nature, our Man Power.” The Masons’ “great science of soul building” is built into many of America’s founding fathers’ papers. Applied to America, this meant the resurrection of our final Golden Age, the New Atlantis, the New Jerusalem. A word of caution. Like all human endeavors (corrupted Man Powers), not all compartments of the Masons were pure of heart. The high top was often corrupted while the middle and below knew nothing of the truth and corrupted dealings. We are speaking the high ideal here.

Few know of Bacon’s contributions to America, since he worked “behind the scenes” and left few traces of his work. Most of the knowledge of Bacon comes directly from higher-realm connections. (Please use your discernment and resonance regarding all being said here.) With the foundation and manifestation of Masonry in America, the blueprint was formed for a new country. There was just one big problem. America was still under British Man Power!

As the world knows, during the mid 1770s, the “spirit,” the goddess of Liberty, swept the American colonies. The unrest grew out of reaction to British tyranny and greed and the “great awakening” that gave rise to the knowledge that God (Power) had founded a New Atlantis, a New Jerusalem in America. American liberty became God’s cause. British tyranny was the anti-Christ. And to not fight the British was to burn in hell.

It is safe to say the American Revolution could have never happened without the Masons with their organization and ancient God Power wisdom/connections. There was hardly a town or city where some Mason was not preaching fraternity and unity.

Through the famous Boston Tea Party, we remember that that city was the initial center of American motivation for change. And it was the Masons who could manifest that motivation and did. And a major Mason in the manifestation of America was George Washington.

Washington maintained and sustained colonial armies, and when Congress would not support him, he used his own money to make sure America could fight. Through his soul plan, Washington put his sacred honor on the line for the cause of freedom. The majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons; even Paul Revere was a Mason. The major generals in the Continental Army were Masons. You get the picture. The states were unlikely to form a union without Washington and other Masons. Through Washington’s insights and conscious actions, the office of president was formed and he seemed the only person the people could imagine to assume that office…it all appeared by divine God Power appointment.

The Man and God Power marriage of Bacon and Washington’s soul plans came into integration with the creation and adoption of the Constitution. The Constitution embraced the Mason principles of brotherhood that each human would be abundant based on his own free efforts; the initiate path of the Mason. Never before had a country factored free speech, religion, press, and assembly into one mighty document (a true combination of Man and God Power). Humans would be given the chance to activate their divine soul plan, their destiny. These written principles still exist and we are still working on the equal, balanced, and harmonious reality of them. The foundation is in place for the next Golden Age. We just need to heal any and all elements standing in the way of the full expression of these divinely inspired principles so they can spread throughout the world…

The Goddess of Liberty is the patroness of the Masons’ “sacred cause,” and their motto “novus ordos eclorum” (new order of the ages) supports America leading the planet into its final Golden Age of WE THE PEOPLE CONSCIOUSNESS. 

The art and literature of early America is filled with angelic beings, gods, and goddesses, reflecting the higher realms supporting all efforts of freedom and equality. Of course, we are still working on these! And we shall not be free until all are equal.

It is the opinion of this writer that the basis for most of our duality and separation is the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies reflecting out into racial, religious, cultural, and sexual divides in our world today. When will we accept that we are all a diversified version of the same Source/God Power?

Literature of the colonial period reveals that the Goddess of Liberty came to George Washington several times within his lifetime, giving him a vision of the three tests that America would endure: (1) The Revolutionary War, (2) the Civil War, and (3) surrendering to the unknown destiny of the country through the support of higher realms. It was clear to Washington no mere mortal could solve all these tests. That without the support of higher God Power realms all would be lost.

Scholars and philosophers of the past have noted throughout our history that during periods of transitions/shifts/ascension, the process of spiritualization (not to be confused with religion), through God Power creates a resolve of higher consciousness connections, allowing a balance of Man and God Power.

The human mind is simply incapable of resolving planetary and humanity transformations by ourselves! The sooner we know and accept this truth, the better. We have never been alone.

Let us resolve to call upon ALL THERE IS (God Power) as “we the people” through our I AM THAT I AM presence know it is our divine destiny to create together a new paradigm of Oneness, a final Golden Age servicing Source. As students of truth, let us heal our thoughts and emotions to create loving thought/emotion forms on both Man and God planes; knowing these have the ability to transform the course of events in the 3D world… Knowing God Power being the most powerful force and tool in the Universe.

“In becoming a homogenous society, it is a fight for separation because it alienates you from yourself by trying to fit in with others. Fitting in with others is not communion, is not unity, is not oneness and wholeness with yourself. Individuality is. Standing alone within yourself and having ownership of this whole self then enables you to be able to reveal it, to share that whole self with others. So it’s an ironic paradox that in order to be unified (United States of America) you need to be alone with yourself.” (The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, TSC.)

Now that we’ve entered the last two-thousand-year epoch of planet Earth foretold by Archangels Gabriel and Michael, leading to our final glorious Golden Age, let us also focus on the “spiritual sponsor” of America, the Ascended Master guiding the Aquarian Age, the beloved Saint Germain. 

It’s truly amazing that so few Americans know who Saint Germain is. Sweet people, it was Saint Germain who embodied the “Christ-bearer colonizer” Christopher Columbus and the founder of Free Masonry, Francis Bacon. And all along it has been Saint Germain who held in his heart the vision of the New JerUSAlem and New Atlantis solely based upon the principles of spiritual freedom and equality for all! Man Power becoming God Power.

Government today is control by economic forces. It’s largely about the product and money, not the people. “The energy of the people is largely sacrificed to the corporate. What truly works is a system of equity where people operate as independent individuals taking responsibility for their own reality and for the reality of their fellow man. I do unto others as I would have them do unto me. The good old Golden Rule.” (The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, TSC.)

“The fact your government (reflecting the people) has run away with much of your true freedom is simply mirroring back to you how easily and effortlessly you have given up on holding sacred your individuality and being able to contain your space in reality. That’s all being mirrored back to you now” (The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, TSC.) Would we like to make another choice now?

Saint Germain now again invites us to rise to our God Powers and connections of WE CONSCIOUSNESS, in order to manifest our freedom and immortality. As Archangel Gabriel reminds us, “the original intention of the planet Earth is for the success of a democracy, a communion of twelve-star systems together as one.” And that is what Mystical America is all about!

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