Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Saint Germain's Seven Ascension Discourses: Conclusion





Beloved Students,

The more of humanity who can accept the Presence of higher realms such as I, Saint Germain, the wider new doors of truth and freedom are opened and old worn out doors of separation closed forever.
All of you who have listened to or read these discourses and dialogues please thank yourself for showing up. Know within your hearts, you now have the tools to create a new paradigm/reality through your resonance and discernment of equality, harmony and balance in your personal and world lives and to transcend those lives.

Remember that humanity never ceases creating through being the Creator. It is now time to create the life and world your truly say you want. I have given you some mighty tools to be and do during this exchange. Are you ready to accept and apply them?

Please accept with compassion and forgive how you have chosen to learn what you need to learn the way you need to learn it. Your permanent healing is assured through the choices you now make and the ascension process you chose.
We of the Ascended Master realms are complete, pure, perfect, all-powerful Divine Beings who never make mistakes. We have mastered energy and manifestation. We were human just like you and made our ascension the priority of our souls, and so can you.

We are the Wondrous Way Showers revealing all the possibilities and probabilities of what lies before you.

I shall never leave you until we permanently join hands and hearts in the higher realms.
I AM a Child of the Light. I love the Light. I serve the Light. I live in the Light. I AM protected, illuminated, supplied, and sustained by the Light. I bless the Light.

Your Teacher & Friend, Saint Germain

Our Greatness *

Humankind walks in the forgetting of our Greatness,
Not remembering what Power and Knowledge lie within each of our souls.

We walk through Life unaware of our Talents and Gifts,
Seeking secrets already known within us.

We are Eternal Beings of Light,
Awaiting our Awakening and En-light-en-ment.

Wisdoms once known will now awaken
Within each of us in World Service,
If we so choose in our observance.

All that ever was and still is
Is waiting to be born in WE CONSCIOUSNESS,
If we can just get the me out of the we,
Creating worlds of equality, and harmony.

Are you ready?



Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

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