Saturday, March 18, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St. Germain channeled by Phillip Collins


Although the new United States administration led by Donald Trump continues to have many supporters, a growing number of people in the this country and in democracies around the world are increasingly worried that democracy itself is under assault and at risk.

Democracies ideally seek to bring people together by forming governing bodies that represent all citizens and attempt to serve the needs and desires of as many people as possible.

Our democracy was formed in the late 1700’s when virtually all the nations of the world were ruled by a powerful king, prince or leader surrounded by a small elite that basically served their own interests rather than the will of the people.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a small group of young men challenged the strongest nation in the world, Great Britain, won a war of independence and formed a government based on a constitutIon that has become a model for free people everywhere. It created the first government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” and changed the world forever. Most nations of the world are now democracies, and the United States is looked to as the inspiration and protector of the democratic form of government.

It is easy to take this enormous achievement for granted. How did those young, relatively inexperienced colonists achieve this world changing accomplishment?

St. Germain (St. Germain is the ascended master guide for this new 2000 year age as Jesus was for the last 2000 year age) tells us that, although they drew somewhat on historical documents (which were divinely inspired),  our forefathers were also divinely inspired, and St. Germain served as their chief guide. Why did the divine realms intervene in human affairs to help create the first modern democracy called the United States of America?  Here is a brief summary of St. Germain’s fascinating explanation.

The story begins with the creation of planet Earth. St. Germain tells us that most planets are seeded by one star system. Earth was seeded by twelve. Why? This planet was designed to be the ultimate challenge (training ground) in which human beings would learn to create unity (oneness) out of the complex diversity (many) represented by twelve star systems.

The goal was to work through the enormous diversity represented by twelve star systems to create a world of equality, harmony and balance. We would accomplish this by learning to love despite our differences (of race, religions, etc).  After we humans accomplished unity, we were to go out into the universe and teach love and oneness to the universe and the multi-verses.

The problem was that the goal of equality, harmony and balance never germinated in any civilization on Earth. That is why the ascended masters led by St. Germain made it “our responsibility to assist in the creation of this nation, which became a reflection of the original intention for the creation of the planet,” says St. Germain.

The United States throughout its history has gradually been evolving into its destiny, which is to create oneness through love and then bring that divine idea to the rest of the planet. Our missIon on planet Earth is to learn to love. That is why all great spiritual teachers have preached love one another.

However, for the first time in the history of the United States, because of Donald Trump’s tyrannical intentions (St. Germain’s words), democracy in the United States and around the world is at risk. Instead of unity, we are being drawn into conflict with nations, races, religions and each other. Though the new administration is only two months old, chaos and confusion are rampant (the opposite of equality, harmony and balance). To many, our  constitution and fundamental freedoms seem to be threatened.

(Though we must preserve our democracy, it is important to remember that Donald Trump is a divine soul who on a soul level volunteered to assume this role to wake up us up to fulfill the mission of the United States and planet Earth.)

This threat to our freedom and democracy, St Germain says, is serving as a wake up call to citizens, especially the over ninety million eligible voters (more than half) in this country who do not bother to vote. “Democracy is not a spectator sport,” St. Germain reminds us.

But, St Germain tells us, once again we are getting divine help:

“In this wakeup you are connecting with the originating energy that not only created the planet but also created the United States of America. That energy is stimulating and inspiring and assisting those who have chosen through their soul plans to support the evolution of these United States becoming a beacon of light, not only within this nation but in the the world  itself. That energy is infiltrating and integrating all who have chosen through their soul plans, which is their purpose in being here, to support this concept of democracy, of love, equality, harmony and balance.

"That is the inspiration of the awakening of the feminine energy. (Feminine energy resides in all of us.) Many of you are waking up and saying, I am choosing to express that energy myself by getting involved. I see my participation is important. 

"You are in the process of clearing and cleansing your democracy so the destiny of the United States can take place.  You are creating right now what you need to experience in order to create a permanent healing. 

"This is taking place now because of the ascension process of the planet (connecting with our divinity). A majority of souls who ever lived on the planet are here to experience the ascension process. That’s why there are billions of souls on the planet now. It is a great opportunity.

“Earth’s ascension will affect the whole universe. You will become the ascended master teachers. You will go into the universe and teach what you have learned here about creating oneness through love. You were and are a divine, immortal eternal spirit. You will assist other worlds in their ascension process no matter what level they are on. All your incarnatIons have been preparation to master this wisdom to take it elsewhere.

“Can you begin to see who you are and why you are here? Stay fixed on your mission to be here.

“The Constitution of the United States contains all the energetic downloads and uploads of the creation of the planet as well as your Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Gettysburg Address. Master these documents. Feel the energy within them.

“You are becoming the RE-FOUNDING FATHERS. Create a movement. Know you matter.
Support the feminine energy. It is all coming up to be cleared and cleansed now.

“You chose to be here. Are you getting ready to graduate? Ask yourself, where am I within this?”

As I write this it occurs to me that St. Germain is seeking to inspire us today as he inspired Abraham Lincoln long ago in his Gettysburg address:


That is our mission. That is our wake up call. Feel the energy.

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