Monday, March 20, 2017



From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans, meaning “god being man,”
There are universal laws throughout the universe that allow creation to be, and remain in balance. One of these laws is called CAUSE AND EFFECT. It is time to know such laws exist and learn how to apply them, if you so choose…
Humanity has often not been aware of this law or has chosen to ignore it with dire consequences. We are once again asking you to connect the causes and effects in your life in order to create the life you say you want. 
You’re not being able to connect cause and effect has created much imbalance and unnecessary suffering in your lives and world. By becoming conscious of how cause and effect works, and becoming accepting and compassionate about it, you can greatly alter/effect what is transpiring in your life and world.
In effect you are the Creators of the world around you. The aim is to take OWNERSHIP of this moment by moment; to know what effects one, effects all.
Dear ones, all cause bring forth effect and vice versa. Your present and future varies as cause brings forth an effect. By looking deeply into the cause you will see that all is affected.
All cause and effect are affected by your freedom of choice and will; look within the causation and you will find the effect. By becoming better aware of the effect that follows the cause you can create a higher frequency effect, if you so choose.
The soul journey of humanity has often been filled with struggle as a result of a lack of awareness and compassion for cause and effect. If you so choose, you can begin to make new choices as you see the effect of cause and effect within your ascension process.
Know Dear ones you are destined to proceed ever onward moved by the Universal Law of Cause and Effect until in the end both become one. That is the reason the law exists; as darkness = light; problem = solution; as wrong = right; giving = receiving; masculine = feminine; AS ALL BECOMES ONE.
Soon if you so choose, you will see ALL IS ONE, including yourselves. The Law of Cause and Effect is just another way to get you to your Oneness.
Remember dear ones, the universe is filled with laws to maintain and sustain itself, often to protect itself from unconscious/abusive behavior like yours. If you so choose, it is take to wake up, become aware of these laws and learn how to apply them in order to create a life of grace and ease.

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