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Discourse #7


Wonders To Come As You Ascend

Beloved Students,
As humanity continues its ascension process and evolves further into We Consciousness, wonderful gifts will be gifted to you as you become better prepared to receive them. This is how it has always been during the creation of Golden Ages. The creation of this final Golden Age is no exception.

These ages are never created alone. They are created with the love and support from higher dimensions. Remember, humanity’s separation from higher realms was the demise of all past Golden Ages. Your ascension process now insures a permanent connection; as above, so below.

Everything in nature takes total responsibility for its place in nature and its effect. Humanity is the only creature that does not. And you have been paying a price for not being responsible, remembering the universal equation: Responsibility=Consequence.

To bring further joy into your lives, I would like to preview some of the wonders to come and the ascension advancements you need to maintain in your consciousness in order to sustain these advancements.


This will enable humanity to power electronic/digital apparatus through brain waves by the use and mastery of the energy currents flowing through your heart and mind. Your emotions and thoughts have always created your reality; soon you will put this principle into further practice.


Cameras will become so sensitized they will photograph the human aura, your etheric, unseen, non-physical body just outside your physical body. This is the portion that maintains and sustains your physical. This will give medical physicians the ability to see the real cause and effect of may emotional, mental and physical imbalances and permit true permanent healing.


Mastering magnetism will become possible to suspend objects without visible support. This is the constructive wisdom of the Ascended Masters revealed. We have mastered the manipulation of energy. There is enough unseen free energy in your world to power the entire planet. This will be a game changer for your governments, corporations and economic structures.


New forms of air/water/land navigation and transportation/teleportation will be made possible by utilizing inner and outer Earth electro-magnetic energies. Thus, objects will rise in complete resistance to gravity, and you will be free to explore the cosmos without further consuming the Earth’s resources.


Through your raised consciousness you will know your emotions and thoughts create weather. Once you become aware/awake to the true power of your emotions and minds, you will create perfect weather. Think of the time and resources that are lost presently due to weather.

The above wonders will be dwarfed by still greater wonders to come from higher realms as you ascend into your final Golden Age.

In order to prevent humanity from repeating the past and destroying itself by the misuse of advanced technologies, I, Saint Germain, make the following suggestions to shift and change your lives to ensure your divine destiny:
1. Take full responsibility for everything you are creating in your life and the world.

2. Give up duality, separation and confrontation.

3. Give up herd consciousness.

4. Nurture all life.

5. Give up judgment, shaming and blaming.

6. Exercise acceptance, compassion and forgiveness everywhere, all the time.

7. Remember, you have free choice and will.

8. See yourself in others.

9. Know who you are and why you are here.

10. Feel your feelings and heal your emotional body.

11. Heal your mental body by reducing negative thoughts.

12. Love yourself enough to love others.

Your Teacher & Friend,
Saint Germain


No form can come into creation,
Without a thought as a picture.
For every thought contains an idea
That is the criteria of expression.
Let us look at the process
That brings access
To creation...
What is it your wish to create?
Is it worthy of your time and energy?
What is your reason to bring this into existence?
Is it to satisfy an addiction or comfort zone
Or get you arrested on the way home?
Make sure what you wish to create
Has no motive or need to do harm to another,
But has an intention of a loving brother.
Write down your plan in your own words,
As clearly and consciously as you can,
Then you have a starting plan...
Know you have the ability to create,
See it like a picture on a plate,
The seeing and the power to create
Are the gifts of God-state within.
Seeing and feeling within yourself
Allows you to lift creation off the shelf.
The heart already knows,
But keep reminding the mind
Creation is the ability
To see the God within all the time.

For God is the doer, the doing and the deed,
And you through Him can create and proceed with,
Whatever you need.
Read your written plan again and again
At the beginning and end of each day.
This way your creation is downloaded in your heart.
That is the best part and start.

Keep your intention to yourself,
Hold its power inside you,
So only you know its view.
When you are ready,
Steady yourself and allow
Your inner vision to come through,
Consciously connecting to the Law of Making
And the God-within you to fully come through...
Cast out all doubts and fear
And know in your heart
Your creation is near.
Have no set moment for results.
Just know you and God are issuing
The picturing of results,
With no wishing.
Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted,
And filled with gratitude
When your multitude comes forth.

Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

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