Monday, March 27, 2017



Dear Beloved Students,
Please know in your reality that the evolution of consciousness is in direct correlation to the ascension process of creation and this planet, independent of the choices that humanity choses through free will and choice. Your planet, a conscious living being, has decided to activate her soul plan and ascend back into the light from whence she came; aspects of humanity are in the process of choosing what they intend to be and do.
This does not mean that consciousness, its evolution and humanity and the world are not somewhat linked; they are. But they are independent variable of one another that can merge or not.
The bottom line is that consciousness is going to evolve with or without humanity but of course can affect humanity. Since consciousness is creation’s ‘energy in action’ it contains variables independent of humanity’s choices. It is the lack of understanding the meaning of consciousness’ evolution that is the issue.
Consciousness can and does evolve whether things get better or worse through humanity’s choices.  The one is not a measure of the other, and clarifies the question” “If consciousness is evolving, why are not things getting better?”
Through the ascension process of the planet and thus humanity, many are choosing through a personal process to raise their consciousness (awaken) and that effects the progress of humanity through advancement. This begins individually and then can entrain to the collective by knowing who you are and why you are here through a healed loving relationship with self; self being a reflection of all there is.
So for the moment, please remember consciousness has a future, a divine plan, with or without humanity. And that plan is to be an ever growing and expanding expression of love; love being the building block of everything. And your planet is the ‘Lover-versity’ of learning to love, knowing you came from love. What do you choose: to be a part of creation and the planet’s ascension through heightened evolution of consciousness or not?

St. Germain,
Your teacher and friend
Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins

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