Friday, December 30, 2016


NEW YEAR’S DAY MESSAGE From MAN POWER GOD POWER By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network Greetings, beloved brethren of your Angel News Network. We of the Intergalactic Federation (IGF) with Adama, High Priest of Lemuria, bring you tidings of great joy and support on this New Year 2017 of your creating the new golden age of we consciousness. You have waited many millennia for this moment. We have been granted dispensation to give you further clarity of your mission and karmic connections, dear souls. All of you have had various and many lifetimes together on this planet with similar missions as present, some deeper than others but all with the same purpose to bring truth and light into this world. Now, in this incarnational cycle, it is your destiny, desire, and direction to heal all aspects of self that have impeded you in the past and present, to be your message, your purpose in being here. You are, in fact, continuing to be proxies of humanity who shall clear and cleanse all 3-D unhealed aspects of self in order to raise your vibrations and to be the beingness of your soul plans. This is why you chose and were chosen for your past sacred journeys, dear brethren. This now is a continuation of your soul plans within the endeavor you call the Angel News Network. Dear brethren, if you so choose, it is time to accept with compassion and forgive any and all wounds and ego defenses created around those wounds that stand in your path. This has not so simply been the way you chose to learn what you needed to learn. You are to become a mighty beacon reflecting the mighty I Am presence within each of you that cannot and will not house wounds and defenses. Are you ready to receive and give this to yourself and your waiting, weary world? Are you ready for your Man Power to become your God Power? This year, as has been foretold, you will receive guidance from the IGF, archangelic realms,, various star realms, ascended masters and inner-Earth forces, including Mother Gaia. Your relationship with your conscious, living planet is crucial, for her forces and love maintain and sustain you. Being what you receive from higher realms is now essential to your individuated and collective endeavors, dear brethren. This necessitates utilizing all the tools and teachings given you in the past and present. These can no longer remain locked in your mental bodies. Your awakening of your knowing heart will empower your I Am presence into the oneness of we consciousness. You are all to become conduits of higher realms, not just one or two of you. This is the way to show others. As you know, the Star Seed wisdom’s you received this past year will be accessible for years to come to further assist you in any needed healing and processing that you will achieve among yourselves. You have already begun this final process. This internal work is essential to your external work, dear brethren. The right and fight of separation and confrontation is over, if you choose to move into we consciousness. Remember, this is what prevented your success in the past. Realize you have chosen one another time and time again to learn what is needed to heal self and ascend from dense duality. Awake, dear brethren, now, and replace your wounds and defenses with healing gratitude in order to fully move into being your mission. Your entire galaxy, various star realms, archangelic realms, and inner-Earth beings are beside you. You can now join all these God Powers in your world and be the divine beings of light you truly are. Fill your hearts with joy that this glorious moment has come! Your brethren of the Intergalactic Federation with Adama, High Priest of Lemuria

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