Monday, December 12, 2016

12/12&21/12&16 Meaning & Celebration

12/ 12 & 21/12&16 MEANING & CELEBRATION Excerpt from MAN POWER GOD POWER By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network From The Inter Galactic Federation Dear Beloved Children of Humanity, We of the Inter Galactic Federation (IGF) in concert with your Mother Earth and other multi-fifth dimensional energies come to you now at this auspicious time to further enlighten you regarding your events/celebrations of 12/12 &21/12 &16 We of the IGF are acting as stewards of a process that last took place some 26,000 years ago on your planet. A process that allows you, if you so choose, to re-awaken to the truth of who you are and why you are here as you reconnect/recalibrate to the forces that maintain and sustain your existence. This is a process that begins with portals of fifth dimensional energies opening and interacting with Mother Earth and humanity. Your major timelines on these portal openings were and are 12/12/12&16 and 12/21/12&16. This is a process that will extend for many years with other star realm participations and we. You will receive additional guidance and support at that time…. This is a process of releasing the old paradigms that have kept you in duality and lack and limitation while reconnecting with your Source and now moving into a consciousness of oneness, moving from the me to the we, if you will…moving from Man Power to God Power. Through resonance with one another you will create various gatherings of celebration to acknowledge this extraordinary gift/happening in your world. You have drifted as far from your source as possible through your freedom of will and choice, and the timeline has come to reconnect to self, one another and source. The divine soul plans of your planet and yourselves is in full activation as a result of the energetic portal openings that took and are taking place 12/12/12 & 16 and 12/21/12 & 16 These are a cosmic event of your solar system, galaxy and the entire universe; you are all connected, dear ones. It is time you know and apply this wisdom. Within your various celebrations/gatherings of this shift of self and world you will participate in various guided exercises and restatement of light worker/way shower oaths that will serve as a Communion of Souls in communities of oneness. In these communities of equality, harmony and balance you will be asked to release the old and open and embrace to the unknowing of the new you and world. Beginning noon 12/21/12 &16 until midnight, a 24-hour period, was and is a unique opportunity to integrate these multi-dimensional energies (portal openings) to facilitate your transition/transformation into the new. Dear ones, this is a mass convergence of higher realms, Earth and human energies to create your New Age of moving from the “me” to the “we” consciousness. There are many billion of you present now to experience this event consciously or not. Whether you are aware of this or not it is taking place. Have acceptance and compassion for all the lifetimes you have had to bring you to this glorious moment. We are here to assist and guide you as your time/space continuum shift and change and transpire. This is the ending of the old you and world and the beginning of the new you and world. Rejoice and fill your hearts with joy!

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