Monday, March 27, 2017



From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Light Beings on Earth,
When you look up into your night sky and you see celestial bodies radiating light, not reflecting light, know that each one of them went through an ascension process very much like what you are going through now. You are born from the light and you return to the light, dear ones. Each planet returning to being a star (body of light) has its own unique soul plan; just like you. The planet phase is the way the process of ascension can take place; the destination is the light. There is no other way to be; this is creation in action. What happens in between light to light is your sacred journey returning to your divinity; being in service to ALL THERE IS. Once you return to the light you can decide what you create from the light again; it is endless and limitless. This is the way the universe keeps eternally growing and expanding.
Each planet, solar system, galaxy and universe is born and expands this way. There are different frequencies of intention for each of these. Your purpose and intention is to learn to master love since love is the foundation of all creation. Everything else is the absence of love. You have experienced a lot of non-love to now know love. You are learning ‘what is’ through ‘what is not.’ This is not the easiest path to wisdom but the one you chose; the contract of which you agreed. That contract is coming to maturation and expiration, dear ones.
It is time for you to know how to become multidimensional and connect and even travel within higher realms of this solar system, galaxy and beyond. It is time to bridge the separation between dense matter and light. As your planet aspires to become a star, as you the light being who will inhabit the star, all questions will be answered; you will know your divine nature and your Oneness with ALL THERE IS. Once you gain this connection there will be no desire or need to be physical, having things, and working for money; abundance will be your eternity. Your pursuits will be of a higher nature in service to the forces of Creation. You have been preparing for this ever since you came to this planet from other worlds. You did not evolve here; you are an essential part of this ascension process on this particular planet, solar system and galaxy.
Let us further discuss your divine light nature and begin to experience the Oneness of ALL THERE IS. Take a deep breathe dear ones; connect with your heart space that already knows all of which we speak and allow your heart to speak to you now…
This is your heart speaking directly to you; listen and learn:
• All you have agreed to experience has been a pathway awakening your consciousness to knowing you were created by love and are love.
• When your Earth journey is complete your star journey begins, as a being of light.
• Once you are a star being (again) you service to ALL THERE IS really begins, as your World Service ends.
• Your eternal soul to spirit being will guide you back to your true home.
• All time and distance will end and your new life will have no beginning or end.
• Elements of light are you nutrients now powering you homeward.
• Ancient memories and wisdom are coming into your consciousness and how to apply them.
• You are experiencing Oneness/We Consciousness; you have never felt such belonging.
• Emotions and thoughts seem not to matter now; the vibrations of the celestial spheres are replacing them.
• Language that you have known will not be necessary as you telepathically know and communicate with all.
• Connecting to ALL THERE IS transitions into the infinite now.
• Bliss, peace and joy are your primary experiences.
• Sound and color speak to you softly and lead you forward beyond the beyond.
• Cosmic unconditional love warms your beingness.
• You are formless, eternal light.
• You know your god power, that always was, is ever present now.
• Eternity celebrates your presence and you know why you experience all that has proceeded this moment.
• Like never before you know who you are and why you are here.
• Oneness becomes all that matters, in the absence of matter; offering limitless expansion.
• Your state of being has merged with ALL THERE IS.
• The timelessness and physical non-beingness powers you further into limitless potential.
• Your human self has found its true ownership; a divine temple of ever-present ALL THERE IS
• Your consciousness awareness has become truly divine as it morphs further into your star beingness.
• The light is your pathway surrounded by divine direction.
• Your total being expands before you.
• You heart has known all this throughout every life you ever had.
Now you know why so many of you signed onto the ascension train: An amazing journey not to be missed or repeated again.

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